Close Enough

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, A thin veil of time is all that separates fantasy from reality! The veil between Lust and Love is

Close Enough


Were you close enoughI’d want kisses. I want to feel the experience of a kiss induced orgasm.



Were you close enoughI’d want to be held and feel your kisses all along my neck and to feel you cup my breasts. I want to feel your lips and tongue - lap at my flesh - raising both goose bumps and making my nipples hard.



Were you close enoughYou’d use all of you; your lips, your tongue, your fingers, and your hard dick to make me come over and over. My flowing juices would resemble a broken dike and you’d push your fingers into me - to squeeze; thereby saving some of the flow.



Were you hereYou’d drink my juices and drive my clit wild with your tongue. I’d join the fun. You’d feed me your cock. I’d open my mouth and swallow you whole. You’d move your hips, sliding your dick further down my throat and soon I’d drink your nectar to my fill.



Were you hereYou’d hold me and feel me tremble through yet another orgasm. You withdraw your still hard cock from my mouth and flip around. – We’d both watch as you impale me with your hardened shaft. We’d moan loudly, as we watch and feel you slide in deeper – Ummmmmm! Our faces close enough to share kisses. I can taste me on your tongue and you can taste the tangy taste of you. Ummmmmmm!  



Here – We’re close enough - to feel each stroke – I’m looking into your eyes, while you’re looking into my soul. We are mated between the cosmic planes.



We’re - Close enoughto feel our body heat and our strokes, the friction and glide - weaves us into an orgasmic dance – You can feel me writher against you, cumming again and again.



Close enoughfor me to feel us grind together - You stroke into me harder. You whisper, “Feel it – babe! Let go - squirt for me!” Huskily - I urge you on, “Go deeper baby!” - Ummmmm! F……k..! I roll my eyes, as I cum some more.  I can feel my juices trickling down my thighs and pooling under my ass. Next, I feel you freeze. Your whole body stiffens; you’re rigid, as you buck up against me, sending your orgasm into my depths. The combination of everything, my excitement, my orgasms, and feeling the hot jets of jism in my womb – sends me over the edge – into an orgasmic bliss.....


You’re - close enough to feel me squirt and feel my whole body convulse as I pass-out into orgasmic oblivion - Yesssssssss!



Lady Jewells (2013)

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