To Exhaustion...

By: L Sarady

Page 1, Riding waves of orgasms till morning light...a sexually charged piece to pique your interest!


Feeling your kisses,

on my most private parts.

Hearing your breath,

as you try to keep your calm.

Your hands caress my body,

while I try not to writhe in ecstasy.

Fingers dipping in and out,

as they explore every crevice.

My hands reaching to your hair,

showing you my appreciation as I tug.


Again we find ourselves here,

enjoying one another in every way.

Tongues tasting,

fingers fondling,

lips lingering,

breasts blushing,

nipples nascent,

heartbeats heightening,

sex swelling,

ecstasy exploding through our entire bodies.


Coming down from our high,

you climb off my body.

Our bodies lie intertwined,

weakened from our romp.

Knowing our minutes together are few,

I pull myself atop you.

My turn to kiss, taunt and tease,

letting my mouth and hands fondle.

Hips gyrating together,

we ride another blissful wave to exhaustion.

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