Afternoon Delight

By: L Sarady

Page 1, masterbate, fingering, stroke, deepthroat, squirt, lick


Returning from the kitchen,

A tray in hand


I admire you upon the bed,

Gently stroking your length


Strawberries and yogurt,

And ice water to quench us


Propping to your elbow,

As I bend to set down the tray


Running your finger down my spine,

Tingles producing buds


I lean to feed you my sensitive berry,

Then follow sensually with a strawberry upon your lips


Fingering the yogurt,

You trail it upon my other breast


Your teasing tongue leading,

You gently cleanse your mess


My hand replacing yours,

I run my fingers along you


Your tip taut and glistening with excitement,

Your arousal even more evident


I take you to my lips,

Parting them to taste you on my tongue


You taste salty sweet,

And smell wonderfully of our morning love making


Brushing my hair from your view,

I glimpse at your pain stricken face


Your hand tangled within my locks guiding me,

Pacing my every move


Secretly I snake my other hand,

Down between my legs


Deep into my arousal,

Slickness drips for you


My bud hardens,

As I take you deep in my throat


Curling your toes,

I feel you pulse in my mouth with release

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