Taryns Prayer

By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, As, I lay me down to sleep

taryn's prayer

As, I lay me down to sleep, lustful thoughts of you I secretly keep
For in my fantasies, one day I will find, a sexy stud that blows my mind
Hell whip the meat and beat the cream
Over and over until I scream.
You grab the flavored lotion,
Glad you acted on this notion
Would I could lie back and think
as your hand inserts two fingers
into silky folds of pink
Hands on counter, legs parted wide,
Feel your breath on my neck
As you boldly thrust inside.
Slap my ass cheeks, so hard it stings,
The pain the pleasure
The wetness it brings.
Hear my moans hear my cries
Feel the wetness between my thighs
Its tight its heaven but oh so hot
Wild in abandon,
You give it all you got,
One more.deeper thrust andI feel you flex,
And think to ourselves,As we are cumming
What Incredible sex
Satisfied, lusty appetites been fed
Wrapped in each others arms
We snuggle now in bed.
As I lay me down to sleep
With the stud
I intend to keep
For its not everyday a girl can find
Someone Real
That  really blows her mind.....

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