Real? Or Fantasy?

By: krptdnacnce

Page 1, new encounters of sexual nature, the prepping involved all the hype, conversations and fantasy that has your pulse racing and your blood pumping- and the real of it all...lasts 5 minutes-incredible let down

Real? Am I?
I could be…
But does the real satisfy me?
Some would only stare
Others may even drool
While others  envision another
As they begin to stroke their tool
Your cock is hardening
Your balls feel tight
If things go your way
You’ll get laid tonight.
Excitement building
The bulge in your pants grows
Thinking about the profiles you have seen
And now the one you chose.

Fantasies to fulfill
Needs to satisfy
Partake in lusty activities
Meant to gratify.
Imagine my body
eager for your touch
May need you to use a bit of creativity,
But really it doesn’t take all that much
Its your fantasy
go ahead and dream
That I am hot and horny
And how you are gonna make me scream….
You imagine giving it to me like I have never had it before
Bucking and squirming and screaming for more
Imagiine in your mind ,my naked body as you feast your eyes,
And your cock hardens with desire focusing on the center of my thighs,
Imagine it hot, moist and glistening pink
So inviting, you wanna bury your face in its nectar and drink,
Probe your tongue between my pussy lips,
And stroke my clit with your finger tips
Pulses quicken, so does the pace
I reach for your cock as I cum on your face
I lick your cock once then twice
Ands then swallow it all,…isn’t that nice??
Balls in hand cock in mouth
Pleasure you while on my knees .
We spoke of this moment
And how it would be,
Desired things you would do
And the ways you’d take me to X2C
Sex loving hours spent
Touch here, stroke there
Kiss my pussy as you shave me bare
Playful hands that cup and squeeze,
And bring a shaking to my knees…
sometymes random other tymes determined skill,
Mastering a lovers art, a deep erotic thrill
Minds that delve and hands that explore
Everything and then something more
Fantasy we would bring to life,
we talked about for real
the scenario, the positions
abundant  pleasures to feel.
I laugh
what a joke,
how you gonna fuck my mouth
you came after one stroke,
Of come and go
Here and went
All those wasted hours spent
Touch here, stroke there
As long as you are satisfied, you don’t really care
Roaming hands , lips that suck
Oh baby you want me!! Yeah!! Llets fuck!!
barely started your ready to come already...I shouldn't  have made you wait so long
and just what was i thinking
What was I waiting for?
The experience has left me empty,
and sadly wanting more...

The mood is set, candles lit,
You grab my pussy squeeze my tit
Throw me down and fuck me
and tell me Im the shit!!
Ram your cock in, pull it out
Yeah that’s the shit Im talking about
One more tyme then just for fun,
You slam it hard and then you’re done
Real is over as quick as it began,….
Oh yeah baby you certainly are the man!!
It happens, yes,more than once
But if twas my fantasy I'll not let it happen twice
I swallow it all, and smile-that’s nice!!
Real? I am…
Fantasy ?I can be
But the real of it all,
is the fantasy
is what satisfies me

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