Ode to a Butterfly

By: KNightingale

Page 1, Erotic Poetry

Ode to a Butterfly
Oh beautiful butterfly with your pearlescent wings
What titillating thrills your presence will bring
You flit and float as you flutter by
In your gossamer limbs I will soon fly
You finally come to settle upon my nest
then twitter and ripple lightly as I test
Your power and lifeline rest in my hand
The pleasure is rising like hour glass sand
How long can we rise before I reach the crest
My heart pounding and bursting from my chest
The heat is spreading, my face full blush
My insides quiver and my skin grows flush
I try to sit still and I try not to wiggle
But as sensations rise I start to giggle
I excuse myself to the little ladies room
Where I turn her up and we go vroom vroom
We drift higher and higher, up we soar
All the way up, I can’t take any more
My stomach tightens, I feel the blistering rush
Peaking and spiraling in a silent hot hush
I still her wings and then set her free
Thanking her for such sweet ecstasy

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