I hate when..... (adult)

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, being a girl is not easy, want to know \"why?\" then read it



I hate when I woke up
And find myself on the bed in weird positions,

I hate when I walk out of the house
And my step dad look at my ass thinking if I am still a virgin or not

I hate when I am out
And in my absence my mom checks my room to know
If I am taking dildos or something

I hate when I walk around the street
And boys follow my ass going to school

I hate when I am sitting with my friends
And they talk about their fuck they had last night

I hate when I am buying my undergarments
And the salesman is trying to find if my boobs will get fit in the thing I choose

I hate when I pay the ice cream man having first lick of the cream
And he thinks of my tongue doing something else

I hate when boys in my class sit just behind me
And bet if I am wearing any panties or not

I hate when my step brother drop his spoon on the table
And try to find the hole of pleasure between my legs

I hate when I am not doing anything
And people still think the dirtiest they could

Now I hate myself because
I can’t live with such people around me.




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