Fear of Getting RAPED

By: hotstory4you

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I want to be slut

I can’t hide myself from these lusty eyes

I can’t seek any more dark corners

To hide my crying eyes


Today I am fighting for my own pride

But here I am all alone

I want to protect myself

And I am trying.


Now I am afraid of my own shadow

What if it will come alive and rape me

And when I will tell people

Would they believe me or just leave me


Stepping out of the house

With a fear in my heart

Imagine myself getting raped

And crying covering in dirt


Its not just my story

Its yours too

I know you feel the same

But no one is there to listen to.


Now I want to be a prostitute

I think I can live with that tag

But my fear

I don’t think It will leave me alone

It will always stay some where in the dark

Some where deep in my heart


No girl is different

Every one has fear of this

Its not a few minutes pain

Its about a life

Which gets totally changed


I am not good in writing poem

But if you are still thinking about my way of writing

And my mistakes and errors

Then I don’t even care

Because I know that if you are a girl

Then you must be thinking of the same fear.


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this poem is about how hard it is to be a girl in this world


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