Close the DOOR by hotstory4you

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, how many times you have heard or said \"close the door\" when you were masturbating/ fucking your GF in school/ having sex with your boss/ pleasuring your wife?

I was about to come in this world
I was in my mom’s womb
Causing her unbearable pain
Then doctor came and said to the nurse

I came in this world
I was in my room
My parents wished me good night and they went out
I heard my mom saying to my dad
“Honey CLOSE THE DOOR for the safety of our baby”

I was pissing
My mom entered to make my bed
She saw me and said
“Oh baby always remember to CLOSE THE DOOR”

I was in the hostel room
I was jerking off on my roommate’s girl
My roommate came in and
Without knowing my intentions he said
“You should CLOSE THE DOOR, man.”

I was in the classroom with my girl
We were sharing kisses and I touched her between her legs
She took off her skirt and said
“Just CLOSE THE DOOR I am ready to do it here”

I was with a prostitute at her place
She pushed me on the bed, she was going to undo my pants
I asked her

My sexy boss called me in her cabin
I saw her undoing her shirt’s button
She took off her shirt and then skirt
She moved to the couch from her chair and said
“CLOSE THE DOOR and do as you did last weekend”

I entered in my bedroom
My wife was on the bed in her panties and showing me her big boobs
I was about to jump on the bed to fuck her
But she said hiding her body under the blanket
“no honey, first CLOSE THE DOOR then fuck my back door”

I caught my wife taking someone else’s dick in her mouth
She shot me right there in the bedroom
She grabbed my legs and shouted
“CLOSE THE DOOR and help me to get rid of this dead body”



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