A prostitute telling you something

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Are you brave enough to know her thoughts?

Standing in these lonely dark corner
Of the streets
Facing the strangers and
Giving fake greets

Stepping in his car
With a normal human heart
No greetings from him, just showing money
And asking me to start

No questions in my mind
No answers for him
Don’t try to know me
With that naughty grin

Just do it, as you want
And pay me in cash
If you will show more money
I am ready for the lash

Don’t say thanks
Cause u have paid for the fuck
You are giving me the tip?
What? You want some more suck?

What are you going to tell your
When I think about her
I want to kill you with a knife.

Don’t pay me money
But be honest with her
Fuck me hard and
Then tell her

Are you afraid?
Then why are showing me
That you are so brave?


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