Hourglass Sands

By: heartscent

Page 1, The pleasured gain of your touch.....and you...again.....

Drink from my mouth, in dream,
Remember my skin
Sweetly ~ ~ ~

A muted brush
Cascading, distant
A shiver, quiet
Tendrils your ribbon
Suckling my whispered thought...


I watch you, watch me,
Light the earth of your body,
Delicately fierce;
My love pulse
Freeing your breath,
Hot and dewy
Beneath the circles of my tongue...

I stir your fragrance
Bathed down,
A carnal musk;
Where the dip of your finger
Slides the sugared flower;
A shiver-pour,
Divides, wet,
Smiling against melting
Nectar waves...


You seduce liquid pleasure
Driving madness
Unfolding velvet,
Tasting fragrant juices
Upon lips waiting
Your mouth feed,
Where I quiver-tremble
In your breath...

Quicken this ache
Rapture my dawning;
Your pounding strike;
A burning brand,
Golden shatters
Stroking relentlessly
Rapture's scream
Begs evocative...

Deep-throat's torment;
Summons my feral,
And I moan
Against you as you mold me
Peel me down,
Covering me in molten fire,
A slave to your flesh
The vein of silk,
Against dire flesh...

Crimson screams
kneading, needing, hard!
Between gasps of skin
Exquisitely distressed,
Curving my spine
Your body
flowing in mine...

Remember this place...
where moon was
Light as shadow
To the efflorescence
Of tender embrace
In hourglass sands......

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