It Came In Three Parts

By: feastofanubis

Page 1, erotic poem

‎"with heat of desire,and the stracrossed twixt lay beneath me the female bliss
her desire her heat draw visions of passions first kiss,the tongue like fire deepens the bliss
the taste enveloped on each thrusts of lips the taste of desire brings passion deeper in each lusts bliss
the taste her fire upon my lips ,her tastes her smells begins our first desire kiss
to consume her to the palate,the rush of her nectar is what i soon shall miss

 her form,her beauty the desire it's bliss the fire that lays hidden in her aroma garden,her petals par,t her heart quickens the lusts of passion soon meet ,to feel her love upon a serpents kiss,to part her garden in thrusts of desire ,her loves nectar now meets my lips....

 her loves nectar consumes my palate as i sin deep to drink more,to feel its rush as i deepen its kiss, the serpent searches for warmth of her fire to the flames burn deep in her thighs garden to feel it clutch and tighten her flames,to feel the flush of her nectar as her desire heightens ,her lusts runneth over and embrace each drop

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