Block X Strip

By: Factxzrx

Page 1, In a shadow


A light in its shadows from a roll on the block as x lead its way for her in despair.

One, two until she read five, her emotional distress would had bee matched for despair.

She could had counted six, seven if eight then she'd dare. For her wisps for their emotions could have left her from theirs.

A roll from an eye from when she could hear.

If her thoughts along the rolls could have lead them there. One for her count with two from where.

 As she seeped in to three her forth was now there.

If when she thought fifth, her sixth was despaired.

For now once more a rolled as the wheels set for her there. It could have been counted until it appears for her where. Her one only emotion was one with despair as the street lit up for rolls and when counted then one more has appeared.  

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