Jazzile And The New Master

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, one of many bdsm poems i wrote for a bdsm rp i have done in the past

The room is dark
Nothing but candlelight to light the walls.
Outside the window the night sky is lit by the moon itself.
I am down on my knees with my head lowered
My hands tied behind my back.
I am waiting on the one they call Master to enter the room.
I hear the door open, then the door softly close.
I dare not to look up
because if i do a unpleasurable punishment would be given.

I hear a voice so soft so gentle speak from behind.
My sharp ears perk up but i do not reply.
He Asks me for my name.
The tone he uses is still soft and gentle.
I cringe as i tell him "Jazzilie"

He smiles to me as he comes over to me now.
I feel his hands upon my arms then travel down to my back.
As he begins to remove my shirt, he can tell i am nervous.
He tells me to relax,
so relax is what i try to do.

I take in a deep breath as his hand moves down my shoulders.
He reaches around and gently begin to play with my nipples.
I give a sharp moan and he can tell that i like.
He smiles contently to me as he then helps me to my feet.
He guides me to the bed and i lay down on my back.

He already untied my hands,
But now i am tied to the bed.
I watch him ever so slightly taking in his features.
His long slick black hair falling down over his shoulders,
His beautiful green eyes staring deep into mine.

His hand moves lower, over my stomache,
and soon he is rubbing my clit. I moan as i spread my legs
to give him better access. He slides a finger into me and i give him another
sensual moan.

"Such a good little pet." He speaks to me as he then leans up and kisses me
softly upon my lips.I moan as i kiss him softly back, my pussy growing wet and soon he
leaves me squirming. I start an orgasm and he can only smile to me. I love the feel of his gentle hands as he soon removes the robe he is wearing. I start at his cock as he then moves
ontop of me. He slowly begins to slide his rock hard cock into my pussy and i push my hips forward. Moving into session with each other, soon we are both screaming out in an orgasm. He unties my hands as he moves off of me.

He lays beside me and tells me to rest assure,
I am safe now and not another shall harm me
for as long as he lives.

I only stare at him with a blink of my eyes.
Did i just hear what my new master had told to me?
Did my new master just vow to take special care of me?
Something new i will have to get used to, For the way i am
used to being a slave, the master never took care of his slaves,
rather his slaves took care of their master.

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