Suck On Life

By: Edgar Dark Season

Chapter 1, Life sucks out Life




So she said and a serpent tongue, through the waves where doom has begun, balance out love it will cost you more to exercise your frustrations between the legs of a late night whore, Dollars I spent and lost the rest to bury my head upon her Thailand breasts, Another night on shore leave in Bangkok, lost across the Earth, cocktails downed and eyeful expressions exchanged, Hangovers dawn in a dying world of no atlas and of no fulfilments for fuck sake, Body sex is true, the Truth has been stolen, Love's spike and the thumpings of terror and fears aborn, Only existing in the absence of another and of one another, No truth expression would be so inarticulate as this dark room and the activities of desperate beings' yearnings' for a new feeling for life to be of some joy without tenderness as strangers blend together in the loss

Life is calculated by the time, We are the measure of that which we spent

Spent on what?

Every word; spoken, thought, Every languaged thought has been incorrect as language remains in development

Choices made have been mistaken, Regret is now nightmare

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