I wanna be bad...

By: dianarose

Page 1, I just wanna be bad with him....

im sexy when im drunk,
oh, i can be alittle skunk...
just do me already,
i'll give you some head.
i wanna be bad and nasty,
come on, lets not be hasty..
what do you want me to do?
i'd love to bend over for you..
take me as i am,
ok, im alittle ham,
but check out these gams!
bam, bam, bam.
off she goes,
ready to blow!
keep up with her,
i'll give you such a stir,
touch her fur...
meow, meow
she just wants it doggie way,
oh, baby lets just play...
well? whata say?
join in with me,
tease me with your *ock,
just give me a leg lock.
i want you bad,
but im alittle sad.
we cant play today.
but we will another day!!

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