Just Dropped By

By: devilrod

Page 1, A brief slice of erotica. Not too obscene. Just something a little different than usual.

You had stopped by, out of the blue

We exchanged  strange, somewhat tense pleasantries

It had been a few months since we last spoke

So here you were

And we made small talk, so unsuccessfully

'Just wanted to stop by and chat', you said

There was a slightly anxious, sharpness about you

Almost like static in the air

We sat in uncomfortorble silence for a moment too long

Then you got up, and said you should probably be getting home

With what seemed like a dissapointed tone

I asked if you were alright

You briefly glanced up and nodded

Then you opened your arms, and we hugged

A long, gripping embrace

That almost felt hungry

Your body felt like heat

The contact firm and electric

Now I sensed why you'd 'dropped by'

As our heads slid apart

Your lips gently brushed against my ear

Yes, now I connected to your anxiety

Our eyes connected only briefly

Then our lips

Clamped together, like a hammer to nail

Tongues probing each other's familiar mouth

The subtle taste remembered

Our bodies always knew the others, instinctively 

I knew how hard your nipples got, and that you were already moist

You knew how quickly I stiffened with you

Information retrieved from our animal natures

We could always strip, and slither form our clothes, in a blink

Heaving, and throbbing against each other

An almost violent urge

To conquer one another

And as you said, as you had said so many times before

'Now fuck me!'

And so I did, with pleasure




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