Chains and Black Leather

By: Desiree Addams

Page 1, An erotic exchange between Master and slave.

Chains and Black Leather
By Desiree Addams
Master stands before me in chains and black leather,
With a flogger in one hand and my leash in the other,
One hand is extended beckoning to me,
He remains silent but in his eyes I see,
"Don not remain standing get down on the floor,"
The look in his eyes say, "I'll tell you no more."
Obey me pet, come kneel before me and take your place,
Crawl to me now and kneel then lower your face,
I sink to the floor and crawl to him stopping at his feet,
Doing as taught, knowing the order he will not repeat,
Should I disobey his discipline I will feel in a flash,
There will be no warning just a quick stinging thrash,
The pain there to remind me that my obedience is demanded,
The sting I feel making me know I was duly reprimanded,
"It is the cross for you now," I hear him say,
"You will feel the kiss of the leather today,"
His hands are firm and his breath is hot,
I want to speak but I dare not,
His eyes tell me to stand as he pulls on my collar without a word,
I stand as he turns and leads me to the cross made of wood,
"Look into my eyes. I intend to thrash you; your pain is my pleasure,"
I stare deeply into his eyes certain my fear and desire he can measure,
"That's my good pet. Now put yourself in place and don't turn around,"
I do as commanded stretching myself to be boun,
He binds me slowly, breathing his plan against my ear,
A blindfold darkens my vision as a sharp slap brandishes my rear,
I jump and scream...I hear him unzip that bag,
He presses up against me commanding, "Open up" he slides in the gag,
"Did I tell you that you could scream?" His grip tightens in my hair pulling back,
I can't shake my head-I tremble-I feel his power my vision still black,
As he releases my head I hear the lash of the leather rend the air,
Above me and around me not knowing when or where,
I pull at the bonds crying softly my body held ready for the leather tresses,
Anticipating the moment of the first lash and the burning caresses,
The lashing starts suddenly my body jerks and the restraints hold me tight,
The pace slows then quickens crossing my ass and thighs,
Sweat glistens from my naked body the gag stifles my cries,
Pain and pleasure have now become one....a feeling like no other,
I've left my body for the pain of another,
Suddenly through my fluttering eyelids it's Master I see,
Tenderly caressing and caring for me,
Giving me water and rubbing me with oil,
His tender attentions not seeming to toil,
"Now my pet you must get some rest,
I'm so proud of you for giving your best."

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