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Him, the Entity of Lust

Poetry By: Damaelle

Into her bedroom he came to make her his queen...Sexually tastefully explicit!

Submitted:Apr 5, 2007    Reads: 1,046    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

It was strange the way it all came to be.

One minute I'm sound asleep and the next is as if a bucket of cold icy water had been dumped on me, and the world as I knew it had vanished before my eyes.

The night had been calm, and the gentle breeze carried the scent of the nearby trees passionately.

Only the insects were heard as I had my last thought which put me into a deep sleep.

It was of him that I fell asleep thinking.

I ran through a grassy green field, the flowers painting the land in beautiful bright colors.

I ran without my feet ever touching the ground.

I laughed.

I heard the others' laughter behind me.

Their voices echoed off into nothing.

Then I realized I was dreaming.

I came to an abrupt stop and slowly turned to look behind me.

No one was there.

The flowers had died away and the grass that was once green was now yellow.

Suddenly I awoke from my slumber in a jolt, having heard a strange noise in my otherwise quiet bedroom.

I was a bit startled and my heart was beating harder at this time.

I saw nothing out of the ordinary at first, but then I felt something strange.

I felt the far side of my bed sink in as if something or someone had put their weight right next to my covered feet.

I was wide awake by this time.

I leaned my head up enough to see that part of the bed but nothing was there that I could see.

My imagination, yes, of course.

I slowly lay my head back down on my pillow, never releasing the firm grip I had on my blanket.

I bent my knees to curl my feet up closer to me and further from the edge of the bed.

I began to break a sweat and my heart still overtook the sounds in my busy mind.

Again, the weight on the bed shifted, but this time on both my sides.

This time I knew it wasn't my imagination and I came to full attention.

There was loud thumping in my ears.

I tried quickly to jump off my bed, but just as I started to sit up my shoulders were pushed back onto the bed with great force.

The air was knocked out of me, giving me a challenge if I was to put up some kind of struggle.

I reached up as if to punch something but my hands were quickly caught and before I knew it I was being held down by my bony wrists and a heavy weight lay on my thin body.

I could hear him breathe.

I could hardly breathe.

His breaths were deep and heavy like that of a beast.

I tried to scream but a cold hand covered my mouth.

His hand was so big it covered the entire bottom part of my face, nose to chin, ear to ear.

My eyes were wide with fear, yet he was still invisible to me.

My mind struggled to comprehend the attack.

I was looking into nothing; yet it had me by my hands, holding me down and about to kill me, perhaps?

In a muffled and interrupted voice I said his name.

He did not listen.

His mouth had made its way to my neck where he bit.

I found myself hardly able to breathe since his bites were making me lust him and underneath his large hands I panted in yearning.

With what seemed like subhuman strength my legs were parted open by his, which I could feel were much bigger than mine, and most certainly animalistic.

I squirmed to be released, but I wasn't going anywhere.

He was very heavy on me and I feared my breathing would cease and I would die a horrible death by suffocation.

I gave up and quit moving for fear of being crushed when he slowly eased some of the weight off me.

Alas, a good breath.

I felt movement on my outer leg; I felt muscle and hair.

His skin was cold.

Like dull knives I felt claws dig into my side as he ripped my undergarments off me in one tug.

Fearing the worst was yet to come I tried in my mind to make peace with myself.

I thought of death.

I thought of life.

I thought of my life's events.

I wondered if I'd go fast.

I wondered if I'd suffer much.

I told my body not to feel.

I tried to cease my thinking.

I tried to slow down my heavy breathing.

Then, a whisper in my ear.

He knew my name.

He said my name.

Yes, I knew it was him.

I'd heard his voice before and his touch I'd felt in a dream.

He brought his lips to mine and I obliged, my inner thighs warm with desire.

His mouth was cold, his lips soft as a human's.

He slid into me then, slow, yet with a thrust.

He never stopped kissing me.

I never stop kissing him, despite the gasps of air I took in in a moan of pleasure.

I moaned in silence.

Our movements became rhythmic, yet he wouldn't let my hands free.

Instead, he put them above my head, holding them both down with one enormous clawed hand.

His other hand found its way underneath me, on my butt as he used it to pull my pelvis towards him making each thrust more painful.

He gripped it so hard I felt the claws again dig into my skin.

His kisses became deeper then.

His chest grew big with every breath as they too grew deeper.

I thought I would lose my mind.

The pain was so sweet, it was bringing on a climax.

He went further inside me each time, until my eyes began to roll to the back of my head.

I let out a whimper, a small cry of fulfillment and I felt his lips widen into a smile.

A warmth filled me inside as I returned from the heavens.

He growled lowly, yet the sound filled the room.

His thrusting became softer, slower, then came to a complete stop.

He said something to me then, his voice beautiful and angelic.

In an instant he was gone.

My insides stung, my hands hurt and my body was exhausted.

I don't remember falling asleep then.

I remember crying, either out of pain or humiliation.

Perhaps even loneliness.

I remember when morning came the sun shone bright through the lace curtains.

Brighter than usual, the day seemed.

I awoke because the light was so bright even on my closed eyelids.

The thought of the night's event came to mind as I noticed my body still ached.

A dream, perhaps?

I stood up out of bed.

Perhaps not a dream, for what lay behind the curtains was not the sun.

There was no earth, no land, no trees.

It was all fire.

It was love at first fright.

Here I sit next to him.

Our love,

Our lust,

Our kingdom.


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