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My Lover's Dream

Poetry By: Byron Quinn

A dark poem of a lover's dream and scorn

Submitted:Jan 22, 2007    Reads: 1,061    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   


Tonight like so many nights before
She lies by my side
The same rhythmic heartbeat
The same scent

She has no idea of who I really am
Of what I see when I close my eyes
If she knew she surely would not sleep so tightly
For in my dreams
I've created her nightmare

Each night as I lie beside her
And my soul is lost to slumber
I revel in my dream of her
Her so gentle
So loving
So innocent
Until the time when the mirror cracks and shatters
And my true nature's revealed

I see her lying there
The bedclothes only partially covering her naked form
Exposing brief glimpses of her beauty so pure
While above her I leer

Knife in hand I caress the blade
Along the subtle curves of her body
In her sleep she smiles
So pretty
So peaceful

Still she is a woman
And no woman can be like this
So perfect
For none can be trusted
Experience tells of their lies
Their deceit
Their inherent evil

Tonight she will pay for all the sins of those before her
A bitter scarred man am I
And so soon will she be to

With the final perfect picture of her cast in my mind
I unleash the violence within me
Plunging the blinding steal
Through the soft white skin of her naked thigh
Waking her violently
To the scenes of her own free flowing blood
Staining her perfect white sheets
Her perfect white form

In a panic though dazed she tries to escape
Still it's all in vein as hungrily I climb upon her
Distraught she cries
Why do you do this my love?
Please stop!
Tell me why?"

I simply whisper
"Because I can"

With the force of a thousand scorned memories
I force my pretties' legs apart
Exposing her lovers haven
Often given before
But till now never taken

But not yet

First she must pay
With flesh
With blood
With suffering

Taking the blade once more
I carve my initials into the soft tissue of her breasts
To the ballad of her screams
An overture of undoubted beauty

She tries to fight
Peeling at the flaking cuts of mine
Those of her own creation
Still it's not me who feels the pain
For tonight I feel simply pleasure
Giving a worthless whore what she must surely deserve
After all her innocence is only an illusion

Pulling hard at her hair I whisper softly
"Does this hurt?"
As once again I slice into her
Only this time serving only to widen her own tight innocence
To the piercing screams of a banshee

Relentless I move to enter her blood stained purity
Bathing my manhood in the warm crimson ocean of her love
The dance begins
Violently I violate her over and over again
Each time
Revelling in the beauty of her rape
As cum mixes with blood
In a most satisfying elixir of lust

When all is done
I take one last look at her
Taking the knife one final time
To slit her worthless screaming throat
To end her misery
Before she could ever inflict it on me

It's then I wake

As I open my eyes I see a woman before me
Knife in hand
Blood pouring from my thigh
Terrified I ask my lover

"That's simple, because I can!"


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