Boobless Women

By: aruntp

Page 1, “Boobless women” is a symbolic representation of a men’s psyche which carries a women and who walks fast and aggressively in the mid of the crowd with an organ of lust.

She has not caredher boobs;

She never care its look;

Walked fast and aggressive in the crowd;

With her flat chest too hairy.

Powerful she thought, in the Muscles too thick;

Large and fantasized tough and strong;

She pushed her chest for somebody;

Take it, if you want? It can squeeze you.

Scanned the crowd, with her eyes like eagle;

For all large boobs passing by walked firmly;

She squeezed, fondled and liked which all she saw;

In the mind she fantasized and masturbated in darkness.

She has a lust for boobs, that never she had;

Jealous of it, she was sleepless;

She needs boobs so large, in her;

In the bed through out the night so long.

She went blank while looking beneath;

There was a large penis erect within her;

Envied the crowd passing by;

Carrying with her from the moment of pain.

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