Spank me Mr Teacher!

By: Annalisa Starzzzzy

Page 1, The enjoyment of being punished by my professor <3

Spank me, Mr Teacher, Pull up my red plaid, micro skirt, Pull down my drenched, seductive thong, That is soaked with my sweet nectar. Let my screams seduce you, as you pounded the ruler against my bare, ivory ass cheeks, Let you rod succumb to the arousement my punishment gives you, Press my face against your rod, as you bend me over your knees, I have succumbed to submission. Spank me Mr Teacher, Shall I give a reason why your hand should drum against my virgin ass? I didn't do the homework, I was late to lessons, I am not wearing the proper school uniform, I wasn't as focused in today's lesson as I should be, It does matter, As long as you spank me, Mr Teacher, Spank me, until I submit. I promise to be good in the future, I never want to disobey you again, For I want you to be happy Master, As I know that me, your slut pleases you more than your wife.

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