One this passionate night

By: Annalisa Starzzzzy

Page 1, A poem about a couple that embrace passion throughout the night.

On this passionate night, Your lips envelope me, Your mouth devours my length, Your eyes are seduced by stiffness, My hand snakes towards your erect tower, And gently,I caresses your hardening rod. I embrace your jewels with love, My hand traces your hardening rod, You moan in bliss, You suckled greedily, you milk me, In ecstasy,I release an alabaster stream, That gushes down your throat, You drink from my stream,as I feel you cream my hands in an ivory sea, You quench your parched lips from the milk I have produced for you My love, Beneath the sheets, our bodies gently spoon each others, On this passionate night, Where our bodies unite, My length completely filling your rosebud. Your moans seduce me, As we gently grind our hips together, Making music of passion throughout the night.

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