What's in a kiss?...

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Title speaks for itself. Enjoy.

To feel the heat

Of your lips on mine

Hands in my hair

Ennamel raking scalp

And your moan

At the back of my throat

Rough texture of nylon

Rushing sensation

Up my thigh

My loins on pins and needles

As your heel hooks my calf

I am the mount

You the rider

As our tongues

Play twister

Peach and burgundy

Pressed in passion

Sear of contact

Blushing faces


Legs like boas

Grind my hips

Whirlwind lust

Crashes into a wall

I race forward

To your sudden stop

You scream "Ohhhh...."

Full body arch

God, I want the heat

Of your lips on mine.

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