Seduce Me

By: A Stranger

Page 1, I'm a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy.

Seduce me

All I can do

Is watch and will

Threw curtain of slate haze

And rythym guitar


Ahhhh yes

Up on your toes

Firm belly against the bar

Sleekness of your legs

Would make a Ferrarri sigh


Seduce me


My eyes wander

To where fabric and skin meet

I swallow hard

Brushing my eye lids closed



Curve of hip

To hidden swell of breast

Ohhh teasing now

Are you?

Erogenous partof you

Is messaged by silk

Higher across a smooth

Shoulder to Mocha neck

Alabaster hair hides your face


Temptress, you turn

On instinct

And lock my gaze

                                          Seduce Me

Assaults my senses

Cataclysmic meeting on the dance floor

Our bodies the shaker

We drink

To this aphrodisiac

We mix,  LUST


Back to a pillar

Hands a flurry

We chime as one

Seduce Me


With all watching


I drive my ecstasy

Into your passion



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