By: A Stranger

Page 1, How I love when she catches me off guard.

The setting

Halts me, dead cold

Exhaustion of a day

Peeled away

As incense burns my nostrils

Scanning the tableau

Candlelight and arousal

Dance in my eyes

A commoner speechless

Sacrosanct chamber

I feel I defile

Out of slate grey mist

A Goddess

My heart stops

A bronze deity

Glides across marble


Platnium hair

Sapphire eyes

And skin, rich chocolate

So off guard

My most primal part

Strains at its restraint

Barefoot she approaches



Sleek ebony leg

Floats upward

Joining luscious curve

Of hip

Dancing to hourglass waist

Rushing to swell of breast

Finally I remember to breathe

But my knees

Already buckling

Nipple extending a greeting

Higher, sleekness of shoulder

Follow plateau to neck


Stunned as cotton candy

Traces wine

Too much, no forwarning

My constriction, ripped off

And on a four post


Of a dinning room

With all the lust

Of my being

I sacrifice

My Goddess

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