Delicious Viscosity

By: A Stranger

Page 1, This may be bold, but I dedicate this to Stevie. Her work was this pieces inspiration

Delicious viscosity

Is what you envelop me in

Your aura

Like warm Amaretto coating

My throat

Sensuality defined by movement

Eroticism tickles my mind

As primal instinct takes over

Your hair traces across

My torso

Water dripping

Tracing me, like caramel

No longer will I fight

Ravenous, am I

Your hors d'oeuvre

Teasing famine

Brought to my knees

By the feast

That is you

Taunt and tease in your laugh

Harmony, heightening torment

With a hunger of your own

I am devoured

Frantic violence


And we both moan

As I gore

Again and again

Your delicious viscosity


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