By Candle Light

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Once again I have ventured into that part of my mind...

A room is entered

By candle light

Ocular dialation

Twice factored


And well...

Information processing

By candle light

Desire, sultry and erotic

Purring invitation


Across an arena

Of carnal pleasure

By candle light

Hands reach out

Hesistant, trembling

Fighting need

All the while

Lust scents the air

By candle light

Flesh whispers to cloth

"Let me out"

Arousal racing outwards

By candle light

Tongue chases shadow

As voiced pleasure

Spoils a game of

Mental Hide 'n' seek

By candle light

An eastern delicacy

Descends to my

Western origin

Her lips taste

Of Ginger

Her skin of Jasmine

Ohhh... her blossom of Lotus

By candle light

I am conquered.

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