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When Chase Comes to Town

Novel By: Zoughii

Kayleigh is the town slut simple as that she gives out to practically anyone that asks that is. Until Jason (Chase) comes to town and everything changes. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2010    Reads: 812    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

The warm Queensland sun beat down on Kayleigh's long tanned body as she lay on a pool chair with her back to the sky, bikini undone as to not get an ugly tan line. Every guy that walked past could help but do a double take that is just the effect she had on guys. Those that ad slelpt with her (most of the town) would look back and wonder 'how the hell di I get so luck' and those who hadn't slept with her (the unlucky few) looked back trying to imagine what it would be like.

Keyleigh hadn't come to the pool just to sunbake she could have done that by her private pool at home. Oh no there was another reason for her little adventure and he clocked on in 10 minutes......The lifegaurd. Ben was everything a lifegaurd should be six foot tall tanned, tussled blonde hair straight white teeth and six pack to kill for. He was new in town and Kayleigh didn't like to think there was someone that good looking in town that she hadn't fucked yet.

As the horn sounded to signal change of gaurds Kayleigh casually sat up and retied her top but not before making sure Bne had got a good look as he walked pass on his way to the lifegaurd chair. She held back a giggle as he nearly triped of a pool chair as he walked becuase he was still staring at her. After Ben had started his duties Kayleigh strolled over to the kiosk and brought 2 cokes.

She strutted up to Ben (that is why she was so good on the catwalk...she never actually stop walking like she was on one.) As she tossed him a coke he nearly dropped it as his eyes were on her D cup boobs overflowing in her tiny bikini.

"Hey I'm Kayleigh" she said seductively.

"B..b..b...ben" he stampered back.

"Listen you finish in 20 right meet me in the pool shed then I want to show you something" with this she winked and walked off to the diving blocks.

20 minutes later the horn sounded again. By the time ben got to the pool shed Kayleigh was already there and already done away with her bikini top.

"hey good looking" she said as he walked closer not even attempting to cover the bulge swelling in him boardies.

"people have told me stuff about you Kayleigh Kruz, good stuff, bad stuff, sexy stuff. What do you say about that." he wispered almost on top of her.

"It's probably true" she wispered back wrapping her arms around his neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and lightly kissed his neck as she ran her fingers over his back goose bumpb of pleasure started to form. "Fuck me just fuck me" and moaned.

And trailed kisses all the way down his body to the top of his boardies she slowly undid them and pulled them around his feet. His 9 inch cock popped out. Kayleigh started to lightly lick around the head as Ben stiffled a moan. She started to his cock in her mouth little by little bobbing her head back and forth like one of those bobble head dolls. Ben moans and groans with pleasure as his cock swells even more and can feel himself ready to cum but controls himself he pulls Kayleigh up by the shoulders and slams her against the shed wallhe presses his body against hers and pulls her swimmer bottoms off in a hurry he kisses her neck while inserting a finger inside her warm pussy. He moves and in and out each time inserting another finger until there is four fingers fucking her. She gasps everytime he hits her G-spot and he gets faster. He spins her around and rams his 9 inch cock in her pussy. For some that was know as a get a round she was still fuvking tight he thought. he pumped harder and harder as she screamed for more "fuck me ben fuck me more" she screamed he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips sh he could go even deeper. as he thrusts harder and faster they both cum together and collapse to the shed floor just as the horn goes signalling that Ben must go back to work......


Hey Guys Zoughii here this is my first attempt at something like this so tell me what you think and I will write more.


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