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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter Nine: One small step for women, one giant leap for a lifelong misanthropic loner.

Rachel managed to finish out the work day without any other environmental disasters or visits from Sara. She got the release drawn up and approved in time for submission before the evening news and arrived home around 6:15. Her busy afternoon had left her on auto-pilot at the end of the day and when she got home, she started to unwind as she would have before Sara came into her life. She mixed a Manhattan and turned the stereo on to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. "Ahhh, this is nice," she thought," An hour or so to unwind alone, I mean, I actually do like having Kitten around, more than I thought I would, but still, everyone needs a little 'me' time.".

Rachel's jazz fueled meditation only lasted about twenty minutes before she started thinking about Sara, which led to almost immediately to a short bout of clock watching as the hands crept way too slowly toward 7:30. "Dammit," she swore, getting of the sofa and taking her half-finished cocktail to the kitchen sink, "you're like a heroin addict for fuck's sake.". By 6:45, she was on the treadmill in the back bedroom, running her ass off like she was being chased by wolves. When the clock on the treadmill panel flashed 7:20, she turned it off and ran through the shower, rinsing the film of sweat from her tall, lean, frame and quickly washing her hair. She dried herself and got out of the shower right at 7:30. She ran into her room to put something on. Her eyes darted to Sara's gift, hanging in her closet, but before she reached for it, she said out loud, "For God's sake woman, have some dignity.". Instead, she grabbed a set of black, silk, lounging pajamas and slipped them on. By 7:35 she was sitting on the arm of the sofa, once again, looking at the clock.

At 7:46 Rachel heard the key in the lock and jumped up off the arm of the couch. "SIT your ass back down you pussy whipped bitch!" her inner domme screamed inside her head. She sat back down and tried to look casual. Sara came prancing into the room, a big smile on her face. She had changed out of her "career day" outfit and was wearing a light, yellow floral print dress that ended just mid thigh and a matching button down sweater.

"Hi!" Sara said loudly. Her boobs bounced enticingly as she jogged toward Rachel on the sofa. Although she didn't get up, Rachel couldn't stop herself from from reaching out with one arm, welcoming physical contact with the exuberant girl.

"Guess what!" She exclaimed, looking excitedly at Rachel. "After Art lab tonight...oh, wait," she stopped herself, just before getting into reach of Rachel's outstretched arm. "I'll be right back." with that, she sprinted back into the bedroom. She came back, only a minute later. She had put on her white "Kitten" collar. "OK," she started, once she returning to Rachel, grabbing her hand and continuing her story. "After Art lab tonight, Tab was waiting for me outside the hall..." .

She got that far before Rachel bolted up, dropping Sara's hand and barked out, "What?!"

"Just wait," the girl said, still smiling as she took Rachel's hand again, trying to calm her. "He walked up to me and as soon as he opened his mouth I said 'I don't want to hear it Tab, you're the worst kind of jerk and I don't care what you have to say. You leave me the hell alone forever!', he started to look like he was mad and then I took out my phone, like I was gonna call someone'" When she said the word "someone", Sara lightly poked Rachel in the ribs. "And then I said 'because you know what's going to happen if you don't!'and I went like this". Sara made a scissor snipping motion with her fingers and laughed with delight then finished by adding, "He turned completely white, like he'd seen the ghost of his nuts float by. He just turned tail and slunk off like the weasel he is.".

"Well, I suppose that went as well as we could have hoped then." Rachel said, relieved that she was not going to have to go through the bother of getting dressed again, then having to drive all the way down to the campus, and beat a frat boy to death..

"Are you kidding!" Sara giggled, "It was freaking awesome! I've never felt so...I don't know, powerful? I mean, I know it was you he was really scared of, but, I mean, you're my girlfriend right? So, it was like...I don't know. It was just great to see him scared and the..."

"Kitten," Rachel hushed sweetly, placing a finger gently on Sara's lower lip, "You're babbling a little."

"Am I? Sorry." she smiled, an then she added "You're my hero.". She gave Rachel another one of those fierce hugs that squeezed her heart more than her ribs.

"Well, I'm glad you're happy, and the asshole is probably going to stay away now that he's gotten the same message from you. Still though, he if ever comes up to you again, especially if it's someplace that isn't very public, you just call the police right away, and then you call me, even if I'm at work." Rachel instructed, still holding the girl.

"Yes Rachel," Sara agreed dutifully before giggling again. She kissed Rachel lightly and then broke away, grabbing her backpack from the floor where she had let it drop and retreated to the bedroom to put it away. "So how was your day?" her high pitched voice lilted, now from the back of the apartment.

"I had a really productive lunch meeting, other than that, same old, same old." Rachel called back.

Sara laughed good and long at that, and then came back into the room.

"So, you'd like to do lunch again then?" She asked innocently as she strolled into the kitchen.

"I'm going to have to buy a bigger car." Rachel responded.

"How do you think you'd feel about driving to work in a Winnebago?" Sara asked, for once managing to keep a straight face.

"Won't fit in the lot." Rachel replied dryly

"Damn." Sara quipped, "Then we just may have to find a really big broom closet in your building."

"Fuck it," Rachel said, coming to join Sara in the kitchen, "Why not just go up to the boardroom table? Those guys are hardly ever up there at lunch time."

Sara grinned widely, "It's a date. Do you mind if I get something to drink?"

"Mi casa, su casa, Kitten" Rachel said, "So, I noticed you put your collar on.", Rachel leered at her suggestively.

"Of course," Sara said simply as she grabbed a glass from one of the kitchen cabinets . "I like to put it on when I get home,er, I mean to your place, um, I mean here," she flustered, "it doesn't mean I expect you to ravish me the instant I put it on."

"But what if I want to?" Rachel asked as she came up behind her as she stood, with the refrigerator door open. She wrapped her arms around the girl's waist and clasped her fingers in front of her tummy.

"Well, I'm just saying, you don't have to." Sara explained as she reached into the fridge.

"You are the sweetest thing in the world, aren't you?" Rachel purred into her ear. Sara giggled and nuzzled the back of her head against Rachel's shoulder. Rachel loosened her grip a little and Sara reached in and brought the milk out of the refrigerator. She filled her glass with milk, and as she put the milk back in the fridge, Rachel smiled at her.

"And you're the cutest thing in the world too aren't you?" She teased.

"What?" Sara said, a little shyly.

"You just turned 21 and you're unwinding with a cold glass of milk." She chuckled.

"What?" the girl said again, "I like milk. Besides, it keeps you healthy" To prove her point, she squeezed her shoulders and upper arms together, causing her cleavage, which was very healthy indeed, to move up to center stage. "See?" she said.

("God, she's so cute; say it," Rachel's little voice nagged. She ignored it.)

"Remind me to buy a dairy." Rachel laughed and reached up with both hands to cup Sara's ample tits.

Although there had been many occasions now where the two women had been able to confine themselves to kissing and petting as they flirted around the house, this was not fated to be one of them. When Rachel's hands cupped Sara's breasts, she squeezed gently, Sara's head rolled back and she moaned softly; the time for flirtation had ended. Apparently, lunch was fine but dinner was the meal that satisfied.

Soon, Sara's dress was on the floor and she was laying on the Kitchen table wearing only a bra and a pair of shoes, that were presently pointed toward the ceiling. Rachel was seated at the head of the table eating the girl out like it was the oral sex Olympics. Sara screamed and called out Rachel's name when her experienced lover added to the assault waged by her tongue with reinforcements from her fingers. Feeling Rachel's expert ministrations both inside and outside her moist opening brought Sara to a sweet climax as she gazed, glassy eyed at the chandelier that hung from the vaulted ceiling above the table.

This time, Sara needed no time to recover. She made a move to take some initiative in the couple's lovemaking when she stood up and gently pushed Rachel' head from between her thighs, and said "Stand up". Even in her Kitten collar, Sara was still a submissive at heart so she couldn't help but add "Please.".

"What are you up to know my little Kitten?" Rachel asked mischievously as she stood up. Sara came behind her and moved the chair out of the way. She reached around and started to unbutton Rachel's silken pajama top from behind. Once she slipped it off, she began by admiring the well defined muscles in her lover's back and shoulders, covering them with wet kisses. Rachel was still fresh from the shower and Sara purred, "Mmmm, you smell good" as she worked her way down the woman's spine, kissing and licking her way south. Finally, she knelt behind Rachel, and she slid the pajama bottoms down, forming a silky black puddle at her feet. From behind, she began to kiss and lick Rachel's muscular ass. She ran her tongue along the surface of Rachel's cleft eliciting moans and shudders from her. Finally, Rachel's body stiffened when Sara parted her cheeks and began to lick gently at her quivering asshole.

Rachel was surprised that the girl had grown so bold so quickly, but admired the results. She had generally shied away from allowing her playthings access to her ass, especially with lips and tongues. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it, quite the opposite actually. She found that for her, being rimmed was like dominatrix Kryptonite. Her icy control and sense of discipline seemed to melt the instant a wet, slithering tongue touched her pucker. It didn't do to have a slave drive their master wild, kicking and shrieking with lust with a few simple licks. But Sara wasn't her slave and even though she may choose the black collar from time to time, Rachel knew she never really would be able to think of her that way. Rachel made no move to stop the girl's probing tongue. She didn't care if Sara made her loose control, she'd pretty much been doing that since the tow-headed nymph knocked on the door anyway. And loose control she did.

Rachel began to make the kind of noises Sara had only heard herself make up until that point. Not moans and groans, but rather a series of squeaks and grunts punctuated by sharp gasps whenever Sara pushed her tongue inside. Sara lapped at her lover's most private opening even more eagerly once she realized the powerful effect it was having. Rachel was bent completely over the kitchen table know, hands grasping, white knuckled, to both edges. "Please, Kitten, please don't tease me anymore." Rachel pleaded with the younger girl, whose face was now planted squarely between her ass cheeks, french kissing her spasming rosebud.

"Cum for your Kitten, Rachel" Sara said firmly and pushed a finger into Rachel's asshole and two others into her wet pussy and began to pump them wildly. Rachel, uncharacteristically, did as she was told, cumming hard from the double stimulation. Weary, she slid off the table, pulling Sara down to the floor with her in a tangled, sweaty, pile.

"Fuck, that was hot, Kitten." Rachel said finally.

"Can we do that again if I have milk with breakfast too? Sara asked giggling.

After their first "kitchen quickie" as they would come to be known, Rachel ordered some Chinese to be delivered. Sara went to the bedroom to put on something comfy while Rachel slipped her PJ's back on and settled into corner of the sectional sofa."

"Hey Rach'?" Sara called out from the bedroom, "I'm pretty much out of clean clothes, can I borrow something of yours?"

"Help yourself Kitten!" She called back. The two couple's figures, though both attractive, were a study in opposites; Rachel tall and lean, with a narrow waist while Sara was short and curvy, her butt and hips were more round and soft. Rachel wondered what the diminutive girl would find that fit her.

Sara came out of the back a few minutes later. She was wearing one of Rachel's white DKNY dress shirts, and possibly panties, Rachel couldn't tell, because on the much shorter girl, the shirt came almost to her knees. "Now I finally get it." Rachel said after whistling appreciatively.

"Get what, Sara asked. She plopped down on the couch beside Rachel an immediately snuggled into her right side.

"Why guys are so crazy about that look" She said, indicating her dress shirt clinging to Sara's hourglass body.

"Why's that" Sara responded.

"Because," Rachel said, stroking her girlfriend's wavy hair, "It looks like you belong to me."

"More than a collar that says 'Property of Rachel V.'" Sara joked.

"Well, maybe not that much." Rachel admitted.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. The two women looked at each other. "No pants" said Sara. Rachel nodded, got up and went to the door. Rachel paid for the food, satisfied that the young man delivering the food liked her pajamas, judging by his expression and difficulty handling the change. She grabbed plates and napkins from the kitchen and the two girls ate cross legged on the floor. Rachel amused herself by watching Sara try to eat with chopsticks for a while, but feared the girl would starve to death. She tried for a bit, to teach her the skill, but soon gave up because she found, to her horror, that she loved picking up the steamed shrimp and feeding it directly into Sara's beautiful, laughing mouth.

"They're going to take away my cat o' nine tails for this." Rachel thought, as she made the girl chase a pot sticker around with her mouth.

After dinner, they decided to watch a movie. Rachel enjoyed classics and Sara liked dumb comedies and movies with someone named Jason Statham. Rachel suspected that Sara's affinity for the latter may not have anything to do with the actual quality of the film, but regardless, she didn't have anything that Sara had heard of in her DVD collection. She put "How to Steal a Million" in the DVD player. She grabbed a blanket from the closet and the lovers cuddled underneath it as they watched.

Sara had a plan; she had yet to meet the woman that didn't want a kiss after watching an Audrey Hepburn romance, and Sara was no exception. After the movie, they made out passionately under the blanket, but kept it above the waist. Rachel was amazed at how being with the younger girl like this satisfied her in ways that had little to do with sex. After a while, Sara began to yawn between kisses, so Rachel took her hand and led her to bed. They crawled under the covers and were both asleep in each other's arms in minutes. Once again, the moment seemed to sweet to make it about sex.

The alarm woke the pair up at 7:00 am. As the pulsing drone of the clock radio's alarm filled the room, Rachel sat up in bed and stretched. Sara, on the other hand, pulled one of the extra pillows over her head and moaned, "Human beings are not meant to get out of bed before 9 am!".

Rachel clicked of the alarm and laughed at her. "Kitten," she said, " by 9:00 am in this country, millions of dollars have been made and lost, every day.".

"That's stupid," said Sara sleepily, her face sandwiched between to pillows, "if all that money is made and lost, then it sounds like everyone breaks even. They should all just stay in bed until 9 or 10 so that when they do get up, they can do it right and just make money without losing any."

Rachel laughed heartily at the girl's knowledge of world financial markets. "Great idea Kitten," She said, leaning over on top of Sara, planting an exaggerated kiss on the pillow covering her face, "I'll bring that up first thing at today's board meeting. The business work day should adjust itself, world-wide, in a week or so.".

"If that doesn't work, tell them you have to stay home until after your girlfriend eats breakfast, just to make sure you don't end up homeless." Sara quipped and rolled over onto her stomach.

"I tell you what," Rachel said, stroking Sara's back, "I'm headed for the shower. If you want to join me, you're always welcome. If not, see if you can manage being awake and alive by the time I'm done, and I'll make you some breakfast.". She got up and stripped, heading for the shower. She didn't notice Sara lift her face out of the pillow to stare, approvingly, at Rachel's toned runner's butt and legs as she strode into the bathroom.

Rachel wasn't expecting an appearance from the sleepy sorority girl in the shower. She knew from experience that college carried with it a different set of hours and responsibilities. She soaped herself up and was rinsing her hair when the shower's glass door opened. Sara stood there, naked, with one green eye closed and the other only half open. She also had an adorable case of bed-head. The girl held both her arms out in front of her, like a zombie, and stepped into the shower, emitting a low grumbling noise. Rachel positioned herself in between the girl's outstretched arms and guided her into an embrace like a deck hand on an aircraft carrier. She cuddled her as she rotated their bodies, moving Sara under the shower head, soaking her with steaming water. "Mmmmmmmm" the girl purred. Water cascaded down her back and sides as she rested her head against Rachel's breasts. Rachel squeezed Sara tightly for a second and then gently turned her around and started rinsing her tangled blonde hair. She washed her hair, in what would eventually become their routine, and then sat on the tile bench once again as Sara returned the favor. They instinctively kept the romance and conversation to a minimum however, as they both went through the internal process of the mental transition from sleep to the waking world. Rachel finished first, because of her head start to the shower. She was about to exit, and leave Sara to complete her shower, while she went out to start making breakfast, when the girl started soaping up her round, plump, creamy-white breasts. "Damn." she thought to herself, "Almost made it.".

"Let me help you there, Kitten" Rachel said sweetly, altering her plan.

Sara smiled and said, "Oh, of course, you're such a helpful girlfriend." She put her arms over her head and Rachel began to caress her spectacular breasts with her hands and a bar of soap. As Sara's nipples hardened, Rachel's resolve weakened. Soon, she wasn't washing Sara's tits so much as she was sucking on them while the young girl cooed and ran her hands through Rachel's glossy hair.

"I guess breakfast is going to have to wait..." Sara sighed contentedly.

"Maybe for you, little horny bitch" Rachel replied lustfully, her mouth and hands overflowing with Sara's soft, warm titties, "but I'm gonna eat in the shower."

Rachel began quickly licking her way down the girl's abdomen as water from the shower threatened to fill her mouth. She made it to her destination and began to lap at Sara's pussy. Shortly, Sara gasped in shock as Rachel guided her back against the cold, glass, wall of the shower. The older woman grabbed one of Sara's legs and pulled it over her shoulder to allow easier access to the girl's tantalizing, slit. Using a combination of licking, sucking and the tiniest bit of penetration with her finger, Rachel brought Sara off quickly. She threw her head back as she came, as Rachel grabbed both of her hands, interlocking fingers, helping her keep her balance in the slippery shower.

After the climax passed, Sara pulled Rachel back up and kissed her fiercely. After only kissing hard, stubbly faces her whole life, she still thrilled at the exotic feel of Rachel's soft, silky, wet kisses. She started to move her kisses down Rachel's body, preparing to return the favor just granted to her, when Rachel stopped her, and pulled the girl back to her mouth.

"Don't stop kissing me," Rachel breathed, "please Kitten."

Sara redoubled her efforts on her girlfriend's mouth and instead reached down between Rachel's legs with her hand. She began to massage the older woman's sensitive button vigorously, never allowing her lips and tongue to leave Rachel's mouth for a second. Rachel's took Sara's caressing fingers into her own and, together, they rubbed an incredible orgasm from Rachel's slippery clit. Rachel ground her jaw closed with the force of her climax and Sara continued to lick at her lover's mouth relentlessly.

After her cum, Rachel still refused to relinquish Sara's mouth for a while, but gradually, the frantic pace of their kissing slowed.

"So explain this to me," Rachel began, as they returned, once again, to the business of rinsing off and getting out of the shower, "I'm a dominatrix, a mean bitch whose supposed to keep you in your place, right?"

"Whatever you say Rach'," Sara smiled. She encircled Rachel's torso with a big, fluffy, towel and stated to hug her dry.

Rachel shook her head, making a mental note to fuck a little fear back into the girl when she got back from work that night. "Anyway," she continued, "then why is it, whenever I see you topless, I just want to bow down and worship those breasts of yours?"

"Because, silly," Sara said sweetly as she stepped back, cupping each of her large boobs with her hands, "my tits are fucking awesome!". The girl burst out in fresh peals of laughter as Rachel nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later, they were back in the bedroom and Rachel was dressing for work. Sara looked, fruitlessly, through her backpack for something clean to wear. "So, when do you think it will be OK for me to go back to my apartment?" Sara asked.

Rachel froze for a second, as she buttoned up her blouse. She had been dreading that question. "Well, I'm sure it should be safe by 2015," she answered, "2020 at the latest.".

"That long, huh?" Sara giggled.

"Well, better safe than sorry Kitten." Rachel said sagely.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Sara agreed solemnly "But I'm going to need some clothes from there. I can't just walk around with no pants on all the time."

"Says who?" Rachel asked, teasing again.

"I do have to go to classes sometimes Rach'" Sara said, feigning exasperation.

"Oh, right." Rachel responded.

Satisfied that her joke had put off a serious conversation, at least for a while, Rachel said, "Well, it might be safe for you to run down and grab a few things while I'm at work."

"OK," Sara said.

"This closet is pretty full of shit, but the back bedroom is empty except for my treadmill. You can put whatever you want back there, but try to take it easy on the Justin Beiber posters, alright?" Rachel teased."

Sara's brow furrowed with indignation, "You're right, you are a mean bitch." she laughed.

After breakfast, Rachel got ready to leave for work, Sara was studying at the kitchen table. "Lunch today?" she asked casually.

Sara stuck out her lower lip, "Can't today, Tuesday and Thursday are my crap days. I'm locked up in class from 10:00 to 5:00 pretty much straight through. Dinner though, right?"

"Of course," Rachel answered, "girl's gotta eat. I'll grab some olive oil and chicken breast on the way home, we can cook it up with some pasta tonight."

"Don't worry, I'll pick it up." Sara volunteered, "I'm done before you tonight."

"OK. I'll see you tonight then." Rachel said as she bent to kiss Sara goodbye. At least she didn't blush this time. "less than a week and I'm totally domesticated, unfuckingbelievable." She sighed inwardly as she reached the door. "Bye" she called out.

"Bye" Sara replied. She waited for the door to close and then added, "love you." in a quiet sing-song voice.

End Chapter Nine:____________________________________________________________________


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