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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: Part Two of Sara's Birthday Present

Sara came to a while later under the bed covers and wrapped in Rachel's arms. She blinked her eyes open and the first thing she saw was Rachel gazing down adoringly as she stroked the girl's blonde curls. Sara opened her mouth, and her jaw made a few feeble motions, but no sound came out.

"Are you OK Kitten?" Rachel asked gently, "For a minute, I thought I broke my favorite new toy."

Sara managed a smile, but then closed her eyes and hugged Rachel's arm tightly. A few minutes later she made a more successful attempt at consciousness. She sat up, and stretched luxuriously.

"All better?" Rachel asked, lightly stroking Sara's spine.

"Whoooo" Sara exhaled, "Ya' know, used to be if I heard someone say 'I'm gonna fuck your brains out' I thought it was just an expression."

Rachel laughed boisterously and pulled the girl back down to the bed next to her. "Well, Kitten, guess what, we're not done yet." she said.

Sara's eyes opened wider, "Um, hold on, give me some time to recover".

"Don't worry Kitten," Rachel said. She reached around Sara's neck and removed the black dog collar. "We've taken care of this part," she said, "and now all that's left is this part." She traced her finger around the lacy white "kitten" collar.

"Oh," Sara giggled, "OK then, c'mere."

The two lovers kissed and fondled each other gently under the covers. As promised, Rachel kissed lightly at the corners of Sara's eyes, where her make-up lay streaked from the girls' tears of ecstasy. She kissed the corners of her mouth and kissed ever so gently at the small cut that still healed in the center of Sara's upper lip. Rachel gave a wide berth to the now hyper-sensitive erogenous zones on Sara's lower half and focused all her efforts on the rest of her lover's body. She kissed, licked and nibbled not only Sara's neck and precious breasts but all along her sides and hips, down to her calves where she ran her tongue along their entire length before sucking each of Sara's toes in turn. She then moved to the other foot and began the same path of kisses and nibbles up the other side of Sara's body. She even kissed her way under Sara's arms and down to the tips of her fingers. Even with the massive sensory overload Sara had experienced earlier, when Rachel began to suck on each finger, the hair on the back of her neck stood up.

Finally, Sara couldn't stand it anymore, She grabbed Rachel by the shoulders, kissed her firmly on the mouth and then gently pushed her on to her back. She returned the favor, kissing Rachel's body all over. She worked her way down to Rachel's stomach and pushed her camisole up. Rachel pulled the garment off over her head and lay there in her panties and Sara continued her wet, slippery journey. Sara marveled and the runner's chiseled abdominal muscles and she traced the outline of Rachel's six pack with her tongue. "You're so fucking sexy" she murmured to the older woman. Once she said that, Rachel had to pull her back up for another deep tongue kiss, but soon Sara had pushed her back down to the bed. The little blonde moved down Rachel's body until she was directly over her panties. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and slid them down slowly. "Oh, yes Kitten, please" Rachel pleaded.

Sara went to work eating Rachel's pussy with even more enthusiasm than she had the first time. Rachel has been so keyed up by an hour of foreplay that she had a brief, hard cum within minutes, but Sara didn't quit. Instead, she said, "Hold on, here, I wanna try something." and pulled Rachel up to her knees on the bed as she herself lay back down. "I want you to come up here" she said, motioned to her shoulders.

"Oh, I see." Rachel purred, "You want me to sit on your face."

"Uh-huh" Sara giggled.

"You're so beautiful Kitten" Rachel said as she lifted her leg over the girl's face.

"So are you" Sara responded and began, once again to lap at Rachel's pussy. Soon, Rachel was swaying and massaging her little firm tits as she called out Sara's name over and over. Rachel hopped up and turned around so that she could 69 her lover.

"Careful," Sara said from between Rachel's thighs, "I'm still sensitive."

"Don't worry" she said as she proceeded to lightly kiss the edges of Sara's pussy as though it were made of glass. A while later, they came like that, together, legs locked around each other's faces and then they collapsed, finally spent.

Rachel put her arms around Sara and pulled her close under the covers. They cuddled and made pillow talk. "I can't believe what that did to me when you, you know, did me with both toys" Sara said, the side of her face resting against Rachel's breast. "The whole world faded out."

"Well," Rachel said, "it looked like demonic possession and sounded like a murder, but damn Kitten, it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen." They both laughed.

"Hey, you know what would hit the spot?" Rachel asked

"You'd better say ice cream!" Sara said, laughing and covering her butt with her hand.

Rachel snorted with laughter. "No she said, at least not yet. I'm talking about a joint." She didn't know how the kid would react but after what she had spent the last two hours doing with her, she wasn't too worried about being judged.

Sara's eyes went wide and her mouth opened in surprise, "Oh, fuck yeah!" she said, "that's a great idea. My roommate and I have a little stashed in our place..." She closed her eyes and groaned, "but it's sooooo far."

"Hold on," Rachel said as she got out of bed and went to the small secretarial desk in the corner. She rummaged through a couple of drawers and produced a large roach. "I knew there was a little left in there." she said.

They lit the roach and passed it back and forth between them. It wasn't enough to get them stupid stoned, which they wouldn't have wanted anyway, but a warm, relaxed feeling spread through both of them. Rachel usually only smoked pot when she was hungover, the roach was left from an all nighter with Renee, Milo and some random gimp (Keith, maybe?) they had brought back with them. It was the perfect night cap for the two tired lovers however.

As they relaxed together, they continued to talk. "I can't believe how good you looked at dinner tonight Kitten" Rachel said appreciatively.

"I don't know," Sara said, "a lot of the men in that place were totally checking you out."

"Yeah, but they were only looking at me because they were jealous," Rachel countered, "I'm sure every one of them in there wished they could have walked in there with a beautiful girlfriend half their age."

"Girlfriend?" Sara said questioningly.

"Oh shit." Rachel thought, "did I just open a can of worms here?"

"Does that mean that, um, I'm your girlfriend?" Sara asked hesitantly.

Rachel sensed another bought of identity crisis warming up. "Well," she said, "I broke you and your boyfriend up, moved you into my place and have had my way with you a half a dozen times in as many days. While I've never actually had one before, I think that might make you my girlfriend."

"I'm your girlfriend..." Sara said quietly.

"Relax, Sara," Rachel said, a little exasperated. It's not like you have to wear a t-shirt that says "I am Rachel's Girlfriend.".

"I would" Sara blurted.

"You would what?" Rachel asked.

"I would wear a t-shirt that said 'I am Rachel's Girlfriend'." Sara answered, her gorgeous green eyes shone with sincerity. "I'd wear it everywhere!"

"You're high." Rachel said, laughing at the earnest girl.

"No, I'm not!" pouted Sara. "Wait, I'll prove it!". With that, the girl leaped up from the bed and ran to the sliding glass door. She pulled it open and Rachel felt the cold air hit her as Sara danced outside, naked as the day she was born.

Sara went out to the balcony and grabbed the rail with both hands. She looked up at the crescent moon and screamed joyfully at the top of her lungs "I am Rachel's girlfriend! Do you hear me?! I am Rachel's girlfriend!".

Rachel began laughing, but she couldn't help but to, once again, be deeply touched by this ditzy little girl. Sara poked here head back into the room. "If I'm you're girlfriend, that means you're my girlfriend too right?" she inquired.

"Yes Kitten," Rachel assured her, still laughing, "I'm you're girlfriend too."

Sara, turned back outside and yelled again, "Did you hear that?! Rachel is my girlfriend! Rachel IS MY girlfriend!"

("How about now?" her little voice whispered. Her little voice was clearly stoned, and she ignored it.)

Tears were rolling down Rachel's cheeks, only mostly caused by laughter. "Come back to bed Kitten, your girlfriend has to get up for work in" she looked at the clock, "ugh, six and a half hours, and she'd like to get some sleep, preferably next to her girlfriend."

Sara closed the door and scampered back to bed. Rachel couldn't help notice how the cold night air had cause the nipples to rise on the breasts she adored but it was late and they were both spent. Instead, she asked the girl about her apparent new, and sudden, fondness for the idea of openly having a girlfriend.

"So, what's with the 'out and proud' routine Kitten?" as Sara moved as close as she could, the entire length of her body pressing up against Rachel's deliciously.

It took Sara a few seconds to comprehend what Rachel meant and finally said, "Oh, that. It's cool, I figured it out this afternoon while I was at the mall."

"You figured out human sexuality while you were buying me underwear?" Rachel inquired, smiling.

"Yeah." Sara answered plainly, "It was like this. I was at Victoria's Secret thinking about the whole gay thing. I was feeling, like, because of how I felt about you, that I must be a lesbian, right?." She looked up at Rachel and continued, "To be honest, I had mixed feelings. I really didn't want to have to wear with those blocky sandals and a bad haircut but on the other hand, I am crazy about you so I didn't know what to do. Rachel chuckled and hoped the little airhead was kidding about the stereotypes. Sara prattled on, "Then I saw two ads on the wall, you know the ones, the tall, leggy chicks with pushed-up boobs, wearing way too much make-up for someone in their underwear? Well, anyway, I was looking at them. I started thinking that if I'm a lesbian, then I should have a preference for one of these two models right? Sure, they're both pretty but if I'm attracted to women, I should have a preference for which one would I rather, you know, like, do it, with, right?." Rachel would never stop being amused by the way Sara could talk like such the most depraved whore during sex, but seemed to embarrass so easily when the subject of sex arose in normal conversation. Nevertheless, Rachel was fascinated by the girl's reasoning as she continued, "I looked at each of them for a long time and then I asked myself 'OK, which one is it going to be?' And all I could think was 'which one would treat me more like Rachel does?'" She blushed in the dimly lit room. "That's when it hit me," She said finally, "I'm a Rachelsexual.".

Rachel burst out in peals of fresh laughter. "You're a what?" she asked though her giggles.

"A Rachelsexual" she said again, a touch proudly, "It means I'm sexually attracted to Rachel. There's more of us out there than you know" Sara added, giggling herself now.

"Oh my God, Kitten" Rachel said, the fatigue from their playtime and the sweet little high from the pot were combining to make Rachel roar with laughter, even harder now.

"What?" Sara said indignantly, "So I'm a flaming Rachelsexual! You got a problem with that?" She tickled Rachel's ribs, making her squirm.

Rachel encircled Sara's neck with both arms,"No, ma'am" she replied. "I guess it's a good thing that you're my girlfriend then huh?" Rachel said, surprised at how much she also enjoyed that idea.

"Damn right!" Sara affirmed before laying her head back down on Rachel's breast. They lay like that for a few minutes, still giggling occasionally when Rachel turned out the light on the nightstand. A moment later, Sara lifted her head and, in the dim moonlight, Rachel could just barely see her beautiful green eyes staring deeply back into hers. "Rachel," Sara whispered seriously.

"Yes Kitten," Rachel whispered back, simultaneously thrilled and terrified by what she thought the girl might say next.

("Get ready to tell her" her little voice warned, but Rachel was too scared to hear it.)

Sara quickly pressed her lips between Rachel's breasts and blew hard, making a large exaggerated farting noise that lasted until her breath ran out. Rachel gave a quick laughing shriek and kicked her legs under the covers. Sara rolled back, rocking with laughter. Rachel quickly grabbed the still chuckling girl and pulled her back into her arms. "Go to sleep you little stoned idiot." She said, unable to keep from smiling.

"OK, girlfriend." Sara giggled. She gave Rachel one last little kiss on her collarbone and closed her eyes.

End Chapter Seven___________________________________________________________________


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