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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter Six: Shēng Rì Kùai Lè

This new development called for an improvised plan for the day. Instead of the grocery store, Rachel said they needed to head to the mall. When they got to the parking garage, Rachel beeped the alarm on her silver Audi S7 and Sara gasped "Is that you car?"

"Uh huh" Rachel confirmed

"An Audi S7, wow, 4.0 liter V8, 420 horses and a top speed of 155" Sara rattled off knowledgeably.

The sorority girl once again surprised the older woman. "You know cars?" she asked. Rachel had only bought the car because it looked fast and expensive and the salesman had assured her it was both.

"My Dad's a car nut," she said, "I just learned from him about the ones I like"

"Well, you've got great taste." Rachel said.

"I know, right?" Sarah answered, smiling.

When they got to the mall, instead of parking, Rachel pulled up to the main entrance. "OK Kitten," she said to Sara, "here's the plan. I need to get a few things for tonight but I have to go by myself. I want you to take this..." She took the platinum AMEX out of her wallet and tried to hand it to Sara but the girl refused.

"No, Rachel, no, I can't" Sara objected, "You have already done way too much for me. I can't take your money. Please, I've got some money, I can get my own things."

"Listen Kitten," Rachel said soothingly as she pressed the card into Sara's hand, "It's your birthday. Please let me do this, I've never really had someone to spoil on their birthday. I want to, it would make me happy."

"OK" Sara said sullenly.

"Good girl," Rachel said, "Now, like I was saying, you need to get two things: a dress suitable for a nice restaurant and a present for yourself, something pretty." Rachel was worried she'd sound too much like the girl's father, or worse, Tab, but she was entirely new at this. The only personal gift she'd ever bought a woman that she wasn't related to was a thick, veiny, brown rubber dildo that she bought for Renee on Christmas last year, and she was pretty sure that thing ended up getting used on Milo a hell of a lot more than it did on Renee. A gift that keeps on giving.

Sara agreed, and Rachel told her to meet her back in front of the mall in exactly two hours. When Sara got out of the car, she leaned back in and kissed Rachel lightly on the cheek, before dashing of into the mall. Rachel experienced something she hadn't in nearly 20 years; she blushed. Flustered, she drove off to complete her own errands. She had two hours to make it to Pandora's Toybox in Hollywood as well as PETCO. She paid extra for a "while she waited" job at the Toybox and just had to use the automated machine at PETCO. She made both stops and was back with 5 minutes to spare.

Sara was sitting on a bench near the entrance, waiting. She was leaning back with her legs stretched out in the late winter Southern California sun. Rachel watched her for a few moments. Like most beautiful women, Sara knew how to appear oblivious to the sidelong glances she got from all the men and several women walking past her, going about their shopping. Knowing that soon, this beautiful creature would be getting in her car and coming home with her exhilarated Rachel. She pulled up and rolled down her window, waving to get Sara's attention. As soon as she saw Rachel, Sara smiled happily and came over to the driver's side. "Can you park and come in with me for a minute?" She asked. I need your help deciding on something."

"OK," Rachel agreed, "No rush. Wait here, I'll be right back.". She parked the Audi as close as she could manage at 4:00 on a Sunday and walked back to meet Sara. As they walked into the mall together, Rachel said, "So what are you having trouble deciding?".

"I don't know what kind of dress to buy for dinner tonight." Sara answered.

"Since when does a UCLA sorority girl need help picking out an outfit" Rachel teased, just a touch derisively.

"Since she doesn't want to look like a UCLA sorority girl when she goes out with someone sp.. with you, I mean." Sarah said stubbornly, "It's just that you're really beautiful and classy, like a really powerful business woman or something. I want to wear something that will look, I don't know, like I belong there when I'm standing next to you. I'm afraid if I pick something like I was getting ready for a formal, I'll look like a hooker going to prom.".

Rachel had to admit, even though in some ways this was the kind of conversation she sought to avoid when she avoided relationships, (after all, how many times can you tell someone that they're pretty enough or smart enough or tough enough) Sara's concern seemed once again to be out of a desire to make Rachel happy, even if she wasn't sure what that meant. She couldn't find it annoying because it was so sweet. She did actually find that a little annoying but she managed to smile and say in a badly, nasally British accent, "Very well, mah dear, she will find mademoiselle something dignified to wear?". Sara laughed as they headed into Nordstrom. They strolled past the fragrance counter on the way to women's fashions when Rachel felt she just had to try something. She reached down as they walked and took Sara's middle and ring finger lightly into her hand right there in the middle of the store. It was LA, it's not like anyone was going to take notice, but she still thought it may have been a cruel thing to do to her in the middle of a public mall, knowing that Sara still had her hang-ups to resolve, but she just had to know how the girl would react. She promised herself her feelings wouldn't be hurt if Sara stiffened or pulled away politely; in fact, it's what she expected. What she didn't expect was for Sara to immediately intertwine all of her fingers with Rachel's and slide closer so that they were walking arm-in-arm, which is exactly what happened. An hour later, they walked out after Rachel bought Sara a long, deep red, Herve Leger gown with cut-outs tastefully placed above the shoulders and around the ribs. She had sent Sara off to look for a matching pair of shoes while she paid. She knew the girl would never let her spend $1800 on a dress for her, but in truth Rachel made so much and spent so little, she would never even notice the money and she honestly couldn't think of a better way to spend it.

They got back to Rachel's apartment around 6:00 and started the slow process of preparing for their evening. "First things first," Rachel said as she opened a bottle of wine, "You're first legal drink Kitten.". She poured a glass for Sara and one for herself. "You know," she said teasingly, after they clinked glasses and toasted Sara's birthday, "if I had known you were only twenty yesterday, I never would have given you that wine. I mean, look how much trouble it caused.".

"Really?!" Sara said with mock indignation and shock, "Wine?! That's how you think you destroyed my youthful innocence? With some wine?" As she spoke she stepped forward and leaned into Rachel, grabbing her lean, muscular, runner's buttocks in both hands, squeezing with delicious firmness

"Well," Rachel admitted, "maybe it wasn't the wine but you started it by being such a horny little bitch". She laughed and put her arms around Sara's shoulders and kissed her briefly, biting the girl's lower lip ever so gently when she pulled away. Suddenly Sara released her ass and threw her arms around Rachel's ribs. She hugged Rachel then, not like a lover, but like a drowning woman clinging to a life preserver. She stayed there, squeezing Rachel like that for just a few seconds. She loosened her grip a little and said quietly, "This feels really good.". Then she let go and dashed off into bathroom, leaving Rachel standing in the kitchen wondering once again how this ditzy little girl could pull on the heart of such a bitter, old bitch so easily.

They finished getting ready, flirting with one another and making jokes. Rachel couldn't believe how natural their playfulness felt. It was so unlike her. Once they were dressed Rachel genuinely fawned over the girl's appearance. "You had it all wrong Kitten, I'm the one who is going to be out of their league next to you tonight.". It was Sara's turn to blush.

Rachel drove them to a private supper club called Soho House in West Hollywood. After they were seated, the waitress asked if they would like anything to drink. "Go ahead Sara, you can finally order anything you want now" Rachel teased.

"I'll have a Ketel One martini, up, and make it a little dirty she said quickly."

Rachel raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl who was supposed to have just ordered her first cocktail. Sara looked back innocently and said, "C'mon Rachel, I may have just turned 21 but I've been in a sorority for two years."

Rachel laughed and said "Good point". She ordered a Stoli tonic and some appetizers. While they waited, Rachel recalled how she did not even know that this was Sara's birthday and decided it was time for Rachel to play twenty questions. She did not know if Sara had given much thought to how her family would react to what their daughter and Rachel were doing together so she stayed away from that topic. Instead, she asked the girl about school. She found out that Sara had not yet declared a major but that the only things she thought she was any good at were art and public speaking. She was in her third year at the university but was only a sophomore and she had been on academic probation twice because she just couldn't seem to make it to classes that started before 9:00 am. Sara answered every question Rachel asked but seemed to keep her answers short. If she felt like she was going on too long, she would often stop and say something like "well, you get the point.". They continued to talk through dinner, moving on to the general day to day complaints of Los Angelinos how much nicer things would be if we could all just live in Santa Barbara.

During dessert, a shared crème brulee, Sara began rubbing her foot up and down Rachel's leg under the table. This hastened Rachel's desire for the check and soon, they were seated once again in Rachel's Audi, headed back to her apartment.

Once they were finally back in privacy of Rachel's apartment, the anticipation caused by their little bouts of foreplay throughout the day was about to boil over. They made their way to Rachel's bedroom, discarding shoes and earrings as they went, still making casual conversation, but not really listening to on another's answers, instead distracted by the explosion they both knew was coming.

In the bedroom, Rachel moved to Sara and started to undo the clasp on the neck of Sara's gown when Sara stopped her. "Wait, hold on a sec," she said, "I wanna go change.". The girl scampered off into the restroom, stopping to grab her backpack. Rachel thought about undressing while she waited but decided it would be more fun to make Sara undress her. She started to think about whether or not she wanted to dominate the girl or make love to her, but then she remembered Sara's birthday presents and realized that Sara would get to choose. Sarah returned after a while. She opened the bathroom door and stepped out. She was trying to move seductively but it was clear that she was a little nervous. She was holding a flat, black box and wearing a white and pink satin teddy with a ruffled V-neck and lace ruffles around high cut-outs for her legs. It was adorned down the front and back with a row of tiny, pink, satin bows. "It's so girly," Rachel thought, "and so perfectly... Sara."

Rachel whistled appreciatively. "You like?" Sara asked.

"You look like an angel?" Rachel said, "a sexy, fuckable little angel."

Sara laughed. "Perfect" she said, "that's exactly the look I was going for."

"Is that the pretty gift I told you to buy yourself Kitten?" Rachel asked.

"No" Sara answered, "this is what I had to grab at my place when I made you wait outside.". She approached Rachel, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. "This," she continued, holding the black box toward Rachel, "is the pretty thing I bought. It's for you.".

"Kitten," Rachel said reproachfully, "I told you to buy something for yourself."

"Oh I did," Sara said, smiling wickedly, "It is for me, but you have to put it on."

"Ah,I see." Rachel said, as she moved in and quickly licked the end of Sara's button nose. She opened the box and was thunderstruck by it's contents. She was a rational person, not one to believe in signs and omens for sure, but she didn't know what else to think. Inside the box, folded neatly was the midnight blue camisole and panty set that Rachel had been eying at Victoria's Secret when her stubborn little voice had asked if Sara would like to see her in the outfit.

("Well, I guess that answers that question." the little voice gloated.)

"Oh," Rachel whispered hoarsely, her hand covering her mouth. She looked at Sara strangely.

"Do you like it?" Sara said, made nervous by Rachel's odd reaction, "I thought it would really look good on you, but, um, maybe it's not your style? I know, I know, it should have been black leather or something right? I just thought you would look so pretty in it, I can return it." Sara continued to babble before Rachel could collect herself enough to silence the girl by putting her finger over her lips.

"I love it, Kitten"Rachel said, gazing at the beautiful blonde, "I love it so much."

("You love the neglige right? That's what you mean?" the little voice taunted from the back of Rachel's thoughts. She ignored it.)

Rachel explained to Sara how she had seen the same outfit at the mall on Saturday and how she had wondered if Sara would like to see her in it. "I was just surprised by the coincidence." Rachel offered to explain her reaction to seeing the camisole."

"Wait a minute," Sara asked, her face suddenly glowing mischievously, "Did you say Saturday, like during the day, before what happened, um, with us, on Saturday night?"

"Yes," Rachel confirmed, "so?"

"Oooohh, you had a cru-uuush," Sara teased in sing-song. "You-ou-ou liked me." she continued, giggling.

"Shut up you little smart ass" Rachel admonished the girl, smiling and pulling her closer by grabbing on to her amazing bottom.

"Rachel and Sara sittin' in a tree," Sara started to sing softly between giggles. As she did, she craned her neck upward so that she could kiss Rachel's neck. "K (kiss) I (kiss) S (kiss) S (kiss) I (a long lick up the side of her throat) N (kiss) G." She finished at Rachel's mouth, still kissing softly.

"Would you like to put it on?" Sara asked eventually, holding both of Rachel's hand now.

"Hold on Kitten," Rachel said, "I still have to give you your birthday presents."

Rachel reached over and withdrew two velvet boxes, one black and one silver, from the nightstand drawer. She handed them each to Sara. "Thank you," Sara smiled sweetly, "which one should I open first?".

"Either one." Rachel answered.

Sara opened the silver box, the one from Pandora's, first, and withdrew it's contents. She held up the frilly white satin and lace collar with the tiny snaps in the back. Along the front, the word "Kitten" was embroidered in a delicate script, with pink thread. "Awwww," Sara cooed, "I love it Rachel, thank you!" She said as she started to put the collar around her neck. Rachel stopped her.

"Hold on a second there eager beaver," Rachel smiled, before you put it on, you have to open the other one."

"Oh, OK," Sara replied. She opened the black velvet box next and gasped at the gift Rachel had gotten her at PETCO. Sara's eyes opened wide as she removed the thick black, studded, leather dog collar from the box. She noticed the small silver tag hanging from the ring on the collar. "Horny Bitch," Sara read of the front of the tag and smiled. "Are you going to make me your horny bitch Rachel?" Sara asked seductively, staring in Rachel's eyes.

"Read the back," Rachel said without breaking eye contact. The back of the tag read "I belong to Rachel V.".

"Damn right!" Sara said approvingly. The two women were sitting on the bed now, cross legged and facing one another. "I don't know which one to wear first though." she confessed, holding her two gifts.

"Well," Rachel began, "this is how it works. When you want or need me to be rough with you, all you have to do is put on the black collar and I'll fuck you like a horny bitch until you beg for mercy."

"will you keep doing it even after I beg for mercy? Please?" Sara asked seductively. She had hiked Rachel's cocktail dress up above her knees and started sliding her hands along the older woman's thighs.

"Absofuckinglutely, you sexy, horny bitch," Rachel agreed. "But," she continued, "if you want me to be gentle with you, put on the white collar so I can hold you and kiss you all over until the sun comes up."

"Shit" Rachel thought, "next I'm gonna be writing poetry for this damn girl"

"OK, let me see if I've got this straight," Sara said, "Black collar means you'll throw me down and fuck the shit out of me, and white collar means you'll hold me, and kiss me and make love to me?" Sarah inched closer and held Rachel's hips, kissing her softly after she spoke.

"Bingo" said Rachel breathlessly.

"Got it." Sara said.

" I need to go get dressed for you, beautiful." Rachel said, standing up holding the camisole. "Now you have to choose what collar to put on, and when I come back, we'll see what happens." She bent down and kissed Sara passionately before gliding into the bathroom.

Rachel stripped quickly and donned the silky garment. She undid her braid and shook her hair free. Her dark tresses fell beneath her shoulders as she appraised herself in the mirror. Although the outfit concealed one of her favorite features, her washboard stomach, she couldn't help but appreciate how sexy she looked. It was not the kind of outfit that a domme would wear, and for that, she was actually thankful. Sara wasn't some club hook-up. If Sara was wearing the black collar when she returned, Rachel was more than ready to abuse the girl, but she wanted their night together to be special, unique. Sara deserved much more than the standard slave treatment and Rachel was going to give it to her.

Rachel returned after a few minutes to find Sara sitting demurely on the bedspread. When she saw Rachel wearing her gift, Sara's mouth split into a wide grin. "Wow" the girl breathed, her hand reflexively slipping into her crotch for a split second. Rachel felt a tingle when she realized how much the sight of her in the sheer, sexy outfit turned Sara on.

Rachel hadn't been able to decide which collar she hoped Sara would choose, but figured it was like being offered one of your two favorite meals. It was the very definition of win-win. What she wasn't prepared for was seeing Sara wearing both collars around her slender neck.

"Oh, Kitten,"Rachel said consolingly, "I didn't think it was that complicated, but you seem to have fucked it up." She walked over to the bed and Sara reached out to take her hand.

"See, here's the thing," Sara started to explain, "I didn't know what to do... because what I really want, is for you to grab me by my hair, bend me over and fuck me in every way you know how. I want you to make me your horny little bitch and ride my ass hard until I cry." While she spoke, Sara began running her hands across her lover's hips and belly. Rachel was completely on board with that idea but Sara continued speaking, "And then, she said, I want you to take me in your arms and hold me as close as you can. I want you to kiss away my tears and make love to me again while I look at your beautiful face."

("Tell her." Rachel's little voice whispered. She ignored it.)

Rachel had, in that moment, never been so aroused in her life. As much as she wanted to own this incredible creature tonight, she realized that she wanted even more to belong to her. "Oh God," was all Rachel could manage before pouncing on the girl and barraging her face and body with frenzied kisses.

Sara giggled and she held onto Rachel, keeping their bodies pressed together. "So I guess you're OK with that then huh?"

Rachel thought about what Sara had said and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair roughly. "Damn right bitch!" Rachel said sternly and pulled Sara to her feet. Right away though, Rachel knew things would be a little different this time. Their first encounter had basically been a hate-fuck for Rachel. All Sara was to her then was a stuck up, snotty, albeit incredibly sexy, bitch sticking her nose where it didn't belong. She pissed Rachel off, and Rachel took it out on her ass, it was that simple. Now, Rachel doubted she could find a way to be pissed at Sara if she wanted to. Somehow, she ended up adoring the cute, buxom girl. She was willing to hurt the girl in every way that Sara craved, but not one ounce more. Rachel roughly pulled Sara's head close to hers and whispered in her ear, "If anything hurts too much or scares you too much just say the words ài gíng."

"eye ching?" Sara said quizzically.

"Close enough" Rachel said. For some reason, the safe word she had chosen was a Mandarin word that meant "love".

She then returned to the task at hand, pulling Sara over to the bed by her hair. "Now bend over slut!" she commanded.

Sara morphed from playful lover to craven submissive instantly. "Yes Rachel," she whined, "I'll do whatever you say.". She crawled up onto the bed on all fours and bared her round, heart shaped rear end toward her dominant lover. "Is this alright Rachel?" Sara asked timidly, "am I doing it right? Just tell me what you want, I'll do it".

"And why is that slut?" Rachel asked coldly and then slapped Sara's left ass cheek. "Why will you do whatever I want?" she yelled, slapping the right one loudly.

"Unngh! Sara grunted. "Because I want to be your bitch! Please, please make me your bitch Rachel!"

Sara was a natural, playing off Rachel's commands, unconsciously reading her cues. Rachel laid Sara over her knees and gave the girl a vigorous spanking, bringing a warm red color to the surface of her round, tanned bottom. After the first few swats, Rachel was sure to drag her index finger through the girls moist crevice each time she lifted her hand, making Sara squirm and wiggle. After a dozen strokes, Sara began to furiously rub at the lace of her teddy that stretched tight over her clit. She was grinding her pelvis into Rachel's knees. "It looks like you've had enough dirty bitch," Rachel said and started to push Sara off her lap. Sara grasped onto Rachel's arm and looked into her eyes wildly, "Please, Rachel, please just a few more" she said desperately, "I'm soooooo dirty, I need it."

Rachel gave her three more resounding smacks as Sara ground her clit, the fingers of her left hand moving like light speed over the fabric of her lingerie. Rachel grabbed her hand moments before the girl could coax an orgasm from herself. "No no, horny bitch," She scolded, "I never said you could cum!". She pulled Sara's hand out of her crotch and pushed her onto the bed so that the young girl lay on her stomach with her legs slightly spread.

On the occasions where Rachel had dominated Sara previously, she had never denied the girl orgasm. These encounters were generally fleeting and fraught with tension. Tonight, Rachel thrilled in knowing that Sara wasn't going anywhere, and decided she would have to learn a little patience. Sara had no experience with this new game, and she looked at Rachel wantonly, sneaking her fingers down between her tummy and the bedspread, inching toward some relief.

"I said not yet bitch!" Rachel barked and slapped Sara's butt again across both cheeks. Rachel squealed and squirmed trying to grind her pussy uselessly against the smooth surface of the bedspread.

"Please!" she wailed.

"Please what bitch?" Rachel demanded.

"Please can I cum, Rachel, please?" the girl cried in response.

"No" Rachel said coldly, "not yet. Hold still."

The girl actually sobbed at being denied the release she was so close to but she managed to say "Yes Rachel." She also managed to hold reasonably still when Rachel propped her up, face down, and slipped a large pillow under her tummy, leaving her ass up a good 10 inches off the bed.

Rachel grabbed the pocket rocket and pushed it into Sara's hand. Sara, who was face down on the bed tried to turn her neck to look at Rachel, but she found her head pushed firmly back down by the sexy domme. Rachel straddled her back and whispered in her ear, "hold on to this. When I say 'Go' you can use it on yourself, but so help me you dirty fucking bitch, if you if you go anywhere near your pussy before I say 'Go' I will tie your hands to the bedposts, walk out of this fucking room, sleep on the couch and leave you here!"

Rachel was the communications director for a shipping conglomerate that owned dozens of oil tankers and yet what she had just said to Sara in the bedroom was actually the biggest, most obvious lie of her life, and not even Sara was dumb enough to believe it, but the girl played along. She trusted Rachel implicitly where sex was concerned and knew that the older woman would never leave her unsatisfied, so she held perfectly still, clutching the little vibrator in anticipation and waited.

Rachel walked around behind her and knelt if front of the girl's upraised butt. She grabbed two handfuls of perfect ass and began to knead them firmly. She squeezed them and rolled her thumbs across their heavenly softness, and while it wasn't very domme, she couldn't help but plant several small kisses in the small of Sara's back, just on the tiny, almost invisible patch of golden down just above her panty line. After a while she parted the girls smooth cheeks, pulling aside the thong-strap on the teddy Sara still wore. "Are you ready bitch?" she asked, blowing lightly on Sara's puckered rosebud.

Sara knew what was coming next and if she wasn't allowed to touch herself, it was going to be sweet torture. Sure enough, Rachel began to lick at Sara's asshole gently. She was thorough, swabbing her tongue up and down the squirming girl's cleft. Sara tried to hold still, but began to make tiny humping motions, bouncing her hips into the pillow."

"Hold still, bitch!" Rachel roared, smiling like like a Cheshire Cat. She grabbed Sara's hips and held her firm while she redoubled her efforts on the girl's tender opening. She stabbed her tongue in as deep as she could over and over again while Sara wailed.

At one point, about 15 minutes in, Sara had a momentary loss of control and screamed "God, Rachel, fuck it, please, just fuck it, stick your finger in me, grab a cock I don't fucking care, please just fuck me...unnnh, oh God, please!" Her mind struggled mightily to keep her hands away from her pussy as they flailed and slapped the bedspread. Through the entire outburst, Rachel just held her hips down against the pillow and lapped at her hole gently and rhythmically. She knew if she just kept licking like this, without being able to touch her clit or being somehow penetrated, the girl would never quite be able to cum.

Sara had lost the ability to even beg coherently, all she could manage was a constant sort of chant that sounded like, "pllzzzzzz...pllzzzz...pllzzzzz". Occasionally her hips would spasm as she tried to impale her asshole on Rachel's tongue, but Rachel would just push her back onto the pillow and kept licking at the same measured pace against her lover's pucker.

After 5 more minutes of hypnotic rimming, Rachel's tongue and jaw were sore, and she was so amused by the girl's torment that she had to fight to keep from laughing. She quickly leaned over and grabbed the finglonger and the translucent 8 incher off the toy box lid and put them on the bed beside Sara's trembling hips; she would need them soon. She bent back down to Sara's ass and stuck her index finger in her mouth, coating it with sticky saliva.

"Alright you horny bitch!" Rachel said finally, to the drooling, whimpering, mess that had once been Homecoming Queen for the Kellogg High School Class of 2009, "I'm going to count down from 5...She licked Sara's asshole, 4 (lick), 3 (lick), 2 (lick)..."she stopped. "You'd better turn the vibrator on first bitch." Rachel laughed sardonically. Sara's twitching fingers managed to turn the dial on the bottom of the pocket rocket while she banged her forehead against the mattress. The toy began it's steady buzzing.

"Pleashhe..." Sara managed once for emphasis, her lips mashed into a drool dampened patch of bedspread .

"One" Said Rachel and she licked Sara's rosebud one final time. "GO!!" she hollered. As Sara's hands flew between her throbbing pussy and the pillow, putting the buzzy little buddy to work on her swollen clit, Rachel slid her spit lubed finger as far as it would go into her tight anus while simultaneously latching her mouth onto Sara's pussy lips,sucking them in. The tiny sorority girl lost her fucking mind. She screamed in tongues, kicked, and at one point somehow tried to simultaneously crawl away from and deeper onto the probing finger deep in her rectum. The whole time, Rachel held onto her hips firmly and kept her mouth glued to the young girl's cunt, sucking on it mercilessly. Sara flailed around, bucking her hips so much, that staying lip-locked to the blonde's waxed muff while the vibrator buzzed against her chin was a bit like getting face-fucked by a mechanical bull, but this wasn't Rachel's first rodeo and she held on for a hell of a lot longer than 8 seconds.

Sara was finally kicked out and Rachel let her go. The dazed girl had rolled onto her back and had stopped touching her pussy. She lay there gasping with tears steaming down her cheeks from the power of her orgasm. Rachel stood there waiting. Timing was everything and Rachel decided her "green light" would be the first coherent word out of Sara's mouth which turned out, a few seconds later to be "Holy".

As in "Holy Shit" which she is what she said before Rachel cut her off.

"Five" Rachel said loudly. Sara, still recovering, didn't know how to react.

"Four" Rachel said looking into Sara's glazed eyes. She looked back questioningly.

"Three" Rachel said, a tone of urgency creeping into her voice. Sara didn't know what we going on, if she had done something, or was supposed to do something or what. She was still trying to figure it out when Rachel said "Two".

"Oh God" The girl said fearfully and closed her eyes tightly.

"One" Rachel yelled and pounced on the smaller girl. She lay her torso across Sara's stomach and parted her legs. Sara didn't resist, but she was still groggy from a monstrous orgasm. Rachel slid the fingerlonger into Sara's ass in one fluid jab. Sara tried to bolt upright but was pinned down by Rachel. "Hold still you silly bitch!" Rachel hollered as she started to fuck the finglonger in and out of Sara's butt. Sara was just completely unprepared for the anal assault and her sphincter started to clench and unclench in a vain attempt to push out the ribbed intruder. It took a minute or two of rhythmically fucking the finglonger into her before Rachel calmed down and willingly accepted Rachel's thrusts. Her breathing became deep and regular, in synch with Rachel's slow, steady pumping.

"Oh God, Rachel," Sara moaned, "Rachel, yes, oh God Rachel. Rachel thrilled with every time her lover uttered her name.

"Do you like that slut?" Rachel asked, "Do you like the way I fuck your ass? Do you horny bitch?"

"Yes,Rachel, I love it!" Sara continued to moan, "I want to be your whore!" As she lay back, Sara slipped her hand into the back of Rachel's panties and caressed the woman's ass mere inches from the soaking pussy that Rachel was trying to ignore...for now.

Rachel judged that Sara was fairly close to an anal orgasm when she replied, "Then you are really going to love this you silly, sexy, horny bitch!". Rachel grabbed the translucent rubber 8 inch dick off the bed and plunged it into Sara's steaming muff. She fucked the dildo into her pussy as she drew the finglonger out of her ass, and repeated the cycle rapidly, the muscles in her sculpted arms and back defined under a light sheen of sweat. Sara was getting double fucked, but good.

To this day, Sara has no recollection of what happened. She remembers getting ass fucked, and Rachel grabbing the other dildo but then her world went white. Rachel's assured her however that it was a soaking wet thing of beauty. She said that at one point she, "just had to hit the deck and let you blow your top.".

Rachel stood over the now unconscious beauty, absentmindedly rubbing the crotch of her panties; the gift Sara had given her. At this point, she realized that, for the last half hour, the poor girl probably couldn't have spit out the mandarin word for "love" to save her life. "Oh dear" Rachel giggled to herself, "I do hope I didn't break her.". They hadn't even had part two of Sara's Birthday present yet.

End Chapter Six_____________________________________________________________________


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