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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter Five: Playing House

They slept together like that until almost 11:00 that morning when Rachel awoke. Before she opened her eyes, the first thing she was aware of was a wonderful, warm floral smell which she realized was Sara's hair. She felt the warmth of the girl's body pressing against her own. Sara was still resting her head on Rachel's chest and, though her arms had come unclasped, they were still up around Rachel's ribs, hugging her lightly. Despite almost 24 years of sexual activity, this was pretty much a first for Rachel. She very rarely allowed sexual partners to sleep overnight in her apartment, and when they did, it was usually after both or all parties passed out from exhaustion. In the morning, it was all awkward small talk and empty promises to "hook up again at the club", and Rachel had little patience for it. The exception was probably Renee and her husband Milo, a couple with whom she regularly played. They would usually get so fucked up the night before that a cab wasn't even a good idea, so they would sometimes all pass out on Rachel's king sized bed. On those mornings, the three would usually head out for casual hangover breakfast, or lunch more often. Rachel liked that well enough but she had never really experienced anything like this. She should have wanted to send the girl away but she didn't. In fact, she didn't even want her to move. "Crap," she thought to herself, "what have I gotten myself into." but her sleepy smile belied her cynical nature.

Rachel lay there, motionless,for a while longer, afraid to disturb this slender moment of perfection, before Sara began to stir. The little, tousle headed blonde eventually sat up and yawned. When she moved away, Rachel's skin, suddenly exposed to the cool morning air, cried out for the return of Sara's warmth.

The events of the previous evening had been pretty intense. Of course all of Rachel's encounters with Sara had been among the most intense of her life but last night was different. She was suddenly terrified that the girl wouldn't feel the same way, that she would be embarrassed or ashamed, that she would get up, dress hurriedly and make awkward excuses as she backed toward the door, even though Rachel herself had gone through that same exercise enough times with enough partners over the years. Maybe she would have even deserved it.

"Good morning." Sara said, smiling sleepily to Rachel. Rachel said nothing. "I said, Good Morning." Sara repeated. Rachel found she couldn't speak. She wasn't even sure she was breathing. Sara passed her hand in front of Rachel's face and said "Hello?". Then she moved back under the covers and re-wrapped her arms around Rachel's torso. Once Sara did that, Rachel found she could speak again.

"Mmmmmm, Good morning." She finally replied, pulling Sara closer to her. "What the hell has this girl done to me?" she wondered again.

"That's better" Sara giggled.

They snuggled in bed for another half hour before getting up. Sara returned to the twenty questions routine; she wanted to know what Rachel did on the weekends, did she like to travel or did she have to travel for work. Rachel answered her questions happily, although she noticed Sara still didn't talk about herself.

Once they finally got out of bed, Rachel went in to the master bath and turned on the shower while Sara slipped on her t-shirt and opened the sliding glass door to step out onto Rachel's tiny balcony. Rachel stood nude, in the bathroom doorway as the room filled with steam from the shower. She stared openly at Sara's rounded backside in the late morning sun. "This place is great," Sara called out, "my place doesn't have a balcony."

When Sara reached her arms up as high as they would go, arching her back, stretching luxuriously, her t-shirt climbed up high around her waist and Rachel felt her knees get weak. "Hey," she called out, "this is a really big shower."

"Is it really?" Sara said, turning and smiling broadly. She slipped her shirt off over her head and stood naked in front of the open glass door, her golden hair backlit by the sun, looking, Rachel thought, impossibly beautiful. She walked over to Rachel in the doorway and took her hand. Rachel led her into the steaming shower.

Surprisingly they managed to control themselves in the shower, for the most part. Likely they were both still satisfied from their lovemaking in the early morning. They kissed lightly and frequently though as they lathered each other up as Sara continued to question Rachel about mostly trivial things. Finally she sounded a little nervous when she asked Rachel, "So, um, do you have a girlfriend or something?".

Rachel figured the shower was, metaphorically, the best place to come clean so she decided to explain to Sara what her life was like, and hope it wouldn't scare the kid away. "First thing you ought to know," Rachel said as she squirted a handful of shampoo into her hand, "is that, strictly speaking, I'm not a lesbian."

"Really?" Sara said smiling, "I'm no expert but it seemed like you were pretty good at it to me."

Rachel laughed as she turned Sara around and began to massage the shampoo into her wet hair. She couldn't help but nibble a few times at the wispy hairs at the base of the girls neck. Sara shivered and leaned backward so that more of her back rested against Rachel's torso. "No," Rachel continued, "the truth is I'm bisexual. While I've never really had a long relationship, I enjoy all kinds of sex with men and women. I mean, you can't be surprised that I have a kinky side right?".

Sara giggled again, her jade-green eyes squinted tightly shut as Rachel worked a large pile of lather on top of her head. "Actually, I was surprised this morning when I found out there was a side to you that wasn't kinky."

Rachel laughed again, realizing that she had been selling Sara short. She had assumed that because she wasn't that bright, Sara must depend a lot on her looks. The truth was the the girl wasn't just adorable, she was charming and funny as well.

Rachel proceeded to explain to Sara about how she had always avoided relationships, that she didn't like people in her space or all the millions of concessions and compromises one needed to make when they were trying to share a life. As she explained, Sara turned and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. When she opened her eyes again, she motioned for Rachel to turn around. Rachel was more than half a foot taller than the diminutive blonde, and she had to sit on the small tile bench in the shower to allow Sara to slowly lather up her long black hair. While Sara washed her hair, Rachel had reached the part of her tale that she feared to tell the girl most. She told her about Bastille.

She didn't fill in all the graphic details but she painted a broad picture of her recreational time as a domme. When she told Sara that, at the club, she specialized in verbal abuse and domination, Sara stopped lathering her for a moment, leaned over and tweaked Rachel's left nipple gently. "I knew that part already" she whispered into Rachel's ear. The little gesture reassured Rachel that Sara was taking this new information in stride. She finished by explaining that, statistically, in her sexual partners, she preferred women about 75% of the time, but to make a short story long, no, she did not have a girlfriend.

After rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, the pair cuddled in the shower for a bit longer until the water began to get cold. They exited and began to towel each other off. "Do you think it will be OK to go back to my place and grab some stuff now?" Sara asked. Suddenly, Rachel remembered her brilliant plan for the day. She was supposed to help Sara get some things together so she could hideout the remainder of the weekend at her sorority house. As she thought about dropping Sara off at the Tri-Delt house, her plan started to seem less brilliant.

"I think it'll be fine" Rachel said, "But I'll go down with you just to be safe."

"Thanks Rachel" Sara said warmly, squeezing the woman's hand briefly.

The dressed and Sara borrowed a blow-dryer while Rachel, deciding to let her hair air dry, went out to the kitchen and made them both some toast. It was just past noon. They ate, and didn't say much but Rachel didn't think it felt too awkward. Afterwords, they rode the elevator down to the 16th floor and headed for Sara's place. Sara opened the door, Rachel almost stepped in front of her to enter the apartment first but decided that may be a little much. She followed Sara in closely but the apartment, a cramped two-bedroom, was empty. "Do you have a roommate?" Rachel asked as Sara headed for her bedroom.

"Yeah" Sara called back, "but she's in Milan for an exchange thing, she isn't coming back til the end of spring quarter.".

Rachel wandered the small front room looking at the various nick-knacks lying around, but she didn't want pry so she didn't look too closely. If she had bothered to study the photos on the wall more keenly however, she might have been a little better prepared for a surprise that was coming down the road, but more about that later.

After a few minutes, Rachel walked into the bedroom and observed the huge pile of clothes Sara was trying to stuff into a suitcase. "Jesus," Rachel said, "how long are you planning to stay there?".

"I don't know"Sara answered, "a couple of days I guess, but I don't want to have to come all the way back here if I need something."

"It just seems like a hassle, that's all" Rachel said. She was trying to work up her courage.

"Yeah," Sara said sarcastically, "Who would have thought having a violent asshole for a boyfriend would be such a pain in the ass."

Rachel was too distracted trying to think of what to say next to laugh at the joke. "Well," she said finally, "It looks like this is going to be a big headache for just a couple nights. If you want, I guess you can crash at my place for another night or two."

"Wow, thanks Rachel" Sara said, "but I couldn't. You've already helped me so much. I know you like your space. It's OK, I'll be safe at the house, you don't have to worry about me."

"Shit," Rachel thought, "strike one."

"You aren't going to make this easy are you Kitten" Rachel said, exasperated.

Sara looked at her, confused. "Um...what?" she said.

"I know you'll be safe at your sorority" Rachel began, finding it difficult now to look Sara in the eye. "Stay with me anyway. I want you to stay. It's only for a couple of days. Please." She finished, looking at the floor. She felt strangely like a child, forced by their parent to apologize to a playmate.

"Really?" Sara said, "But you were saying how you liked to live alone, you liked having your space..."

"Yeah, I know, I know" Rachel interrupted her. "Apparently, I like my space more when you're in it. So what do you say? Do I have to beg?"

"I say hell yes!" Sara exclaimed and threw her arms around Rachel's neck, hugging her tightly. "And don't worry" she said slyly, "I won't make you beg. That will be my job tonight." She let go of Rachel and winked at her. "Just give me two minutes to get my bathroom stuff." Sara said enthusiastically, and skipped off to the bathroom.

As she waited, Rachel noticed a large, unframed oil painting hanging in Sara's room. It was a portrait of an attractive, familiar looking blonde woman in a lavender dress posing in front of an idyllic country lake. Rachel had minored in art in her undergrad days and recognized real talent in the painting. "Hey," She called out, "did you paint this?".

"Yeah" Sara called back from the bathroom, "do you like it?"

"I do" Rachel answered, "Your brush strokes show a lot of skill and control, and the palate choice suits the subject really well. You must take art classes."

"Uh-huh" Sara affirmed. Rachel could hear her rummaging around in a drawer. "Thanks, that's nice of you to say."

"Really, I mean it" Rachel said "You're quite good. Who is the subject?"

"My mom," Sara answered, coming out of the bathroom with a little travel bag whose zipper was threatening to pop off at any second due to the over-stuffing it had received. "She died when I was really young, I made that from her Senior photos."

"Oh, sorry" Rachel said awkwardly feeling what we all feel when we step on a similar conversational landmine.

"It's OK" Sara said lightly, "It was a long time ago." Sara finished by quickly stuffing a couple pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts into a backpack. "Almost done. I need to get one more thing, but I need you to wait outside" she said mysteriously. Rachel smiled and stepped out of the bedroom. Less than a minute later, Sara joined her and said "All set, just let me make a quick call She took out her cell and dialed. "Hey, it's Sara" she said into the phone, "I'm not going to be able to make it tonight...No, no everything's fine, great, fantastic actually, just...something really important came up...No,no...it's cool, yeah, OK, let's plan on that. OK, bye." She clicked off the call and said, "I just wanted to call the house and let them know I'm not coming. Rachel didn't remember Sara having called over to make arrangements in the first place but she didn't think much of it. They left the apartment and walked together back to the elevator and headed back to Rachel's place. Although she was not the type of person to do it publicly, Rachel felt like singing.

They went back up to Rachel's apartment and, as they walked inside, Rachel thought to herself, "Well, now you've done it. You've brought her home, now what do you do with her when your not fucking her?". She slowed as she watched Sara walk ahead into the living room, unconsciously swaying her graceful hips. She couldn't take her eyes from the blonde's rear, barely encased in a tight pair of cutoff denim shorts. "Well, she thought, I can definitely watch her for a while, hard to believe that'll ever get old.".

"Where should I put my stuff?" Sara asked, holding up her backpack and make-up bag.

"Well, that depends on where you want to sleep." Rachel answered. "I have a guest bedroom in the back or..." she started but Sara began to shake her head slowly from side to side, tousling her hair as she did so, when Rachel mentioned the guest room. "Or..."she continued, swallowing hard, "you can sleep in my room..." Sara's head began to nod up and down and a sexy smile played across her face. "In my bed..." Rachel kept on as Sara began to nod her head in more emphatic agreement biting her lower lip. The girl walked seductively toward Rachel, the sway in her hips deliberate now. "With me." Rachel finished just as Sara reached her, still nodding her head. The shorter girl placed her hands on Rachel's hips and began to slide them up her sides and back. "I want," she replied as she gently pulled Rachel's head down toward her own, "to sleep in your room," she whispered sweetly, kissing Rachel, lightly on the mouth. "In your bed," Sara continued before she kissed Rachel again, this time darting her tongue out and dabbing at older woman's trembling lip. "With you" she finished before beginning a long, wet kiss, tangled up is Rachel's arms.

Sara stepped back after what Rachel never would have believed was only a handful of seconds. "Right this way then" Rachel said breathlessly. She led Sara back to the master bedroom to and invited her to put her things in the closet. As in the shower that morning, they resisted their urges and confined themselves to more kissing and fondling on top of Rachel's bed. Both seemed a little unsure of how sex was going to proceed, whether they wanted the slow, sensual passion they had experienced in the wee hours of the morning or a repeat of the frenzied, abusive, fucking that had punctuated their first meetings. Rachel decided it was a subject worth discussing, especially if Sara was going to stay there. "So, um, when we're together, you know," Rachel began. She couldn't understand how a dominatrix could feel so nervous talking about sex. She forged on, "How did you like it better? When I was, um, mean to you like before, or, uh, more like this morning, when it was, um, slower?". "Jesus Rach'" Rachel thought, "is English your second language now?"

Sara considered for a while. "It's hard to say exactly," she said finally, "When you take control of me, when you say... all those things, I just lose it. I want you to take me and own me. It's like if I just surrender myself to whatever you tell me, I'll feel more satisfied than I've ever been."

"Wow," Rachel thought, her insides stirred restlessly, "If all the world's submissives ever get together to write a manifesto, that should be the mission statement"

"But," Sara continued, drawing Rachel back out of her thoughts, "this morning, um, well, I know things were pretty emotional with me, but," she was having a little trouble speaking, she stammered a bit, "this morning when we were done, I felt better than I ever have. Ever." she said quickly, looking away.

"Really?" Rachel said feigning surprise as her heart sung in her chest, "I didn't feel that way until I woke up next to you." The lovers hugged tightly and Rachel heard Sara sniffle a tiny bit. Both instinctively understood that the moment was too sweet to go any father and after a while, they pulled apart. Sara said, "Um, so, I don't know what you had planned to do this afternoon before I crash landed in you apartment, but feel free to do whatever it was, I really don't want to mess you up anymore than I already have."

For her part, Rachel thought that the girl had already messed her up more than she thought possible, and she was growing happier for it, minute by minute. "Well," she said, "Sunday is grocery day. I have to go to Ralph's. You want to join me?"

"Sure" she said, bouncing up and off the bed, "Yay! Field trip!" she giggled loudly.

"Oh good lord" Rachel said, mortified, but laughing in spite of herself.

Eventually, the two women headed downstairs, to the lobby when Sara said, "hold on a sec, I just want to check my mail."

"Good idea" Rachel said, I actually forgot to pick up mine yesterday too. The each went to their respective mail boxes, just two out of hundreds of little, narrow aluminum doors lined up along the lobby wall. As Rachel was sifting through the contents of her box, tossing the junk mail marked "occupant" in a nearby wastebasket she noticed Sara opening a colorful envelope. A high pitched whiny electronic rendition of the Beatles song, "Birthday", suddenly chirped out of the card inside. Sara shut the card quickly and looked around, seeing Rachel looking back at her. "My aunt."she said, stuffing the card into her purse.

"Is your birthday coming up?" Rachel asked, as she walked over to Sara.

"Um, yeah," Sara said, she seemed a bit nervous. "Actually, it's today."

"Today!" Rachel exclaimed, "How old are you?". She was suddenly struck by how little she knew about this girl that had so captivated her.

"21" Sara said.

"This is your 21st birthday?" Rachel was shocked. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"It's not a big deal," Sara said quickly.

"Sure it is," Rachel insisted, "aren't you going to go out clubbing, getting drunk with your friends tonight?"

"No," Sara said casually, "that's not really my thing."

Rachel suddenly realized what the call back at the apartment had been about. "Oh my God, Sara," she said softly, "you canceled your birthday party?"

"C'mon Rachel" Sara said, "don't make a big deal about it."

"But..." Rachel started

"Look," Sara said looking into Rachel's eyes, "I'm right were I want to be today. OK? Really."

Rachel didn't know what to say. She wanted to hug the girl right there, but there were numerous students roaming to and fro throughout the lobby. She was well aware of Sara's hang ups and she wasn't sure how she would react. In the end, she just smiled and said, "Alright then, I'm taking you out tonight. No arguments"

"OK" Sara agreed enthusiastically. "I'd like that."

End Chapter Five:__________________________________________________________________


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