Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

By: Zero Gravity

Chapter 4, After defending Sara from her a-hole boyfriend, the younger girl stays at Rachel\'s place overnight, for her safety, and Rachel\'s solitary life begins to get complicated.

Chapter Four: Just before the Dawn

Around 3:00 Sunday morning, Rachel woke up, still a little tipsy from the wine and needing to pee. She walked carefully in the dark to the master bathroom. She turned on the light and noticed that Sara was no longer in bed. Rachel went to the toilet and then walked out of the bedroom quietly, looking for Sara. She heard the sound of muffled sobs coming from the living room. She entered and saw Sara sitting on the floor, staring out the window, clutching a pillow to her chest. Rachel's heart suddenly felt a fierce pressure.

Earlier in the day, she had wondered why she had attacked the man that hit Sara. Finally she realized in that moment that while protectiveness certainly had it's part to play and that she could no longer deny that she had developed strong feelings for this girl, the real reason had been guilt. “I did this” Rachel thought to herself, as she stared at Sara's naked back in the darkness, “I fucked this poor girl's life up. A week ago her life made sense to her and she was probably happy. Sure, she was a hopeless idiot with an asshole for a boyfriend but she was happy and minding her own damn business. Then I had to come along and drag her into my own twisted lifestyle and now she's been beaten, dumped, unable to go home, not to mention how confused she must be by all the twisted shit I've been doing to her.” Rachel walked slowly up behind Sara, knowing that she was responsible for all of it. “Way to go Rach'” She thought, “Who's the stupid bitch now.”

Rachel cleared her throat to let Sara know she wasn't alone. Sara looked up, surprised and inadvertently snorted up a small strand of snot. “Well, that's attractive” Rachel said with a gentle smile and sat down next to the crying girl.

“Sorry,” Sara replied and laughed weakly.

“I need to tell you something Kitten” Rachel started but before she could finish, Sara burst into a fresh round of sobbing.

“What's wrong with me?” she cried, “Why does everything always turn to shit?'

“That's what I needed to talk to you about Sara” Rachel said again. Sara looked up at her through her tears expectantly. “I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, for all of it. I am so sorry, everything is my fault.”

“What?” Sara said incredulously, “It's not your fault. How can you say that? You're the one that helped me! You,” she smiled briefly “you kicked Tab's ass for me.”

“But if I hadn't... if I hadn't done to you what I did that first night, your life would have kept on going just the way it was. Everything would have been fine.” Rachel insisted.

“You told me to leave if I wanted” Sara said firmly, “I didn't want to. What's more, you're probably right, after my friend told me how you had kissed her on the elevator, what the hell was I thinking, marching up here dressed like that and yelling at you? I was hoping the same kind of thing would happen to me, that's what.” She said angrily. “And Tab, you think what happened with Tab was your fault? Sure he hit me because we had an argument about anal, but the point is, he's still the kind of guy who would hit me. If it wasn't this, he would have found another reason to hit me eventually. How can that be your fault? If I was smart, and strong, like you, I'd never have stupid problems like this.”

Sara had dropped the pillow and was up on her knees now, her eyes glistening as she told Rachel all this until Rachel couldn't stand it any more. She rose to her knees and quickly slid her arm around Sara's waist. She pulled Sara's naked body close to her own, cradling the girl's face with her free hand. She had never kissed Sara before, not really, but she kissed her now, kissed her like she was a soldier going off to war. And Sara kissed back, no hesitation, no timidity, she was every ounce the eager participant that her older lover was. The pair kissed passionately for minutes, holding each other and moving their hands over one another's bodies. Their tongues quickly found each other and became closely acquainted as they wrestled back and forth in each others mouths. Sara ran her fingers through Rachel's long jet locks and Rachel moaned appreciatively, her mouth still filled with Sara's tongue. They broke the kiss after what seemed, in time, like an entire gorgeous summer. Rachel looked into Sara's eyes. “Aren't you worried that this is going to make you gay?” she asked.

“Sara looked up at her and sighed, “I really don't care”.

“Then come back to bed Kitten” Rachel coaxed and took the girl be the hand. It took twenty minutes to make the 30 feet back to the bedroom. They kept stopping to kiss and fondle one another, sometimes ending up against a wall, or back onto the floor. When they finally did make it back to the bed, Rachel laid Sara down on her back. She began licking and kissing her spectacular breasts, teasing the nipples with rapid flicks of her tongue. This was not sex like the two had known before. In fact, they had already tasted each other as purely objects of lust and now that it was out of the way, they were exploring each other slowly, not rushing to get anywhere. That they were going there together was all that mattered.

“My God, I love how that feels” Sara sighed sweetly as Rachel continued to lick each large breast in turn.

“And I love how these feel” Rachel countered squeezing Sara's bosom together and pressing her face between the girl's heavenly pillows. Rachel continued kissing her way down Sara's body. She noticed how much she enjoyed the smell of Sara's skin and how soft and smooth her little tummy was. Sara had a buxom hour glass figure with just a little padding on her hips, butt and thighs and Rachel focused her attention here now, kissing her hips and nibbling her way across the girl's soft thighs toward the treasure that waited between them. Finally she made it, and as she parted Sara's thighs and began to kiss at the narrow strip of hair that remained on the girl's otherwise waxed crotch, she felt Sara stiffen.

“Are you OK with this Kitten?” Rachel asked, concerned. Right now, she wanted so badly to taste this little girl but she didn't want to pressure her, not now, it was too perfect to ruin.

“Yeah, yeah, I'm OK” Sarah said, breathing heavily, “It's just that no one has ever done to me what I think you're about to do”.

“No one?” Rachel said lifting her head momentarily from her young lovers crotch “Seriously? God Tab was such an asshole” Rachel said and returned to her task.

“Yes, he was...unh!” Sara sighed and then gasped as Rachel's tongue found her clit.

Rachel ate her for a good half hour, licking and sucking every part of Sara's young pussy gently but insistently. She worked her tongue inside and paused periodically to rim the girl's asshole. She remembered how much Sara had loved that the night before. During that time Sara had several orgasms, and while none were as intense as the ones brought on by their bouts of frenzied, violent fucking, Sara would always remember this as her favorite from their early nights together because there were no games, no play acting, just her and Rachel being truly together for the first time.

After the last orgasm subsided, Rachel stopped and crawled up Sara's body, resting her head on a plump breast. “My jaw is sore now Kitten” she complained as she idly caressed Sara's labia with her fingers.

“Well, just relax,” Sarah said as she slid out from underneath the older woman. She gently turned Rachel onto her back and began kissing her. Rachel laid back languidly and enjoyed the girl's mouth. Sara started to work her way down Rachel's neck to her breasts, eliciting throaty moans from deep in the woman's chest. She licked and sucked Rachel's small breasts the same way Rachel had done. She admired the tiny, rock hard nipples and the way her breasts stood up, still so perky, against her chest. Sara took her time, moving very slowly south, down Rachel's body. Whether the girl was nervous about what she would eventually find down there or just wanted to tease the maximum amount of pleasure out of her older lover, Rachel didn't know, but as Sara gently nibbled at Rachel's ribs and hips, she was enjoying it way too much to care. Rachel opened her eyes just as Sara looked up, her tongue lapping at Rachel's navel. The girl smiled and went back down, deliciously dipping her tongue back into the older woman's belly button.

In that moment, Rachel was struck by the powerful realization that what she was doing now wasn't really sex as she generally understood it. Her sex life before had always been about the act itself. What was being done to her and what she was doing to others was all that had mattered to Rachel; how dirty, how controlled, how wild could it get, that was her only concern. Now, as she look down at the sweaty blonde angel kissing her stomach, Rachel understood that this time was very different. This time it wasn't really about the act, instead it was about her partner. Rachel wasn't laying there just enjoying the sex as she always had, she was laying there enjoying Sara. It was the way the girl looked, the way she smelled, the way she sounded when she moaned or giggled, that made Rachel feel almost...privileged, to be with her like this.

Just then, Sara had pretty much run out of southern real estate and was kissing around the edges of Rachel's shaven pussy. “It's OK, Kitten,” Rachel said gently, “You don't have to.”. Rachel desperately wanted Sara to continue, but it seemed more important to her that this time be all about Sara and her pleasure and comfort.

“No,” Sara replied from between Rachel's toned, taut thighs, “It's alright, I want to, really.”

“What do you want to do Sara?” Rachel asked. She knew that dirty talk excited her young lover.

“I want...to lick your pussy Rachel.” Sara said huskily and dove her head down into Rachel's mound. Sara had never even come close to eating pussy before but she had been making out with boys since the 7th grade, and this is what she did to Rachel instinctively now; she made out with the older woman's pussy. What she lacked in technique, the eager girl more than made up for in enthusiasm. Although she started out tentatively at first, after the first moan escaped Rachel's lips, Sara found all the encouragement she needed and began licking hard and fast.

Rachel was on cloud 9. She reached down and took Sara's hand off her belly. Their fingers intertwined and Rachel squeezed the girl's hand as a little orgasm shivered it's way up from her gut and down her spine. “Unh...God” Rachel groaned, “fingers...put your fingers...”was all she could manage but Sara knew what she wanted. The girl inserted her middle finger into Rachel's hairless depths and began to slide it in and out. Rachel squeezed the girl's other hand and cried out “Yes, yes, Sara, oh my fucking God yes!” as she had a second, harder cum.

Sara seemed to want to continue eating the older woman, but after her second orgasm, Rachel stopped her and pulled the girl up where she could kiss her. She showered the girl with tiny kisses; her eyelids, her cheeks, the end of her nose and the corners of her mouth were all dotted with little kisses as her fingers stroked the girl's damp, golden curls. “Oh my God Kitten,” Rachel panted, “That was amazing”

“Really?” Sara asked, unsure of herself “I've never done that, I mean...did you really like it?”

“I've never felt like that before” Rachel said honestly although she wasn't exactly talking about the orgasms themselves. Rachel was basking in the warm feeling of having just made love, maybe for the first time, depending on how you looked at it.

“Thank you,” Sara answered. Rachel wasn't positive in the dark but Sara's eyes may have been wet with tears again.

“Hush now, Kitten,” Rachel said looking at the clock. It was 4:40 in the morning. “Come here” she held her arms open and Sara immediately moved between them, circling her own arms around her lover's neck. “Sleep now” was all Rachel said and Sara was asleep almost instantly, clasping Rachel tightly and smiling.

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