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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter Two: A Sweet Piece of Advice

Thursday morning, Rachel woke up feeling extremely satisfied. She headed for the shower and reflected fondly on the events of the previous evening. So fond, in fact, were her reflections that she had to pause her shower and rub herself to orgasm on the tile floor of the stall before she could collect herself and get ready for work. During the grueling L.A. commute to work her mind kept drifting back to the little blonde bimbo and her tight little butt. She continually had to berate herself for losing focus. Her commute was supposed to be the time she used to switch gears from personal time to work mode. It was unlike her to think about sex much during the work day. She was driven, and highly organized. Her focus propelled her into senior position as communications director, and a salary in the low seven figures at one of the state's largest commercial shipping conglomerates. Her solitary life made her laser-like focus possible since her own lifestyle was relatively spartan; she never had to spend time thinking about anyone else. She pushed the image of the diminutive blonde bent over, quaking, in front of her, out of her mind and rode the elevator up to her office. She strode down the glass lined hallway of TriGar shipping's central office and walked through the open doorway past the polished brass nameplate that read "Rachel Vancourt: Senior Vice President of Communications".

"Morning Mrs. H." she called as she walked through the outer office past her assistants desk. "Good morning to you Ms. V." Marcia Hart, Rachel's personal assistant replied from the counter in the corner that was home to the coffee maker. Mrs. Hart had been Rachel's assistant for going of four years now and was one of the very few people that Rachel didn't secretly think of as an idiot. She had been widowed young and still managed to put her only child, Justin, through private school. He was set to graduate this year and head off to college up in Davis. Marcia was as organized as Rachel herself, and always seemed to anticipate Rachel's needs. As proof, a prefect cup of coffee was steaming, freshly poured, in a mug on Rachel's desk. Their relationship was only business deep as Rachel didn't share what few details there were from her personal life with her co-workers but she still respected Mrs. Hart. It was true that Kyle, down in accounts payable, knew all about her rep at Bastille but he only knew because he had his own secrets to protect. Kyle was still in the closet but he and his boyfriend were regulars at the club. Before he started at TriGar, she had gone home with them once from the club and berated them both as sissies as they fucked each other with a double headed dildo. Good times.

Rachel got on with her day, taking meetings, completing reports and otherwise performing her senior management duties. She was able to remain focused on work without any distractions until about 3:00 when Mrs. H. buzzed her. "Ms. V." the intercom droned, "Just wanted to let you know that I've booked your arrangements for the management conference in Portland next month. You'll be flying on the 21st out of John Wayne on Delta."

"Delta, Delta, Delta," Rachel muttered

"What was that Ms. V.?" The intercom asked

Rachel shook her head and replied "Nothing Mrs. H., thank you" and clicked the mute button on the intercom. An image of the Greek letter Delta appeared in her mind, an image of three of them in pink plaid bouncing across the most adorable pair of tits, to be exact. She tried to banish the image but this time, it wasn't going anywhere. She realized that she never took off the tank top that Sara had been wearing. Now she wished she didn't have to rely on her imagination to know what those beautiful boobs looked like swinging free. "Damn," She thought, "that girl kind of got under my skin."

Rachel decided to knock off early and take some work home. She sent Mrs. H. home early as well and began the long commute back to Westwood, still thinking about the little sorority bimbo. She halfway hoped to run into Sara as she entered the apartment building, but realistically she knew that if she did, is was far more likely to be awkward rather than sexual. In any event, she didn't recall ever seeing the girl before, it was after all, a big building with multiple entrances. She rode the elevator up alone. Her heart almost skipped a beat when the car stopped on 16, but when the door opened, it was just a pair of Asian kids, a guy and a girl. "Up or down?" the guy asked.

"Up" Rachel replied, disappointed in spite of herself.

"Oh, OK, we'll wait" the girl said, smiling politely.

Rachel continued up to 22 uninterrupted. "What the hell is with me" she wondered. The sex with Sara had been, without a doubt, one of the hottest experiences of her life. It was so genuine, so spontaneous. Despite the salacious activities of Bastille, so much that she did there felt staged, like a performance. Last night, by the time Sara had orgasmed from the anal ravaging she was taking, Rachel felt nearly consumed with raw passion. As she entered her apartment, she tried to remember that last time she had felt that way during a sexual tryst. She gave up trying, and poured herself a glass of wine. Then she kicked off her shoes and plopped into the corner seat of her large leather sectional sofa to watch the news. The cable news Washington correspondent however, had wavy dyed-blonde hair, cut fairly short, just below her earlobes, and soon, Rachel's hand was sliding down the hem of her skirt. Her fingers quickly found her clit and it was off to the races again.

After climaxing on the couch, Rachel dragged herself up and got changed into a pair of silver satin pajamas. She managed to get some paperwork down on her laptop while drinking two more glasses of wine. Finally, with a good buzz on, she headed for bed. She stripped, and slid, nude, under the covers. She began again to masturbate. She took her time now, thinking still of Sara and the events that unfolded in her living room the night before. She spent a half an hour pleasuring herself with a medium sized purple vibrator and her magic egg. At the end, she came, arching her hips toward the ceiling, squirting girlcum a good foot and a half out of her pussy. She heard a voice from somewhere scream "Ungh! Take it Sara, you bitch!". As she drifted off to sleep, she knew the voice had been her own.

The next day, Rachel was able to her act together much more efficiently. She was able to get up, and out of the house without getting herself off, at least. She wondered if she might see Sara on the way down to the parking garage but figured there was no way spoiled sorority bitches got up as early as working people.

Rachel also managed to make it through a productive day at work without having to leave early and frig herself into a coma. She guessed her good sex hangover had finally passed. "Too bad" she thought.

That night was Friday night, a club night, and Rachel was eager as all hell by the time she got home at 8:00. She had some wicked frustration to work out tonight. She wasn't sure what she was in the mood for but she was pretty certain if their were any short, large breasted blondes in the club tonight, they were in for a rough time. She never went to the club before 11:00 and she always took a cab so she poured herself a Glenlivet over ice and went to her closet to select her wardrobe. "Dammit" she cursed, "I still haven't managed to get over to the mall for that new outfit. I could have done it yesterday if I hadn't been so busy thinking about whatshername". Even as she said it, a little voice in her head said "you know her name".

"Sara", Rachel whispered involuntarily. "Shit" she cursed out loud again, "don't start that shit again". Rachel chose one of her favorites, a black and red satin corset and black, glossy vinyl panties with matching garters. She rolled on some sheer black stockings and elbow length satin gloves and admired herself in front of the full length mirror. Her toned upper arms, narrow waist and flat stomach were accentuated by her outfit. She decided to leave her hair in the tight braid she usually wore to work. Then she powdered her face and applied a layer of black cherry lip gloss. The effect was striking against her alabaster face. Satisfied, she went back to the closet and selected a high necked crimson sleeveless frock which was loose enough to conceal what she wore underneath. Thus dressed, she headed out to call for a cab when she heard a knock at the door. It was 10:45.

She went to the door and looked through the keyhole. It was Sara. She was standing outside, her arms folded across her chest. She was wearing baggy sweat pants and a faded UCLA t-shirt that clung to the ample curves of her bra-less upper body. Her face was flushed, her eye make-up streaked down her face. She looked as if she had been crying. Rachel opened the door but found that she wasn't sure what to say to the girl so she just stood there, looking at her expectantly. After several seconds, Sara burst into tears. "What did you do to me?!" She sobbed.

"Whoa, hey, hold on there," Rachel responded, "Let's talk about this inside". Rachel was certain that this wasn't any of the neighbors business either. Sara stomped past Rachel into the apartment. Rachel closed the door and followed Sara into the room. "First off" Rachel began, I told you to walk out the damn door if you didn't want what happened to happen didn't I?"

"It's not my fault" Sara cried, "You made me gay! You turned me into a lesbian, goddamn you!"

"Oh Jesus," Rachel said, "this again? What the hell are you talking about?"

Sara began to pace the room. "Yesterday, my boyfriend came over" She started, "and we had sex. We did it for a really long time, and I never even came close to...you know"

"Cumming" Rachel finished, a touch lewdly

"Yes, damn it, cumming" Sara agreed angrily, her face flushing even more "Every other time we've done it, I've come at least once, but after...after what you did to me I just couldn't get there!"

"Oh fuck, you stupid bitch, you're making a big deal about nothing." Rachel responded. "You're young yet" she continued, "you just learned the lesson that sex isn't always great, hell, sometimes it's not even good. It happens, no big fucking deal."

"I'm not finished" Sara yelled. She paused, trying to collect herself. "After Tab left" she began when Rachel interrupted her.

"Your boyfriend's name is Tab?" Rachel asked

"Yes," Sara mumbled, "so what?"

"Of course it is. What the hell else could it be?" Rachel muttered. She pictured a 21 year old version of Thurston Howell III from Giligan's Island and hated him instantly. "Go on."

"After Tab left, I needed so badly to..." Sara started again and paused

"Cum" Rachel finished for her again

"Yes", Sara said breathily, "I needed to cum. I tried, you know... playing with myself, but it still didn't work!"

"I just told you, sometimes a woman just can't! The same thing can happen to a guy. It's not the end of the world" Rachel replied.

"Let me finish" Sara said, exasperated, and continued, "I couldn't make myself cum by rubbing myself or putting my fingers, you know...inside. Finally, I was so desperate, I took the handle of my hairbrush and...and I put it in my butt!" The little blonde was sobbing now, "When I did, I came so hard...I came so hard I pee'd on my bed!"
Rachel couldn't believe what she had just heard. It seemed there was no limit to how dumb this girl could get. She began laughing loudly. "Stop laughing at me!" Sara cried, her face bright red and slick with tears.

"Oh you stupid, sad little bitch,"Rachel said soothingly, "That doesn't make you a lesbian."

"It doesn't?" Sara sniffed

"No silly, it makes you an anal whore" Rachel replied

"What" Sara asked skeptically

"An anal whore," Rachel said again, "It means you love having things shoved inside your ass. It doesn't mean that a woman has to be the one doing the shoving."

"Really?" Sara asked, "but what do I do now?"

"Oh, for fuck's sake you little idiot, just get (ugh) Tab, to fuck you up the butt!" Rachel explained. To Rachel, poor, dumb, Sara seemed to be taking the term "anal whore" as a kind of medical diagnosis.

"Oh he wouldn't want to do that" Sara said, her voice breaking, "He said once that he thought it was gross, that he wouldn't ever put his thing where a girl pooped from."

"Yeah, I'm sure he says that, but have you ever told him to do it to you?" Rachel asked

"No" Sara admitted, "until this week, I thought he was right."

Rachel chuckled, "Well, try asking him and if he says no, you look him right in the eye and you say to him 'Goddammit, you be a real man and fuck me up the asshole right now!' "

"You think that will work" Sara asked hopefully

"Honey," Rachel replied, "I don't think the man has been born who could resist that sweet ass of yours if you ask him that way."

"Thanks Rachel." Sara said, sniffling. That seemed to calm her down and she turned toward the door, "I'll try that tomorrow. I guess I should get going, sorry to bother you. It looks like you were on your way out. You look nice by the way"

Rachel was surprised by the compliment and thought to herself "To hell with the club."

"Not so fast young lady" Rachel said coldly before Sara could reach the door. Sara slowly turned around to face Rachel. She bit her lower lip, in anticipation or fear, Rachel wasn't sure, but it excited her."What did I say was going to happen to you if you knocked on my door again" Rachel asked suggestively.

"You said you would fuck me in my ass again Rachel" Sara said quietly, looking at the floor.

"That's right bitch" Rachel growled, "and here you are anyway. Am I to assume you are up here looking for that assfucking?"

"Um, you're sure that wouldn't make me gay right?" Sara asked hesitantly.

"No princess," Rachel said soothingly. She was changing her tone back and forth from sweet to savage, trying to keep the inexperienced girl on the edge. "Like I said, you're just an anal whore."

"Well," Sara said coyly, "As long as it's not gay." She turned around, and bent a little at the waist. She slowly began sliding her sweats down her perfect, fleshy ass cheeks. She wore a turquoise thong underneath and to Rachel, it made the young girl's ass look gift wrapped like Christmas morning. Rachel reached down the side of her dress and unzipped it, letting it fall to the floor. When Sara saw the outfit Rachel had prepared for the club, her body gave a little involuntary shudder. "Wow," she said, now you look even nicer."

"Well aren't you a sweet little bitch" Rachel purred as she crossed the room. She came up behind Sara as she finished removing her sweat pants. "It's still not going to stop me from fucking your cute little rosebud like a goddamn jackhammer" She purred into the girl's ear as she slid her hands once again across the soft, tanned, globes that had consumed her thoughts for the past two days.

"I hope not" Sara breathed, her eyes closed as she savored the feel of this woman's strong hands taking control of her young body. Rachel dropped to her knees behind the girl and began to worship her ass. She squeezed and massaged Sara's ample bottom. When she parted Sara's cheeks, she observed, with delight, that the girl had waxed herself from stem to stern. She must not have noticed in their first hurried encounter. "Since your being such a good little bitch, I'm going to give you a treat" Rachel said. She parted the girl's cheeks and darted her tongue across her sensitive pucker.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God" was Sara's reply, "I can't believe your doing that."

"What am I doing bitch" Rachel asked between licks

"Ohhhh God" Sara wailed, "You're eating my asshole! Oh my God, that's so dirty"

"Got that right bitch" Rachel affirmed and rammed her stiffened tongue as deep as she could work it into the sorority bimbo's butt. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No,no,no,no don't stop, please don't stop" Sara begged. After a few more minutes of rimming the gasping, squirming girl, Rachel stood up.

"Come on bitch" Rachel said firmly,"Time to see the bedroom" She grasped Sara's hand and led her down the hall. Sara followed, staring absently at Rachel, her lips parted and her breathing heavy. Rachel led Sara into the bedroom and bent her firmly over the bad, making her brace herself with her hands. "Alright horny bitch!" Rachel began "time to treat you like the worthless whore that you are"

"Oh God," Sara whined, "you don't know what it does when you talk to me like that Rachel"

"Sure I do you sexy whore!" Rachel said loudly, "It turns you into a craven anal slut whose only good for getting assfucked!"

"Ungh!" Sara grunted as she slipped her hand into the front of her thong and began rubbing furiously.

"It makes you want me to take your asshole doesn't it Sara?" Rachel taunted.

"Yes," Sara agreed as she played with her own pussy frantically, "I want you to take my asshole! I need you to fuck me like a dirty anal whore!"

Rachel was amazed at how naturally Sara slipped into the role of complete submissive. She couldn't have had any real experience but the craven way she now begged Rachel to defile her was driving the older woman insane with lust. She rushed over to the closet and drug out the entire toy chest as Sara continued to frig herself desperately. Rachel kicked open the box and Sara gasped when she saw it's collected contents. "I'm taking my time this time slut" Rachel said wickedly.

"Oh good," Sara breathed.

Over the next couple of hours Rachel introduced Sara to the life of an anal whore. She would alternate between a cruel, verbally abusive tone which Sara seemed to crave and a calm instructional tone when telling Sara things she thought she should know before taking God knows who or what up her young butthole. "When your doing this with a guy" she began while massaging lube into the girl's ass cleft, "You've got to make sure he gets you ready first. Both the toy I fucked you with last night and my tongue are a lot more slender than your boyfriend's cock. Well, at least I hope they are. Anyway, you should use lots of lubrication, and maybe have him start with just a finger." As she said this, she inserted her well greased pointer finger inside the young girl's quivering anus. Sara sighed and lay the front of her body on the bed with her ass in the air. Rachel slid her finger slowly in and out of Sara's asshole for a while and then inserted a second finger.

"Oooh, wait, wait" Sara said wiggling and moving away "that hurts a little"

"Well bitch, if you want to make an anal omelet you've got to break a couple of eggs" Rachel said dryly and pressed both fingers up to the second knuckle into Sara's asshole. Sara yelped but held still as Rachel picked up the pace.

After twenty minutes, Rachel had worked up to three fingers and Sara was sweating, squirming and swearing like a mad thing. "Alright bitch," Rachel said, standing up and rubbing her fatigued forearm "I think your ready for the big time". She got her harness out of the toy chest along with a medium sized, translucent rubber dildo. Sara's eyes got big; this thing was a lot thicker than the finglonger. As Rachel stepped into the harness and started tightening the straps she ordered the quivering girl to stick her own fingers in her ass. Sara didn't need to be told twice and she started pumping first one then very quickly two fingers in to her loosening anus. By the time Rachel was strapped in and lubed up, Sara was almost wild with passion. "I'm ready, please Rachel, I'm ready now" the girl pleaded, three fingers of her right hand buried in her own asshole, "I need it, please, fuck me, God, please fuck my horny ass Rachel!"

Sara's pleas were like electric shocks in the pleasure center of Rachel's brain. She growled like an animal and grabbed her young lover by the hips, pushing aside the blondes thrusting digits and replacing them with the pliable rubber head of her strapped dick. She drove in deeply, putting more than 4 inches into the squirming girl's spasming butthole. "Owwww" the girl moaned.

Rachel suddenly stopped her progress into the girl's bowels. "Too much?" she asked surprisingly gently.

"No,ungh, no" Sara replied urgently, "I want it, do it, it's OK, fuck me hard!"

Satisfied that she wasn't hurting Sara too badly, she went for broke, plowing the little blonde's jiggling butt doggie style, like a Texas Republican drilling for oil in a baby seal. Sara squealed and screamed and sobbed all the while still begging for more. After about fifteen minutes, Sara had her first orgasm of the evening with Rachel's strap-on, rubber balls deep, in her rectum. She fell forward, the dildo slipping out of her asshole with an audible "Pop". She lay on the bed, her face mashed into the comforter and her ass still up in the air as she twitched. Her fingers clenched and unclenched as she rode wave after wave in intense pleasure mixed with the tiniest amount of pain and relief as her young pucker adjusted itself back to a more reasonable diameter.

Rachel was determined to make this last longer than their encounter the other night. This bitch had been parading around her thoughts for days now and she figured now was the time to get the blonde bimbo all the way out of her system. She flipped the coed, sweaty and still panting, over on to her back. The UCLA t-shirt was soaked with sweat, lube and probably some of Sara's juices which made the threadbare cotton cling to the girls large breasts, her nipples strained at the fabric. Sara's thong had long since been discarded to the floor, her bottom half completely nude and similarly soaked. Rachel moved to stand at the edge of the bed between Sara's spread legs. She grasped the girl's thighs firmly and stared at her marvelous breasts. "Take your top off" She commanded, "I want to see your tits."

"I don't know," Sara said shyly, "That would definitely be gay wouldn't it?"

"Are you fucking kidding me bitch?!" Rachel demanded, "I've made you cum your brains out twice now and you haven't done a damn thing for me, now take off your fucking shirt!"

"I was kidding," Sara giggled, "If it's that important to you, here." She smiled as she pulled her sweat soaked shirt over her head and her heavenly breasts tumbled free. She lay back down and put her arms over her head. "Are these what you wanted to see?" She asked sweetly. For once, Rachel was actually speechless. She stared unblinking at the smiling girl laying on her bed, he mouth half way open. Sara's breasts were round, natural 34 C's and perfect; her bikini tan was pronounced against the creamy white triangles at the center of each breast. She had small pink nipples that stood out, aroused. As magnificent as the little twit's tits were, when you looked at them as part of the whole picture, Sara took her breath away.

Rachel's vacant stare lasted perhaps a bit too long and Sara began to look at her questioningly. Rachel's shook her head clear, and then practically tackled the girl, burying her face between Sara's soft, ample, pillows. She licked and sucked and gently bit at them while Sara cooed. Rachel knew what she wanted to do, but she wasn't sure how the girl would react. She decided to go for it. She suddenly moved up and plunged the head of the strap on she still wore into the girls sopping pussy.

Sara's eyes shot open and her fingernails dug into Rachel's back. "Hey, wait," she gasped, "that's not my assho...unhh" Her voice trailed off into moans as Rachel stroked the phony phallus deep into her steaming cunt over and over again. Rachel grabbed Sara's throat gently but firmly with her left hand and began to squeeze lightly. Sara's eyes rolled back into her head. She closed them, and in less than three minutes of fucking, she came like a fire truck. Her juices sprayed out and around the rubber intruder and all over Rachel's hips, harness and belly. "Gnnnnnnh Fuuuuuuuucckkkk, cuuuuuummmming" she screamed incoherently as her hips thrust into the air high enough to lift Rachel briefly off her feet as she mounted her.

Rachel gave the girl a minute to collect herself and lounged casually beside her on the bed. "Wow, that was intense. Oh, God," Sara said finally, "you made me pee myself. I'm so embarrassed."

"You didn't pee yourself," Rachel corrected, "It's called female ejaculation. It happens to lot's of women if they have a really good, hard cum."

"Really?" Sara inquired, "It never happened to me with Tab."

"Well" Rachel quipped dryly, "that's your problem."

"Um, so I guess you probably want me to get going now, huh?" Sara asked quietly

"I'm almost done with you bitch, but you have one more job to do" Rachel said menacingly as she got up and started removing her harness.

"Um, OK," Sara said, sounding a little bit frightened, "What do you want me to do?".

"Well horny bitch" Rachel said as Sara gave a timid little smile at what was apparently becoming her new pet name, "I've made you cum so many times, and you haven't gotten me off once. Does that seem fair to you?"

"No, I guess not." Sara answered hesitantly, "What do you want me to do. I mean, I don't think I could, you know, um, lick you or anything. It's not personal, it's just that, I don't, I mean..."

Rachel cut of her babbling, "relax little straight girl, you don't have to do anything like that. Just go over to the toy box and pull out a toy to use on me"

Sara started rummaging through the chest. There were plenty of dildos and vibrators and lot's of other things she couldn't identify. She held up one of them now. It looked like a tiny pitchfork, like for a kid's devil costume. "What's this?" She asked.

"No, put that back" Rachel said quickly, "that's called a hotshot and it is definitely not for you."

"How about this?" Sara asked holding a length of shiny stainless steel chain with a series of little alligator clamps dangling from it.

"Those are nipple clamps," Rachel answered, growing impatient, "Look bitch, if you want a sex ed. class, we'll have to do it later. Right now, just grab a plastic dick and get over here!"

Sara selected a large, smooth, gold vibrator and approached Rachel, who was laying spread eagle on the bed. "What should I do?"

"Sara," Rachel said, looking right into the girl's eyes, "just fuck me with it. I'm already so wet, just start slow and build up speed."

"Um, OK" Sara said, clearly a little startled by Rachel's use of her name instead of calling her "horny bitch". She moved down the bed and tried to get into a position where she could access Rachel's pussy without coming into body contact. It was one thing to get bent over and fucked; girl or not, Sara had done that plenty of times but this was all very new and intimidating to her. Finally, Rachel grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her down so she was resting on Rachel's flat stomach with easy access to her crotch. "Do it filthy bitch" Rachel growled. That seem to be what Sara needed to hear and she started pushing the dildo into Rachel's eager pussy. Sara kept pumping the toy into the older woman's body, gradually picking up the pace as she was told to do. For her part, Rachel couldn't get enough, she was thrashing and pumping her hips back against Sara's thrusts so hard that the girl eventually had to stand up and rapidly plunge the dildo into Rachel's pussy so hard and fast that the muscles in her upper arms were straining. "Yes, yes you horny fucking bitch! Do it! Fuck me Sara, Goddammit fuck me you bitch!" Rachel screamed as the orgasm leveled her. She grabbed Sara's wrists and pushed her back and then, squirting a mist of girlcum, she fell back to the bed twitching and shaking like an epileptic at a strobe light factory. After twenty seconds, she regained some of her composure. She was still panting and her abdomen was sore from the strength of her climax. "Wow" Sara giggled, "Looks like you really enjoyed that."

"Shut up, smart ass bitch" Rachel chuckled, "although, I've got to give you credit, that was really amazing."

"Really?" Sara said, beaming.

"Really" Rachel said and closed her eyes.

"Well," Sara said finally, "I should get going I guess, um, right?"

"Goddamn right slut" Rachel said, but not unkindly, if such a thing is possible.

Sara put her shirt back on, pulled on her sweat pants and stuffed her soiled thong into one of the pockets. "Rachel," she said as she was walking to the door, "Are you sure all that, that the stuff we did doesn't make me a lesbian?"

Rachel cracked her eyes open and said "come over here bitch". Sara walked back across the room and stood beside the bed where Rachel lay. "What did you do tonight, really? You got fucked in the ass, which we already knew you liked, and that just makes you an anal whore like I said before. You also got fucked the old fashioned way, and you liked that before too right?"

"Right" Sara admitted

"So as far as what got you off tonight, we're still basically talking about fucking right?" Rachel offered.

"Right" Sara agreed again.

"So you've got nothing to worry about, do you?" Rachel continued, "Tomorrow, you go find Tab and get him to fuck you, shouldn't be hard with that body, and then, when he is getting close to blowing his wad, look him right in the eye, tell him to man up and fuck you right up the ass!"

"OK!" Sara said smiling enthusiastically

"Now go out there and be an anal whore I can be proud of" Rachel said, and smacked Sara playfully on the rump. Sara jumped a little and gave a delighted squeak before prancing out the bedroom door. As she drifted off to sleep, Rachel heard the front door close. "What an idiot" she thought.


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