Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

By: Zero Gravity

Chapter 16,

Rachel made as if to tip the candle's melting wax onto his chest but suddenly she blew out the slender, tapered candle and, in one smooth moment, stabbed it's narrow length up Francis' virgin asshole. He screamed, despite the relatively narrow diameter if the candle, and tried to draw his legs up to his chest defensively. Rachel jerked her hand to the right and broke the top half of the candle off in Francis' rectum. “Now finish yourself off, bitch” she spat and walked off the dais toward Sara and Renee. Not even bothering with the 5 plus inches of candle that now occupied his ass, Francis grabbed his engorged rod with both hands and jerked three or four times until he emitted a guttural grunting sound and shot a rope of pearly white semen out of it's head, at least 7 feet straight up into the air. The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering and calls of “bitch, bitch, bitch”. After the tenth jet of cum dribbled out of his cock, the power of Francis' orgasm cramped up his abdomen and he went fetal atop the altar.

Rachel sashayed to her friends and looked expectantly at Sara. “Well?” she said.

Sara didn't answer. Instead she leaped at Rachel, kissing her passionately, her tongue in the older woman's mouth. After a few seconds, Sara regained her composure, embarrassed if that was even possible in a place like that, in front of Renee and Milo.

“Wow” both lovers said simultaneously after the kiss.

Rachel finally ordered a drink and the group talked and laughed about the performance for a while when Renee said “You know Sister, Kitten sure has been getting a lot of looks tonight.”

Rachel put her arm around the girl and said “Damn right”.

Sara giggled and whispered loudly, “I think the lady who plays the wife on that Charlie Sheen show grabbed my butt!”

“That bitch!” Rachel said testily, “you're obviously a lamb.”.

Sara shushed her with a kiss on the cheek and Renee said, “What about it Sister, would you let Kitten put on a show?”.

“It's her call, not mine.” said Rachel, more confidently than she felt.

Sara was caught up in the atmosphere of the club, and the intense arousal she felt after watching her lover dominate that boy so completely. She wanted to impress Rachel and Renee, but she was also understandably nervous. “Um, what would I do?” she asked no one in particular.

“Well Kitten, believe it or not, Milo here licks pussy as good as a woman, don't he Sister?” She said.

Rachel had to give the worm his due, he knew his way around a pussy. She nodded.

“How 'bout it Sister, can my puppy play with your Kitten?”

“That's up to her” Rachel said, and she looked at Sara, “It's OK if you want to try it Kitten, I won't be mad, but if you don't that's OK, too, you can just stay right here with me.”. Rachel wanted to feel selfish and hope that Sara would decline, but she realized after what she had just done with Francis right in front of her, that she couldn't accept that kind of hypocrisy in herself.

Sara decided that she would try it, she wanted to feel a part of the group, someone living this wild experience, not just watching it. “OK.” She said nervously, “what should I do?”.

“Just go up and lie up on that altar little Kitten. My big dog will come and take care of the rest. Sara turned and did her best slut walk up to the now abandoned altar. Francis had, no doubt, limped off somewhere to to remove something from his ass, or just maybe, trying to get something else in. Once she reached climbed the dais, catcalls and whistles from men and women echoed across the hall. As she neared the altar, Sara unbuttoned her half shirt and a roar rose up from the crowd at the sight of her magnificent breasts, encased in the sheer white bustier. She hopped up on the altar and sat with one knee up, thrusting out her spectacular chest, looking for all the world like the silhouette on a trucker's mudflaps.

Milo turned to Rachel, “You're sure you're OK with this Rach'” he asked.

“It's fine Milo, go be a good boy and treat my girl right OK?” Rachel said, trying not to appear nervous.

Milo dropped the dog routine and walked over to where the girl sat upon the altar. He whispered, “If you want me to stop, just say so OK Kitten?”

“OK, she whispered back, “what should I do?”

“Just lie back and enjoy.” he said as he parted the young girl's thighs.

Milo began licking at the tiny scrap of fabric that covered Sara's mound, and the girl laid back.

As Milo began his tongue lashing, a woman in a dominatrix outfit approached Rachel with a diapered slave in tow. “Ms. Valentine, I would be honored if you would let this wretched thing clean your boots.” she said to Rachel.

Rachel, preoccupied watching Sara and Milo, waved a hand absently mindedly and said “as you wish.”. The slave began to grovel on the floor, licking Rachel's shoes. She hardly noticed; her eyes had locked with Sara's.

Sara had peeled off her plaid skirt and Milo gripped her thighs with his hands as he ate her vigorously. His head bobbed obscenely in and out of view, obstructed by her raised legs. Sara began to moan softly but never took her eyes off of Rachel. The strength of her gasps increased as Milo pulled down her thong and his tongue found her clit, and still, she stared at Rachel across the dais, longing plain on her face. Finally, Milo had lifted her hips off the dais and was pressing his mouth forcefully against her vulva as he sucked the lips of her young pussy into his mouth. As Sara got closer to her climax, she flung her arm toward Rachel, fingers outstretched, as though she though to reach her across the 20 feet that separated them.

Rachel couldn't stand it any longer; she pushed the shoe shining diaper slave away and ruched across the dais to Sara. She wasn't jealous exactly, and she didn't try to stop Milo, she just wanted to be there with Sara when she came. As she reached Sara's outstretched hand, it grasped at her and in the space of a heartbeat, she was holding Sara's head, whispering, “I'm here Kitten, it's alright, I'm here, just let go.”

Sara screamed as she came, letting loose a spray of girlcum all over Milo that rivaled Francis' earlier moonshot. Her body writhed and rocked as Rachel held her. After the the waves of pleasure subsided, Milo returned to Renee, presumably for a treat, and Rachel was left stroking Sara's hair as she lay on the altar. She looked up at Rachel and said “Can we go back to your place now, Rach?”

“Our place Kitten,” Rachel corrected, “and yes.”

Rachel and Sara arrived home a little before 3:00 AM, early by Bastille standards. Renee and Milo had stayed at the club and the girls traveled home silently in the limo. They rode the elevator up to the apartment holding hands, oblivious to the odd sight they must have made to the few people still coming and going throughout the complex. They got back to the apartment and decided to shower before bed.

Soon, they were caressing each other in the shower, clouds of steam flowing around their tired, wet bodies. “So,” Rachel said at last, “What did you think?”

“You were amazing Rach',” Sara said, “The way you crushed that guy like that, made him beg. I almost felt sorry for Tab for a second.” she giggled.

“Thanks, Kitten. Do you see now though, why I don't want to do that to you? Why I don't want to say those things to you?”.

“Yeah,” she said, “I get it, and I'm glad. They way you knew how to push that guy's buttons, it was almost scary. I don't think I'd want to be, I don't know, exposed like that, I guess.”

“Well, you don't have to worry you horny little bitch,” Rachel said smiling, as she started to shampoo Sara's hair, “it's just gonna be good old fashioned spanking and ass fucking for you.”

“Well, that's a relief.” Sara laughed.

“So, um, what about the other part?” Rachel asked nervously.

“Oh, you mean, with Milo?” Sara said, “Um, it felt really good, you were right, he sure knows what he's doing. It's just that...I don't know.”.

“What is it Kitten,” Rachel pressed as she continued working lather through strands of Sara's hair.

“I really like Renee and Milo, they were great and I think it would be fun to play with them again, or even go back to the club, but you have to promise me something, OK?” Sara said seriously, turning to face Rachel in the shower.

“Anything Sara, “ Rachel said sincerely, “Name it.”.

“You have to be right there with me. I mean right there, next to me, like you were tonight. I think I'm only strong enough to be that person, if you're right there with me OK?”

(“Seriously?” Rachel's little voice screamed in her mind, “Not even now, you heartless fucking bitch?!” her resolve was weak, but she managed to ignore it one more time).

"Always, Kitten." Rachel said.

After their shower, the exhausted lovers made their way to bed and slept like dead things.

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