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Rachel and Sara: A Rough Love Story

Novel By: Zero Gravity

This novella revolves around Rachel, a part-time dominatrix who ends up falling for Sara, the submissive college girl downstairs. After a few torrid encounters dominating the girl, Rachel tries to fight the actual feelings she begins to have for her. Matters only get more complicated as the once compartmentalized pieces of Rachel's orderly, solitary life collide and she realizes just what Sara means to her.
This story contains graphic descriptions of both rough and romantic sex between adults, primarily two women, although there is a smattering of other legal, consensual, sexual behavior. View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirteen: Small Fucking World.

Around 10:00 Saturday morning, Rachel's mind slowly climbed from the sea of blissful, unremembered dreams into the waking world. She felt positively wonderful, so physically and emotionally content, that the sensations was practically foreign to her. She lay there for just a few seconds, trying to recall why she was enjoying this glorious tranquility, when she became aware of the slight weight and satisfying warmth she felt on the right side of her body. And then she smelled that familiar floral scent, the smell of flowers in the sunlight...and her.

She cracked an eye and saw the tangled mess of loose blonde curls that lay under her chin. Rachel's mind was firing on all cylinders now, and the contentment remained. Sara was there, and that was all it took. The girl had brought this amazing peace to Rachel's life, even now, just her sleeping body, the warmth of her presence made Rachel's heart fill with grateful love.

("How about now, you coward?" Rachel's little voice nagged)

"I love you." Rachel finally said very softly to the sleeping girl.

"I love you too." said the sleeping girl.

"Oh, I thought you were asleep." Rachel said, too surprised in that instant to feel the nervousness that had wracked her about that tiny little phrase.

"So, you're not one of those needy girlfriends that says it all the time are you?" Sara asked, after a moment, from the crook of Rachel's shoulder, sounding annoyed.

"No, probably not." Rachel said, honestly.

"That's good," Sara said, "this relationship sure as hell doesn't need two of those.". She suddenly reared up on her knees, in bed draping the comforter over her shoulders and outstretched arms like a flying squirrel and pounced on Rachel, tickling her. "I love you." she said, laughing wildly. She began to kiss Rachel all over, little pecks on her face and shoulders and breasts. Between each kiss she would laugh, and tell her again and again that she loved her, each time in a different silly voice or horrible accent.

Rachel laughed and wrestled playfully with the girl, eventually grabbing her by the bottom an pulling Sara into her lap. Sara wrapped her legs around Rachel's waist, her arms around her neck as she continued to shower her with kisses. Sara settled down a little when Rachel reached her hand up and caressed the girl's face, tracing her finger down the slope of her button nose, and looked her in the eyes. "Thank you," she said softly, "I didn't even know how badly I wanted to feel this way until I actually did.".

Sara didn't say anything. Instead, she kissed Rachel again, but differently this time; hungrily. It was still a soft kiss at first, but her growing need was immediately apparent and Rachel responded accordingly. She began to feed the girl the kiss she wanted so badly, her tongue leaving her mouth and parting Sara's full lips, still a little parched from her good night's sleep. Their intensity increased steadily, as their kisses moved from soft mouths to graceful necks and tender earlobes. Rachel's hands roamed Sara's body, freely under the loose fitting dress shirt she still wore, until they found her breasts. She cupped Sara's soft, warm, tits and gently circled the nipples with her thumbs, causing Sara to moan into her lover's mouth. "You are so beautiful, Kitten." Rachel breathed.

Sara was now fumbling at the buttons of her shirt, wanting desperately to feel more of Rachel's skin against her own. Finally unbuttoned, she slid the shirt off her now bare shoulders and the fingers of both hands deep into Rachel's raven tresses, pulling her lover's face to her chest and mashing it between her plump breasts. Rachel devoured each of the girl's tits in turn, licking every inch, paying close attention to the bottom of their rounded swell and her sides as well. While her mouth was busy with general exploration, her fingers maintained focus on Sara's nipples, tweaking, pressing and squeezing them.

Soon, one of Rachel's hands decided to take it's tweaking, pressing and squeezing show to new venues in the south. She ran her middle and forefinger up and down along Sara's labia while her thumb danced on the girl's clitoris, causing her breath to come in sharp gasps. "Ooooh, God, yes, Rachel, please, I need you." Sara cooed as Rachel continued to overload the girl's senses with her mouth and probing fingers. She rocked back and forth on Rachel's lap, luxuriously running her hands through her own golden locks.

"God, Rachel, I love you so much" Sara sighed, "let me...let me do you at the same time?"

Rachel adjusted the girl so that they could know lay next to one another , continuing to kiss while allowing each of them access to the other's pussy. They began to unconsciously play the mirror game, with Rachel taking the lead. Wherever part of Sara's nubile body Rachel's roaming hands found, Sara would find it's opposite on Rachel's body. Whatever way Rachel touched her, caresses, squeezes, even little tweaks, Sara would again match with Rachel's own body. When their hands found one another's moist honey pots, they even matched each other, rubbing hard against wet lips and growing clits. The whole while, they never stopped kissing. They masturbated each other, Sara cumming first, but hanging on enough to bring Rachel off even before her own orgasm had passed. Afterward, they cuddled, drifting in and out of sleep until noon.

Rachel would remember the rest of that weekend as a montage of pure joy. They would, of course, make love three more times as Sara kept her Kitten collar on all weekend, but Rachel also cherished the memory of their evening having drinks and listening to Monk tribute ensemble at the Blue Whale or the happy embarrassment she felt when they finally made it to the grocery store and Sara began to clown around, riding the shopping cart. It was finally a normal life, full of those little fragments of happiness that so many of us take for granted, just the fringe benefits of being loved, that to Rachel were so precious. Saturday night, after dinner, Rachel remembered the present she had picked up for Sara at Coastal Uniform supply. She sneaked down to the car while Sara was in the bathroom. She brought the box into the kitchen and quickly made the necessary alteration with a pair of shears. Sara came into the kitchen just as Rachel returned the present to it's box.

"Whatcha' doin'?" She drawled, running her hand across the small of Rachel's back as she entered.

"I got you something Kitten." Rachel smiled.

"Another present?" Sara said,grinning, "you're going to spoil me Rach'."

"We'll see who gets spoiled." Rachel said cryptically as she handed the box to her young girlfriend.

Sara opened the box and her face split into a glowing smile. In the box lay a three quarter sleeve baseball t-shirt in pink and white. Right across the middle of the chest it read "Rachel's Girlfriend". Sara giggled, "I told you, I'm gonna where it everywhere..." she stopped as she pulled it out of the box. The t-shirt ended, less than two inches below the letters. Once she put it on, it would likely cover a little more than the top half of her ample chest. "Oh, well, maybe I can't where it everywhere." she giggled.

"Maybe not," Rachel conceded, but you can wear it where it counts most, to bed.". She winked.

Sara dashed out of the kitchen and returned moments later. She had changed onto her gift, and somehow managed to loose her shorts in the bargain. "What do you think?" she asked Rachel.

Rachel looked her over lustfully, the t-shirt did, indeed, fail to cover her magnificent tits, it ended just below the nipples leaving the beautiful swell of the bottoms of her breasts visible. He pink, cotton, bikini panties matched her shirt. "So adorable, but so, so dirty." Rachel thought. She said "play ball!" and welcomed the giggling girl into her arms. Rachel realized what a sound investment the t-shirt had been when Sara pulled it over Rachel's head, trapping her face in between her silky pillows. This quickly tuned into another "kitchen quickie", a steamy 69 on the kitchen table. They brought each other off rapidly, fingers digging into each other's ass cheeks as they came.

Rachel's happiness continued, unabated, until Sunday night, when she began thinking about getting organized for work the next day. These thoughts about the impending end of her blissful weekend, brought her mind to some of the other realities that she had been avoiding. She decided that it might be time for a more serious discussion with Sara.

As they sat together, sipping wine on plastic patio chairs on Rachel's small balcony at sunset. Sara had her feet on Rachel's knees, receiving a foot massage. Rachel's inner domme would surely have protested that, but the bitch was, apparently, still satisfied with her demolishing of Francis at the club on Friday, and remained silent.

They sat silently for a while when Rachel suddenly said, "Kitten, I want you to stay with me."

"OK." Sara said lightly

"No, I mean I want you to stay with me, here, all the time. I want to move in with me." Rachel elaborated.

"I know what you meant," Sara said, just as breezily, "and I said 'OK'"

"Oh," Rachel said, surprised, "I guess that was easy."

"Uh-huh," replied Sara, "no-brainer."

"Too easy." Rachel thought, "time to push my luck I guess.".

"So, have you thought about what your family is going to say about this, about us I mean?" Rachel asked, even though she feared the answer.

Sara leaned her head back, eyes closed and took another sip of her wine. "Told 'em already." She said.

Rachel was stunned. This amazing girl never failed to surprise her. "You told them already?" she managed.

"Well, I told my Dad anyway, on Friday." She said, as casual as ever, "I don't tell the step-monster anything, she's a bitch."

"And...was your dad OK with it?" Rachel asked.

Sara opened her eyes and looked at Rachel with her brow furrowed. "Yeah, he wasn't really mad, but...I don't know, he kind of pissed me off."

"Why, what do you mean?" Rachel asked.

"He said I was 'going through a phase.'". Sara said, irritated.

There it was. All Rachel's anxiety crystallized into a single coherent thought, right out there in the open. The fear, almost the certainty that stabbed at Rachel's heart, threatening to puncture her new found joy like a child's balloon. "What if it was a phase?". How could it not be?

Sara could see the look on Rachel's face, and her brow furrowed even further as her lower lip jutted out. "No, not you too." She demanded angrily, "Don't you think that Rachel, not you!" She got up and moved over onto Rachel's lap, taking the older woman's face in her hand. "Just stop it. Stop it right now. I love you. You are not a phase, you are not a fad, or a rebound or a mistake. You're not me trying to get back at my parents, you're not me missing my mom, so just stop it. You're my hero and I can't imagine my life with out you anymore." It was Sara's turn to kiss the tears from Rachel's eyes.

Later that night, the girls made love again. After, they fell asleep, lying face to face, arms around one another. A few hours later, Rachel awoke inexplicably. She lay there a while, still basking in her contentment until she rose for a glass of water. After quenching her parched throat, she returned to bed and sat on it's edge, staring at the waxing moon, visible now between the spires of downtown Some of it's silver light streamed through the open drapes and illuminated Rachel's lithe, nude form. She sat for a few minutes, a gentle smile on her face as she listened to Sara's deep, rhythmic breathing. After a few minutes she heard Sara whisper, "Rach? You OK?."

"I'm so much better than OK Kitten," she said, "I'm just relaxing.". She turned her head slightly and whispered, "Go back to sleep.".

As soon as she turned her head however, Sara gasped, "God, wait, hold still Rachel, please?". She started to get out of bed and said, "Please, Rach', don't move a muscle, stay just like that.".

Rachel's first thought was that there must have been a spider or bug on her somewhere, and predictably, it became very difficult not to fidget and look herself over, but Sara said, "No,no, you're fine. Just hold still for a second OK?" and with that, Rachel could hear her footsteps quickly padding out of the room.

"What the hell?" Rachel wondered, but the girl was back almost immediately.

"Just please hold still awhile longer." Sara asked.

Rachel complied with her request, and very soon she heard a mad, scratching could coming from behind her. She realized Sara was drawing.

Rachel felt a twinge of self consciousness and started to turn, but Sara stopped her. "No, please Rachel, hold still, just a bit longer. Rachel returned to her position, back to Sara face turned so that her profile was visible in the moonlight.

The scratching sounds continued for about twenty minutes, when they suddenly stopped. Sara moved back onto the bed and slid her arms around Rachel's waist. "I love you so much." she whispered, her soft mouth close to Rachel's ear. That was all it took to start round two, or was it three. Neither of them said a thing throughout, as they formed a mass of writhing arms and intertwined legs. The night was then filled only with the wet sounds and moans of pleasure.

Even the arrival of Monday morning couldn't dampen Rachel's spirits. She woke up, still feeling fantastic. After her shower with Sara, Rachel made breakfast again. Sara made Rachel promise to teach her how to cook, so that the younger girl could take turns making breakfast. They made plans for a lunch date and said their goodbyes.

While a positive attitude can make the work day fly by, having something else you would rather be doing, or someone else you'd rather be doing it with (or to), can really cause that same work day to drag by. She found herself counting the seconds until lunch. Sara arrived promptly at noon. She greeted Mrs. Hart, and then they headed out to eat. Once again, Rachel was astonished at how much she enjoyed something as mundane as lunch with her girlfriend.

After lunch, they returned to the office. Rachel didn't object when Sara gave her another quick peck in front of Mrs. Hart before heading off to Art lab. Rachel got back to work and the pace of the day seemed to quicken a little, her new emotional addiction having been, apparently, satisfied for now. Mrs. Hart came in around 2:00 with her datebook. She ran through a couple of salient points regarding Rachel's trip before she asked, "And when is Sara's birthday?".

"Um, actually it was last Sunday, why?" Rachel asked, unintentionally sounding a little defensive.

Mrs. Hart laughed a little and said, "Well, I guess there's no way you'd know this dear, but it's a little thing we secretaries do, we keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, so that our bosses don't get in trouble when they inevitably forget.".

"Still watching my back then Mrs. H?" Rachel said, relieved for some reason.

"Always, Ms. V." she replied. Then she said, "She really is a lovely girl, did you two meet through her father?".

"No, she lives in my building," Rachel said, and then asked "Why would I have met her through her father?".

"Well, she told me while we were chatting on Friday that her father was over at Paradigm Media. Her last name is Lancing so I figured that has to be Dave Lansing, the top exec. over there right?" Mrs. Hart responded.

"Who do I know over at Paradigm?" Rachel asked, confused, but now, getting a little nervous.

" They did that big awareness campaign for the Pac-trans division last year," She explained, "You were on point with that deal, Dave was the guy that signed for them. You remember, he and his people threw that big party after they closed it, we were all invited."

Rachel was still drawing a blank, but her mind was already picturing the headaches that could come from dating the much younger daughter of a business partner. "Sounds vaguely familiar.." she said noncommittally.

"Oh, it'll come to you, he was kind of a blow hard, he drove that really fancy classic corvette." Marcia offered helpfully.

"Corvette?" Rachel said, when the pieces clicked. "Stingray" she said.

"Yeah, that's right. A big black one." Mrs. Hart confirmed.

"Huh" Rachel said, trying to sound nonchalant as her mouth suddenly turned into the Sahara. "Never made the connection, we haven't been together that long so I haven't met her family yet". In side Rachel's head however, one phrase echoed around the inside of her skull:"Oh fuck,oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" it rang. If she had just been told by her broker that her retirement, her savings, all her worth had been wiped out, that she had just lost everything ,it still would have paled in comparison to the idea that she may now loose the only thing that mattered to her.

Rachel made as if she was getting back to work, and perhaps Mrs. Hart sensed something was off, because she excused herself and shut the office door behind her. "Oh shit, this can't be fucking happening." Rachel thought. She wanted to panic, but her nature resisted the urge, forcing her iron will to assert itself in times of crisis. She couldn't make a decision right now, she didn't know all the variables. Rachel decided there was only one course of action she could take at this point. She called Paradigm Media and asked for David Lansing.

After telling his assistant who she was, her call was taken immediately. "Rachel, hey, how are you? It's great to hear from you, what can I do ya' for?" The polished voice of Dave Lansing came through the other end.

"Yeah, Hi Dave, look, I really need to come over there and talk to you for a few about something I've got going on here. Do you think you can squeeze me in this afternoon.".

"Of course, Rachel, I can always make time for you and Tri-Gar, how's three o'clock sound?" Lansing said slickly.

"Perfect," Rachel said crisply, "see you then."

"Just one thing Rachel," he asked before she could hang up, "am I making time this afternoon for Tri-Gar or for you?".

"I'll see you at three Dave." she said, fighting to keep the tremor out of her voice.

"Looking forward to it Sister." her girlfriend's father said before hanging up the phone.

End Chapter Thirteen:_________________________________________________________________


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