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The Benefits of Having a Mentor

Novel By: zebo85

Jane's dreams are vivid, but are they becoming real? View table of contents...


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As Jane rounded the corner, she nearly bowled Mr. James over. She giggled at first as she apologized, but then she saw the look in his eyes. She'd never seen his eyes burn with such intensity and she sensed his anger was with her. He grabbed her by the arm and told her that he'd already told her teacher that she was going to miss class as he needed to meet with her. She was so shook up by him literally dragging her to his office that she didn't ask what was going on.

He slammed the door behind him as he pushed her towards his couch. She heard the door click as he locked it and she was terrified, but also completely turned on. She'd never seen him be so dominant and it thrilled her for some reason. As she tried to ask what was going on, he came up behind her and slowly sniffed her. First, around her face and then he bent slightly and sniffed around her waist. It was so unusual, yet seductive and she could feel her recently sated pussy start to throb again. It was like he was a dog finding territory to mark.

In a voice tinged with disgust, he finally said, "So, it's true! I had someone report two students getting it on in a car and it was you, wasn't it?"

Her voice felt small as she tried to deny it. He stepped around her and slammed his hand down on his desk as he nearly yelled, "Don't you dare deny it. I can smell his cum on your mouth and don't even try and tell me that's not the scent of your sweet little pussy all hot and bothered I'm smelling."

For some reason she was fixated on how he said 'your sweet little pussy' and she stood there silent as her legs trembled in fear and desire. Brad had stretched her sweater out when he'd pulled it down to suck on her nipples and it seemed to have a mind of its own as it fell off her shoulder and down her arm; exposing the sky blue camisole strap. She was very aware of her not wearing any panties since Brad had ripped them to shreds just a few minutes before. Mr. James was circling her as he stared at her body. She could feel her nipples hardening and her breathing was getting more and more labored as the silence seemed to drip from the ceilings.

She got goose bumps on her neck as his warm breath hit it and then he demanded, "Did you fuck him?" She shook her head no and he grunted, "Good".

"Did you suck his cock?" She nodded and he grunted something unintelligible. "Did you swallow his cum?" She nodded and she felt the first tear roll down her cheek as she was suddenly ashamed to tell her beloved Mr. James what she had done.

"Did he finger your sweet little pussy?" She nodded again and his voice was in her ear as he whispered, "Jane, Jane, Jane. How many times did we discuss how these horny little boys would do or say anything to get into your pants?"

She didn't speak, but the throbbing in her pussy grew as he referred to her sweet little pussy again. She then nearly fainted as he whispered that she needed to be punished. He looked at her and she couldn't look in his eyes as she was so ashamed.

In a voice so soft she almost didn't hear him, he said, "Take off your skirt and sweater."

Even though Brad had made her feel so good just minutes before, this was something different. Her arousal had an intensity that made her body shiver and her muscles tense in anticipation of what was to come. Having Mr. James whispering in her ear and now telling her to undress was wildly erotic and she slowly pulled the sweater over her head and then undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood perfectly still with her head down; ashamed at what'd she done, but also curious as to whether Mr. James liked what he saw.

He finally whispered in a voice full of lust, "You are a magnificent young woman Jane......but you still need to be punished. Come here."

He held out his hand and she stepped forward to take it and before she could process it, he had sat down on his couch and pulled her over his lap. He began spanking her ass through the slip. They were powerful slaps, but muted somewhat by the slip. She stifled her squeals as she knew that he would be in big trouble if anyone caught them in their current position. Even though his spanks hurt, her arousal was growing even stronger. He mumbled something and then he was hiking her slip up and out of the way.

When he saw her bare ass already starting to turn pink come into view, he angrily asked, "Where the fuck is your panties? Did you give them to that pervert?"

She shook her head and she sobbed that he'd torn them off of her. That seemed to enrage him even more as he muttered something about him ruining a perfectly good pair of panties and how she probably loved it and his strong hand now hitting her bare skin was delivering really painful spanks now. Her body shook with each spank and suddenly she realized that her breasts had escaped the soft cups of the gartered camisole. Her nipples were rubbing against a wool blanket that was across the arm of the couch and she found the coarse fibers against her hard, sensitive nipples to be exhilarating.

It was then that she finally realized that his cock was hard and pushing against her with each spank. She pushed herself down against him and she relished his punishing blows even more. At some point, he pulled her slip down over her cheeks and rubbed the silky nylon against her tenderly. The cool nylon felt soothing and she continued to rub her pussy against his cock and she'd never felt such pleasure before. Her brief reprieve was shattered as the slip was suddenly hiked up again and his hand came down even harder. This time after his hand had bounced off her cheeks, he turned it sideways and his fingers reached down and slid across her wet pussy lips.

She bit into her arm as the pain followed by the pleasure of his touch was almost too much to bear and she pushed her pussy down against his cock again. Harder than ever before and she gasped as she realized something had changed. Somehow when he'd been softly caressing her ass, he'd freed his cock from his slacks so now his cock was free and the only thing that separated it from her pussy was her slip. She wondered how she could move it out of the way, but the front of her slip was pinned between their thighs. Her thoughts were interrupted as he spanked her three times in rapid succession this time and then two if his fingers slipped inside her lips; spreading her open momentarily and she groaned in response.

She felt him move beneath her and as her hips were forced forward from the blast of his next spank, she realized that he'd managed to position her perfectly and she forgot about the slip in between them as just the tip of his cock was forced up inside her. It pushed her slip against her clit in the process and the resulting powerful orgasm was ten times what she'd experienced with Brad in the back of her car. She lost consciousness, but she had some foggy and fleeting memories of him moving her off of him and rubbing some kind of lotion into her bright red ass cheeks. It calmed the burning sensation, but her ass was still terribly sore.

When she finally woke up, he was behind her desk and she was completely dressed. He looked up at her and asked if she was alright as he was very startled when she'd fainted. She nearly laughed at his attempt to conceal what had happened again, but she had a moment's hesitation when he added that her bottom must be killing her as she had landed awkwardly on the table when she'd passed out. She noticed the table with one broken leg lying next to the couch and she shook her head to see if she could distinguish truth from fiction. It didn't help and she looked helplessly at him. Confused and then as she rolled to a sitting position, she groaned from the pain emanating from her ass. She looked at him and immediately started to say she was sorry, but he suddenly asked why she needed to see him. Her confusion grew as he was the one that had brought her in here and 'punished' her, yet he acted like nothing had happened. He told her that she really should go get checked out by her doctor to see about these fainting spells she seemed to be having. She smiled weakly and said she would.

She walked out and realized that her slip was sticking to her ass and it actually was helping to distract her from the pain. A few steps later and she nearly fell to the floor when she had a vision. It hadn't been lotion that he'd rubbed into her ass, it had been his own eruption! As she leaned against the wall in the hallway, she remembered vividly that he rolled her off of his lap and onto her stomach. He'd started to stand up, and she sensed that he was done with her but she'd reached behind her and gripped his cock. He seemed to pause, but then he'd knelt over her and slid his cock in the valley between her bright red ass cheeks. It had been coated with her honey so his cock moved freely along her ass cleavage. She'd instinctively rubbed him with the back of her slip until he was soon coating her ass with his spend. He had then rubbed it over her sore ass cheeks; soothing her soreness in the process.

The vision seemed so real, but he acted like nothing had happened so she was very unsure of herself. She questioned for a moment whether her liaison with Brad had actually happened, but that was one thing she was sure of. Maybe all these years of wanting Mr. James had caught up with her and she really was confusing reality and fantasy. Whatever the case may be, she checked out with the office as sick so she could go home and soak in a hot bath. Whatever was the cause of her soreness she wasn't sure, but it hurt and a good hot bath should do the trick.


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