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The Benefits of Having a Mentor

Novel By: zebo85

Jane's dreams are vivid, but are they becoming real? View table of contents...


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Jane woke the next morning not knowing what to do. Mr. James had denied that anything had happened, but her wet panties and her missing half slip told her otherwise. She arrived at school a little earlier than normal and headed for his office. She wanted to confront him and get him to admit that he'd caressed her clit so wonderfully until she'd come instead of trying to tell her it had been a dream. She stood outside lost in conflict, but finally she knocked and when he called out, she walked in. Her heart pounded even more as soon as he smiled when he saw her. He stood up to greet her and he hugged her quickly and asked if she'd brought him any cake. She laughed, but was lost in thought. When he asked about the card, she quickly felt panicked. She'd been so lost in thought after what had happened that she hadn't even opened it. He read the look in his eyes and quickly assured her that it was quite okay and was just wondering.

She desperately wanted to ask about her slip, but she was tongue tied. Suddenly, he said, "Oh yes, I almost forgot." He went to his desk and opened a lower drawer and then held up her slip. He held it in both hands and she noticed his fingers lightly caressing the silky fabric. What she didn't see was his cock lurch in his slacks as all he could think about was bending her over his couch right now and sliding his cock into her tight young pussy. Since her 18th birthday and then their interaction the previous day, he'd imagined so many wonderful scenarios and he wasn't sure if he could take this slowly; he wanted her so badly. His eyes twinkled as he said, "You nearly got me into some big trouble yesterday as I found this stuffed inside the couch right before I had another student coming in. If she would have seen it, who knows what kind of rumors would have been started. Why on earth did you take this off yesterday?" Jane was absolutely stunned with his question. She had been sure he had taken it off of her; was it possible that she had taken the slip off and left it in his office?

She tried to speak, but nothing came out. He playfully added, "I don't really think this is my size, but I do know for sure it has to look better on you than me. I know some people give gifts to others on their birthday, but this is a bit unusual, don't you think?" He was smiling and being charming as always and she was just totally confused. She finally said, "Gosh, I don't know….um…..actually…..er, I thought you had taken it." He gave her a look that was equal parts shocked and amused as he said, "Why Jane, why would you think that? Do you think I'm some kind of pervert that steals young lady's lingerie? So, you're saying I would have taken it off you while you were sleeping?" He stopped talking and his gaze on her made her both warm and totally self conscious. She wondered if he could see that her nipples were hardening under the silky nylon gartered camisole she had on. It was vintage and had just the slightest of support for her full breasts and it made her feel sexy as hell as when she walked just right, it felt like a breast could pop out. She finally said, "Well, I didn't think of you as a pervert…..but, I guess, I don't know….. I guess I was just way out of it after I fell asleep in here and I must have taken it off without thinking about it." He came over and squeezed her upper arm and grazed her breast in the process. "Don't worry about it; I found it in time and it really is quite a lovely piece of lingerie. It was more than a bit distracting to have it in my office all day as I could smell you on it…..I mean your perfume. Let's just say I had a hard time focusing." Jane thought the idea of him being distracted was a very nice compliment and she decided it was time to get going.

She started to say goodbye and he said, "Wait, open the card." She thought that was odd as he didn't want her to open it yesterday. He must have read her mind as he added, "Part of the gift is sort of time sensitive." She opened it and giggled at the silly birthday card he'd bought, but then was intrigued by the nicely embossed card inside. It simply said, Special Events and then a phone number and address. He pointed to his phone and she stepped over to dial the number. A woman asked her name and then asked if she could be there sometime that morning. Jane's first class wasn't for another hour, so she said as long as it wouldn't take longer than an hour, she could be there right away. The woman said great and then hung up. Jane looked at Mr. James and he seemed concerned. He quickly explained that a friend of his had suggested the gift and he honestly didn't know what was all included. She said she didn't know what was going on either, but she'd let him know after she got back. She started to leave and he quickly grabbed her around the waist and she could feel his semi-hard cock against her hip and she thought how nice it would be to have his cock inside her. Her thoughts were interrupted when he picked up the slip that she'd placed on his desk while making the call and said, "I need to get some work done today, so you have to take this with you." She giggled and sighed slightly when he moved away and she lost the feeling of his cock against her. She walked to his door with a little more bounce in her step and then she stopped and looked at him as she held up the slip and asked, "Why is this so distracting?" His eyes gazed into hers and then he watched her slowly stroking the silky fabric and gave her a look of lust as he softly said "You've become a beautiful young woman and the thought of you in that was…….." His voice trailed off, but her mind filled in the rest. His phone rang and she turned to leave and wondered if her dreams were going to come true.

She hurried to the address on the card and thankfully it was close to school. She was greeted by a beautiful Oriental woman who quickly explained that the first part of the process was to get her measurements. She guided her into a backroom and said she needed her completely nude and handed her a silky nylon robe to wear to cover her modesty. She hadn't even tied the sash yet and two younger Oriental girls came in and stopped her before she could even close the robe. For the next few minutes, they seemed to take every possible measurement. They seemed to giggle when they noticed Jane's very hard nipples. As they were finishing up, the woman came back in and Jane was dazzled by her beauty and grace. Such fine features and her perfume was light but enticing. The woman stepped up uncomfortably close and checked a few measurements. She then quietly explained that the garments they would be making had to fit perfectly so she needed to check her cup size. Jane had never had a breast sizing done, but she assumed what followed was not the normal process. The woman's delicate, but thankfully warm hands reached up and softly caressed her breasts. She cupped them and then slowly ran her thumbs along the entire circumference before saying something to the girls to write down. She cupped them again and then slowly ran her thumbs across the nipples and then gripped her nipples tenderly and pulled them slightly. It caused such a jolt that Jane pressed her pelvis forward and rubbed herself against the woman's leg. The woman made no attempt to move away and instead softly said, "You are quite a sensuous young woman." Her hands moved down to Jane's hips and then pulled the silkiest feeling seamstress measuring tape out and measured her hips again. She knelt down to measure her inseam and Jane could feel the woman's hot breath against her throbbing pussy. The back of the woman's hand grazed her pussy and Jane felt herself spreading her legs wider.

After measuring the other leg, the woman slowly wrapped the tape around Jane's thigh and took a measurement just above the knee, mid thigh and then higher to measure just below where her legs came together. Jane was nearly breathless and as the woman fumbled with the tape, her thumb 'accidentally' pressed between the folds of her pussy. The woman softly apologized and it took all of Jane's self control not to press herself against the thumb to push it higher into her pussy. The woman measured the other thigh, but to Jane's disappoint, no accidental insertion this time. She then pulled out a stool and seated herself in front of Jane. As Jane leaned against the table, the woman measured her foot. As she did so, Jane felt her pussy open and she felt completely on display. Jane saw the woman's eyes gaze long and hard at her hot womanhood and Jane imagined her leaning in to lick her. A few minutes later, the woman announced she was done and she could get dressed. Somehow Jane managed to get dressed without caressing herself to the orgasm her body so desperately wanted and minutes later she was out front with the woman. The woman handed her another card and told Jane to call the number tomorrow afternoon. Jane left very intrigued and unbelievably horny.

She thought she might get into an accident as she imagined Mr. James licking her pussy as she drove back to school, but she managed it safely. After parking she realized she still had thirty minutes before her first class and since it was a nice warm morning, so she hopped up on the hood of her old car and started reading a book. She was so lost in the story she was completely startled when she heard a voice say, "Excuse me." When she glanced up she nearly gasped as she saw it was the star quarterback, Brad Littleton. He quickly apologized for startling her, but he needed to talk to her. She wasn't even able to ask him about what she was so breathless. He quickly broke the silence and said he needed tutoring in calculus because if he didn't pass the next test, he might get suspended from the team. She smiled and thought back to when they were kids. She wasn't even sure that he remembered that they had gone to grade school together, but they used to play together until her mother had to move to a different apartment closer to where she worked. She started to say she was really busy and didn't know if she had time, but then he said, "C'mon, you still me owe me from the time you pushed me off the slide and I almost broke my leg." Her mouth hung open as she was surprised she remembered that and he nudged her with his arm and said, "You think I forgot about all the fun times we used to have."

He moved up on the hood with her and they both felt the hood give in a bit like he might dent it and she joked that if he dented her sweet ride, it would cost him. He pulled her close and tickled her on the back of her leg like he used to do when they were kids. It had always driven her nuts and he would do it until she begged him to stop. This time it quickly got erotic as his hand ended up under her skirt and she noticed his eyes go wild when he first felt her silky slip and then her stockings underneath. What quickly was playful led to his hand sliding all the way up until he was nearly cupping her pussy through her nylon panties. She squirmed away and off the hood, but was frozen in place when she saw the size of the bulge in his jeans. His eyes dark with intensity when he noticed what she was looking and he said, "You know I can't pay money for the tutoring, but I can pay you in other ways." He adjusted his erection as he finished his statement and she felt weak in the knees. Although she'd always dreamed of Mr. James being her first, her second choice had always been Brad. He glanced at his watch and stated, "We still have twenty minutes before class starts." She shook her head, but he wasn't convinced and he reached out and took her by the hand and pulled her close to him.

She could feel his cock pressed against her and then he was guiding her into the roomy back seat of her car. As she watched in an almost hypnotic condition, he slowly undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. He pulled her hand to it and wrapped her hand around it. She stared at it and then glanced up at him. He winked and then reached over and slowly hiked her skirt up until her sky blue half slip was on display. He then hiked it up and when he saw the matching garters of the camisole, he whispered, "Jane, you're the sexiest girl I've ever seen." Her hand was still frozen at the base of his cock and he whispered, "Stroke it." She shook her head, but made no move to stop his hand from reaching over and cupping her pussy through her thin nylon panties. His voice burned her ears when he said, "Oh wow, you're already soaking wet; I want you bad too." She couldn't believe this was happening, but then his hand was at the waist band of her panties and dipping inside. His fingers moved quickly through the thin soft hair until he was sliding his middle finger past her pussy lips and into her hot pussy. She groaned and spread her legs wider and moved her hand up and down his shaft for the first time. He moaned, "That's right, Jane, just like that." She felt his pre-cum at the tip and she spread it around his head and she quivered as he worked a second finger into her tight snatch. She wasn't sure it was her as she breathed, "Oh fuck yes Brad, that feels soooooo good." He bent down and nuzzled her neck with his lips as he groaned, "You are so fucking tight; I wish we had more time." As his hand rubbed one breast through her sweater, he moved his lips to her ear and said, "Stroke me with that silky slip of yours."

This was so surreal, she questioned whether it was actually happening, but she quickly pulled the half slip down her legs and into his lap and started stroking his cock with it. He obviously enjoyed the silky fabric on him as he groaned and became more frantic. Her high waist panties were apparently too inhibiting and she groaned as he pulled his fingers out of her, but then he grabbed the waist band and pulled with such force that they ripped nearly from waist to gusset. He quickly moved his hand lower and gently caressed her clit. She growled as her body reacted to his touch and then she squealed as he pulled hard enough on her loose fitting sweater that one side of the sweater came halfway down her arm revealing the silky nylon and lace camisole barely containing the breast nearest him. He quickly pulled down on the cup and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. Her body was awash with sensations that she'd never experienced and soon she was climaxing with such force that her pussy forced his two fingers out. When her eyes flashed open a second later, she caught a glimpse of his cock head peeking out from the slip and she had one all consuming thought. She pushed his head away from her nipple and bent over and quickly took his cock into her mouth. He gasped and said in awe, "Oh yeah, Jane baby, that's perfect." Not wanting to waste a moment with her exquisite body, his hand slid down her back and then he rubbed the remains of her silky panties across her incredible ass.

Being a novice, she was offsetting her inexperience with her enthusiasm and was wildly sucking and licking his head. He leaned down long enough to whisper, "Slow down, enjoy yourself and keep stroking me with that slip." She settled into a rhythm where she would slide her lips down about halfway and then as she moved back up, she would stroke his length with the slip. When she'd get to the head, she would pull her lips off so she could tongue his head. It was an incredible sensation for him and as she tongued it, he slowly slid his index finger back into her pussy. She gasped and with her lips formed around his head, she sucked in ever so lightly. He moved his finger up to her clit and then buried his thumb into her wet pussy at the same time as he thrust up with his hips. She fell forward as he was thrusting up and almost all of his cock flowed past her lips and into her throat. She nearly gagged, but she found that taking all of him was intensely pleasurable. She started up and down his shaft again; taking more and more of him in each time. Just as she got into a rhythm that would surely result in his climax, he withdrew his honey coated thumb, quickly slid it up the crack of her ass and gently pushed against her rose hole. The intensity of that unexpected intrusion was too much and she pulled her mouth off of him as she groaned, "Oh fuck." He circled her rose hole with his thumb, teasing her a bit and then he asked, "Yes…or no?" After taking a long lick of his cock head, she glanced up at him and said, "Yes, please, yes!" Looking into her amazing green eyes, he felt a lust like never before. As she engulfed his shaft with her mouth, he pressed even more of his thumb into her ass as he slid two fingers into her pussy. She started climaxing again and she gripped the base of his cock with the slip and with her lips just over the head, she stroked him with long firm strokes as her body shook with pleasure. Soon enough, he gasped, "Oh yes, here it comes" and then he was erupting in her mouth. The first spurt was so forceful she pulled back, but when the next spurt started to erupt, she quickly took him in her mouth again while continuing to stroke him until his release was complete.

She quickly sat up and wiped her lips with the back of her hand as she leaned against him. He watched her with lust still in his eyes as she slid the shattered panties down her legs and then quickly fixed her stockings. She then tucked her breast back into her camisole and pulled the sweater back over her shoulder. When she finally looked up at him, he simply said, "Wow". They giggled and headed for class. She had no idea where this might lead, but that was the best day after birthday gift a girl could get.


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