Off Duty

By: zebo85

Chapter 1, Catherine had been looking for more from her life......little did she know how much more life had to offer.

Catherine Wilson, called Crafty by her closest friends, was driving to work and lost in thought.  By all common definitions, she was a successful woman.  Dressed in her DVF silk dress and expensive shoes, she was the epitome of sophistication and beauty.  There weren’t many places she went where she wasn’t noticed by both men and woman.  She looked ten years younger than her actual age and had been fortunate enough to accumulate more wealth than she’d ever dreamed.  However there was something missing.   Her friends would tell her that she needed a man in her life, but that was oversimplification.  She’d dated many men and even though several of them had been intriguing, both emotionally and sexually, none of them completely satisfied her.  She kept a busy life, so she didn’t dwell on it, but lately her thoughts kept drifting to this unexplainable void in her life.

Arriving at work, she lost herself in her normal chaotic day.  She ran a modeling agency and although it was small it was exhilarating for her to help young people realize their dreams.  She’d done quite a bit of modeling in her younger days and had always been turned off by the agents and managers.  They were devious and mostly rude and she vowed to do things differently.  She put her models first and made sure that anyone working with them understood it would be done by her rules.  It sometimes lost her business, but her clients and their parents were grateful for her ethics and compassion.  During a break in the day she checked her calendar and remembered that her closest friends were going to a new club that night and she was excited as it would be something fun to do and it would help keep her mind off her problems.

She interviewed a new male model right before noon and she immediately realized that he was older than normal for a new client.  Within minutes she sensed that he was already jaded by the business and it was clear that he was sending her signals that he’d be more than willing to do whatever it took to become a client.  She wanted to giggle at the thought, but the longer she let the thought dwell in her mind, the more she noticed his raw physique and piercing eyes.  He’d certainly find work modeling, but she wondered if he knew his way around a woman’s body; the last thing she wanted was some bumbling boy who didn’t know how to push her buttons.  She crossed her legs and got lost in thoughts of him bending her over her desk and taking her swiftly from behind.  She finally came to her senses when she realized her office was quiet and he was looking at her; her legs to be precise.

She glanced down and saw that she must have absentmindedly been rubbing her hand along the opening of her wrap dress.  It had fallen open and the lace of her vintage black slip was on display.  She slowly crossed her legs and then fixed her slip and dress giving him just a flash of one stocking top as she did so.  His eyes flashed wide and she could see that he was hoping for more than just a peek up her dress.  As she stifled an imaginary yawn, she stretched pulling the silk dress tight across her full breasts and causing the hem of the dress to ride higher exposing her slip again.  She felt like a seductress and enjoyed the obvious lust that was flaring up in this young man that was probably 20 years younger than her.  She sat and stared at him for a while and let him simmer and she wondered if her hardening nipples were visible to him as her own arousal rose.  She finally told him that she would consider his application, but she really didn’t think that he was a fit for her agency.  He appeared like he was going to try and convince her otherwise, but then he shrugged his shoulders as if to say no big deal.

However, when she went to shake his hand, he pulled her just a bit too close to him to thank her for her time.  She had a quick vision of his strong hands pulling her even closer and kissing her passionately before pushing her to her knees as he undid his slacks.  The idea seemed to overwhelm her and she had to shake her head to clear the fog of lust that was filling it.  She could feel herself tremble with a rush of desire and she wondered if he would notice and take advantage of her weakness.  He unfortunately didn’t sense her vulnerability as he simply turned and left.  She wondered what was going on with her as it would have been a seriously poor career move for her to get down and dirty with a potential client.

She decided to take a walk in the nearby park to clear her head.  As she walked amongst the trees, she felt the tension leave her body and she took note of the fluffy white clouds in the sky and the chirping birds in the trees.  The leaves rustled beneath her expensive shoes and her mind was blank other than to take note of her heels clicking on the paved walking trail and the sound of running shoes whizzing by.  She walked aimlessly for quite a while and wondered if her reading that new best selling erotic book had anything to do with her recent distracting thoughts.  She finally realized that she had wandered into a secluded part of the park and it was devoid of others.

She was about to sit on a bench and continue her soul searching when she heard noises coming from behind a densely wooded area.  Ignoring the little voice in her head, she slowly walked closer until she could peek through the tree branches.  What she saw burned into her retinas.  An attractive and well dressed woman was bent over a tree stump and was being roughly taken from behind by an equally attractive man.  At first she wasn’t sure it was consensual as it was extremely rough, but she was quick to note that the woman loved every bruise inducing thrust from the man.  His hands were underneath the garter straps and gripping her hips roughly as he hammered her with breath stopping thrusts.  The woman’s well formed breasts had escaped from her bra and were shaking wildly with each thrust.  Her own body responded to the scene in front of her and she slipped a hand inside the fold of her dress and pinched her nipple through her lacy bra.

The man changed positions so that he was leaning back against a tree and he suddenly started spanking the woman’s exposed ass cheeks.  The look of undeniable passion on the woman’s face was mesmerizing and she started moving slowly back and forth on the man’s cock.  Crafty could see the woman’s inner thighs were wet with her arousal and then she caught sight of the man’s cock and it glistened in the sunlight from the woman’s honey.  She absentmindedly licked her lips at the thought of having it in her mouth.  Her nipple was hard and enjoying the attention of her hand and as her other hand started to slide inside her dress, a voice in her ear startled her, “Pretty fucking hot scene, isn’t it?”  She started to turn, but a strong arm looped around her hip and in a softer voice, the man said, “Just enjoy the show, sweetheart.”  He stepped closer and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her butt and every hair on her body stood on end.  She needed to leave; this wasn’t right, but then his hand was moving inside her dress and he was moving their hands to her aching pussy.  He his hand moved swiftly until he pressed her fingers and his up against her soft, wet and quivering pussy lips.

She moaned slightly at the touch of their fingers through her sodden panties. She was trembling with a combination of desire and the shame of having a total stranger touching her so intimately.  The shame was quickly dismissed as her need for release consumed her.  His fingers were skilled and they caressed her with just the right combination of strength and softness.  His other hand moved her hand from her breast and pulled it back to his crotch.  The world seemed to be spinning as he helped her unzip his slacks and free his hot cock.  As she stroked its length, she wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t.  This really couldn’t be happening, could it?  Could she really be getting felt up in a park by a stranger and jerking him off at the same time and…….yes, loving it?  His cock was oozing pre-cum and she spread it down his shaft to lubricate it and soon she was pumping it wildly.  She heard a squeal down below and it was clear that the man was trying to push his cock in her rose hole and the woman wasn’t so sure about it.  She wasn’t sure why, but she found the struggle between them arousing as hell and when the man finally shoved the tip of his cock into the woman’s rose hole and she groaned lustily, Crafty almost came.  She could hear the man behind her grunting and she knew he was close as well, but suddenly their tryst was interrupted when a policeman arrived in the clearing below.  The policeman had walked up on the other couple and yelled at them which had in turn had startled Crafty and her ‘companion’ as well.  Before she could even get a view of the man that had been wonderfully pushing her buttons, he was gone.

Hidden from view by the trees, she walked on wobbly legs out of the park as quickly as she could.  Her body was still aching for release, but she knew it wasn’t going to happen on a crowded sidewalk.  She slowly walked back to her office wondering what in the world was happening to her.  She came to the conclusion that her arousal from seeing the other couple along with the man’s confidence that she would be agreeable to an anonymous liaison had overwhelmed her normally conservative nature and had caused her to do something she’d never even dreamed of doing.  She’d never been more aware of her body.  She could feel how wet her panties were and how her stockings pulled against the straps of her garter belt with each step.  The man’s caresses must have forced some of her panty crotch up inside her as with each step, the garter straps which were appropriately underneath her panties seemed to pull and twist the silky nylon crotch just right so it teased her clit.  It was a surreal experience as it felt like some ghostly presence was caressing her with the lightest of touches.  It was insanely erotic and it made her mind go back to what had just happened.

As she stood at the red light at a busy intersection, a young man suddenly leaned in and whispered, “You might want to correct your dress, sweet tits.”  She glanced at him and then down at her dress and noticed for the first time that the bodice of her dress was gaping wide open and the breast she’d been playing with had escaped from the lacy confines of her bra.  She mumbled, “Holy shit” and then quickly fixed her bra and pulled her dress more tightly closed as she turned to thank him.  He quickly said, “I almost didn’t say anything as it truly is a lovely tit, but I guess I’m too nice.”  She couldn’t help but smile and then they were walking along with the crowd across the street.  She glanced down and saw an enormous bulge in his jeans and the arousal she’d been fighting flared again.  It didn’t help that her panties were caressing her again and she was barely aware of where she was at when the young man said, “Ma’am, you look a bit flushed; maybe you should find a quiet place to catch your breath.”

She wasn’t sure if he was suddenly guiding her into a high rise office building at the corner out of concern for her or because he sensed that he might have a chance at fucking her, but she really didn’t care.  All she knew was that each step caused her panties to caress her unbelievably sensitive clit.  It was becoming too much stimulation and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to orgasm from just walking and she was nearly in tears from how badly she wanted it.  She glanced at the young man and noticed he was definitely a college kid with his backpack over his shoulder and she stumbled along with him as he guided her down a hallway to a family restroom.  Once inside, his hands were everywhere; roughly groping her tits and her ass and then she was bent over the baby changing table as he pulled the leg band of her panties to the side in order to fill her aching pussy with his cock.  She regained her sense long enough to quickly find a condom in her purse and quickly slide it in place.  Finally, she sighed as he slid his nicely sized hard cock deep into her.  He stood motionless for a moment as his hands roughly squeezed her tits as he moaned how hot she was.

She looked over her shoulder and didn’t even recognize herself as she growled, “Get on with it already; fuck my pussy.  I need it bad.”  His eyes went wide with surprise, but then he looped his hands in her garter belt just like the man in the park had done to the other woman and started thrusting with reckless abandon.  Crafty had never experienced such all consuming pleasure.  It was like every nerve in her body was on fire and her orgasm started in her finely pedicured toes and shot up her legs like a bolt of electricity.  As she heard him grunting behind her, she rubbed her clit with the front of her silky panties and she had to bite her hand to keep from shrieking as her own orgasms took over her body.  She spasmed over and over again as a slew of obscenities escaped her lips.  He had gone still as her body had convulsed and was watching her in wide eye wonder.  She pulled away, but then gripped his shaft, whipped off the condom and stroked him to completion.  She made sure his explosion didn’t come anywhere near her and as soon as she finished, she washed her hands, fixed her dress, makeup and hair, told him thank you and left him standing there in shock.  A very happy shock, but frozen in place.

She walked out and couldn’t believe how much better she felt.  She felt like a wanton slut, but one that had just had the most magnificent multiple orgasms she’d ever experienced.  Arriving back at her office, she didn’t have time to dwell on what had just happened as she had to meet with her longtime photographer.  As soon as he walked in, he exclaimed, “Goodness girl, you look like you’ve been rode hard.”  She laughed and told him he was crazy, but he leaned in and said, “I don’t care, but don’t try and bullshit me, I know some lucky guy was knocking the bottom out of you.  Look at your hair and makeup; plus I can smell your pussy from here.”   She laughed again and told him to get his mind out of the gutter and get to work.  She made a mental note that she would need to go home and clean up properly before meeting her friends at the club.

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