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Off Duty

Novel By: zebo85

Catherine had been looking for more from her life......little did she know how much more life had to offer. View table of contents...


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She fell back asleep and didn't awake again until almost noon to the ringing of her doorbell. She found another robe to cover her slip and was delighted to see a flower delivery man outside. It turned out to be a dozen yellow roses from Stu and his note made her feel warm, "Sorry for pushing our relationship along so quickly, but you are so damn desirable." She looked at her cell phone and realized he'd also left her a text message that apologized that he couldn't see her this weekend as he'd be working on an out of town police mission. She was disappointed, but wondered if she'd get another late night visit from her intruder. To her disappointment, the rest of the weekend was uneventful. She wondered why she was disappointed and also thought about telling her closest friend, but she worried that she wouldn't understand. It was a legitimate worry as she didn't completely understand it. Completely out of character for her, she'd had wild and rough sex with a policeman she'd just met and was also involved in some strange burgeoning relationship with a home intruder who clearly had some odd fetishes. Either one should probably make her want to run and hide, but just thinking of what had happened over the last week made her hot.

She ran a bath and soon the hot water and her lurid thoughts had her hands caressing her outrageous body. Before long she had the Jacuzzi jets on high and her pussy pressed up next to her favorite one. The pulsing stream of water against her clit pushed her over the edge and she nearly passed out from the combination of her body's heat and the steaming bathroom. Finally relaxed, she pulled open her briefcase and prepared for her big meeting the next afternoon. This would be her fifth time to try and place a model with this perfume company and the first four times had been unsuccessful. What made her angry was that the executive she met with each time had insinuated that if she was up for spending some time between the sheets with him, they would use her model. She'd actually found the man quite attractive, but she knew the first time she did something like that, everybody would know and she'd either be in the situation where she'd have to spread her legs for every opportunity or others wouldn't even deal with her because of their 'moral' standards.

She found it outrageous that the executive operated like that and she knew she'd have to find a way to get past him. She knew turning him in to his employer would be risky as the industry was very male dominated and even if he was misusing his power, others would support him and she and her models would be blackballed. She fell asleep that night wondering what she could do, but as she went into the office, she still didn't know what to do. She'd washed the new slip set she'd received that weekend and she thought it looked sexy and professional peeking out from under her slightly sheer silk blouse. The morning was uneventful until her cell phone rang. She didn't recognize the number and when a man's husky voice asked what she was wearing, she wasn't sure if she was talking to Stu or her intruder. She coyly asked, "Who wants to know" and when he laughed and said, "Don't make me frisk you" she knew she was talking to Stu.

She started to say that she had missed him this weekend and he stopped her and said, "No, really, tell me what you're wearing." She was suddenly breathless and she was surprised at how hot she got simply describing her clothing. It didn't help that he was breathing heavily and he made some lewd comments when she described the new lingerie set. She had to stifle a giggle when he said how he'd like to cum all over it; knowing full well that wouldn't be the first time that had happened. He then explained that he'd sent over a different lingerie set and she was to change into it and call him back as soon as she had. He quickly ended the call and sure enough, a few minutes later, her assistant brought in a package. She dismissed her and closed the blinds in her office before opening it.

It was clearly custom made and it was breathtaking. It was baby blue in color (one of her favorite colors) and it was a slinky nylon slip, but so much more. It had sinfully soft nylon pieces sewn into the front and back of the slip that snapped in the middle and formed a high cut tap panty of sorts. The panty section was trimmed in delicate lace and she noticed the pieces were at least two layers and maybe three layers of incredibly silky soft nylon. In addition to that breathtaking feature, it had six garter straps sewn into the inside of the slip and she wondered if this garment could do everything it was clearly intended to do. She quickly undressed and pulled it over head and that's when she finally realized that the slip had structured bra cups, but only a quarter cup and the blue lace on the cup edges didn't even come close to grazing her areola. She couldn't help but pull on her hard nipples poking at her. She quickly attached her stockings and walked back and forth in her private restroom and marveled at how it fit. The garters held her stockings in place, but with every step she took, the panty section moved; caressing her sensuously. She put on her blouse and skirt and walked back to her desk and felt a little faint from the effect of her new lingerie. As she sat down at her desk, the slip rode up and the panty panels pulled up tight against her pussy, but then the stockings pulled against the garters and pulled it back down again until she was completely seated.

She crossed her legs and the silky nylon panels pressed up against her and she groaned from the sensation. There was something special about the nylon, so soft, but yet there was something else. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to concentrate during her important meeting, so she walked back towards her restroom to change back. She glanced in the mirror and was shocked at how sexy she looked as her sheer blouse barely concealed the exquisite slip bodice underneath. She knew in the right light, her very hard nipples would be visible. Before she could start changing, her phone rang. She grabbed it and it was Stu. He asked if she liked it and she whispered, "Yes, but I have an important meeting; I can't wear this." She could heard the firmness in his voice as he said, "Yes, you will…..in fact, undo a couple buttons of your blouse and send me a picture.

Without thinking it through, she did so and as soon as he saw the picture he whistled his approval. She tried to tell him again that she couldn't possibly wear it during her meeting as it wasn't appropriate and it was incredible distracting, but he told her not to argue with him and good luck with the meeting. The point was moot as her assistant buzzed her desk phone and told her that her appointment was there. She quickly buttoned one of the buttons on her blouse, but left the other two undone. She felt sexy as hell and quivered as she stood at her table waiting for her guest. As soon as he came in, he eyed her like a cat that was about to eat the canary and when he shook her hand, his eyes never left her mostly exposed breasts. He cooed that she looked exceptional today. She dismissed his compliment and waved him over to the table. Just walking over to him was a distraction as the panty rubbed against her extremely wet pussy. She dimmed the lights and started her powerpoint presentation and quickly explained that she had two different models that would be perfect for his company. He watched in silence and she could tell that the second model had his attention. However, keeping with his piggish form he said, "You know the requirements for placing a model….it seems like you had that in mind when you dressed today."

His smile infuriated her and she pivoted quickly from where she was standing to approach him at the table. As she did so, one of the snaps of the panty panels came undone and it allowed the nylon material to get pulled up between her pussy lips. She nearly groaned at the sudden change in the feel, but she hid it as best as she could and quickly walked over and sat down. She crossed her legs and the other side snap came undone so only the middle one was still attached. It pulled the silky nylon farther up into her and she had to put her hand on the table to steady her raging arousal. His eyes took in the exposed thigh from her skirt riding up and she snapped, "Listen, you pig, you know me well enough to know that I'm not going to fuck you just to get a model a contract. This model is going to be a huge sensation and you can either sign her first and have your bosses happy as hell with you or I've got a later appointment with your biggest competitor and I know they'll see that this girl has what it takes to be a star." His eyes were wide with surprise at her language and he was speechless.

She leaned forward and the nylon moved against her clit and she knew that her blouse was gaping open and likely exposing her very hard nipples. She pushed a contract towards him and said, "You'll find this to be very favorable for your company. You get a three month exclusive with her and it's for slightly less than standard rates for a new model." He sat there staring at her breasts and she was awash with arousal. He finally said, "I don't what's gotten into you today, but you drive a hard bargain." She glanced down at his crotch and realized he wasn't kidding as his erection was straining against his expensive suit pants. He turned and looked at the contract for a few minutes and she realized that she was bouncing her crossed leg on top of her other one and the feeling was incredible. She was exhilarated for her client and she found the fact that she'd won this round was adding to her arousal. It was then that things got really interesting.

As he sat silently reviewing the contract, she slowly slipped off one expensive stiletto and slowly put her foot in his lap. She traced the length of his shaft with her foot and as he started to lean forward towards her, she quickly said, "No, no, no; you will do only as I say…..do you understand?" He nodded and she huskily said, "Let's see what you got in there." He quickly released his cock and she started rubbing her silky nylon stocking covered foot up and down its length. He closed his eyes and she knew that he was loving the experience. She found the feel of his cock against her foot was exhilarating and every movement of her leg to stroke him pulled the panty panel against her clit. She rubbed the sole of her foot across the tip of his cock and could feel his pre-cum soaking her foot. She noticed him looking straight up her skirt and she wondered how much she could see, so she slowly slid the skirt higher and she knew she was almost completely on display.

He whispered, "Oh fuck, please let me taste you." She smiled and said, "First things first." She quickened her movements against him and he closed his eyes as he focused on the wonderful feeling of the foot job he was getting. She softly said, "If you tell anyone about this, you'll never get close to me, do you understand?" He nodded his head and then he groaned as she pushed more firmly and then his eyes flashed open as he exploded; soaking the bottom of her foot. She was breathless and as his eyes fluttered open, she was standing and pulling his face to her crotch as she lifted one leg up and over his shoulder. She humped his face for only a few moments and then she gasped and climaxed. She quickly fixed her skirt and told him to fix his clothes and that she looked forward to their next business deal.

She was finally brought back to reality as he said her name again. Her eyes finally focused on him and his question, "Is there anything else we should discuss?" She realized that she had day dreamed the entire sequence, yet her throbbing pussy was very real. She considered jumping him, but she dismissed it and quickly stood to shake his hand and thank him for the opportunity. He was completely disappointed that there wasn't more, but as soon as he left, she fell back into her chair and tried to quiet her raging arousal. Moments later, Stu was barging into her office. Her assistant was trying to stop him, but he was saying something like it was official police business. She told her assistant it was fine and her door wasn't even closed before he was her at desk, ripping open her blouse as he pressed his hot hard cock against her lips. There was nothing she wanted more and she greedily sucked it into her mouth.

For the next few minutes she savored every inch of him. The warmth of his skin, the taste of his pre-cum, the way he forced himself deeper and deeper into her welcoming mouth. She teased him by slowly and softly tonguing his sensitive cock head and he groaned and pulled her by the hair until he forced himself back into her mouth. She relaxed and let him fuck her mouth with quick and deep thrusts. It wasn't long before her efforts were rewarded and he was exploding into her throat. Without even waiting for her to catch her breath, he was pulling her up and then sitting down in her chair. He pulled her onto his lap and she guided his cock into her pulsating pussy. They both groaned and she slammed herself down on his cock until the tip of him banged the bottom of her pussy roughly. He had guided his cock past the still fastened panty panel and he reached down and started moving the now thong like panel back and forth slowly against her clit. She was riding him wildly and he sucked her nipples almost violently and the sensations emanating from her clit made her breathing ragged with lust. She had never experienced such pleasure and before long, she was coming and coming.

He was intent to keep pounding her pussy with his deep thrusts, but she couldn't bear any more of the friction against her clit and she jumped off of him and fell back against her desk. Quick as a flash, he was on her and rolling her over. He ripped open the last snap of the panty panel and she braced herself for his cock to be buried in either her pussy or her ass. Instead, he knelt and slowly tongued her rose hole. It was such a surprise that her body didn't know how to respond. It was so raw, so lusty as his tongue probed her sensitive rose hole, she lost control. She reached back to spread her cheeks to give him better access as she pushed back against him. She suddenly realized that her office door was likely unlocked and anyone could catch them in the act. It only added to her arousal. It was then that she realized that she'd had a lot of coffee earlier and with the change in lingerie she hadn't gone pee like she'd planned and she had an overwhelming need to do so right then.

She gasped and he somehow knew. He pulled the trash can she kept under the desk towards them until she was straddling it and then she moaned as she released her flow. He drilled his tongue deeper and deeper into her and with each thrust of his tongue it stopped the flow until she was desperate to let it flow freely. She tried to pull away, but he held firm with one hand while his other hand took the silky slip and rubbed it against her clit. It was like an electric shock had gone through her as another wave of orgasms hit her. However, it wasn't enough and she reached down and slid three of her slender fingers deep into her pussy. He continued to caress her clit with the silky slip as he pulled his tongue slightly out of her rose hole. It released a torrent of urine and with her fingers buried in her pussy, it sprayed out wildly. She felt it soaking her stockings and elsewhere as a deeper, more powerful wave of orgasms began. It was all she could do to keep from screaming. It was a wild scene for sure. Him on his knees behind her tonguing her ass while rubbing her clit with the slip while she continued to frig her pussy with three fingers while peeing.

Finally she collapsed across her desk; nearly unconscious. What woke her was the feeling of his cock slowly entering her pussy. As he hammered her from behind, she realized that she was not capable of climaxing again, but she took great pleasure in tightening her pussy around his cock so that he could cum again. After he exploded deep within her, he kissed her deeply and then helped her clean herself up. He rolled the wet stockings down her legs as well as the slip/teddie and then helped her to the restroom where he washed off her skin with a warm cloth and soap. He was so tender whereas he'd been an animal just moments before. She couldn't stop saying, "Oh wow" and by the time he left, she had mostly regained her composure. As she sat down at her desk she relished her soreness and smiled as she realized how completely relaxed and satisfied she felt. She quickly called her client and told her the good news and decided it was time to call it a day.


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