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Off Duty

Novel By: zebo85

Catherine had been looking for more from her life......little did she know how much more life had to offer. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 29, 2012    Reads: 998    Comments: 1    Likes: 3   

She woke up over an hour later and was completely disoriented. As the ache of her body sank into her mind, she recalled what had happened. She looked around her living room, but didn't see him. She finally realized there was a note taped to her slip and she pulled it closer and smiled as she read, "Sorry, but duty called. That was the single best sexual experience of my life; I can't wait for more." It was signed simply Stu. She closed her eyes and relived her afternoon and couldn't believe what had happened. First, completely losing control with the mystery man and then succumbing to a man she barely knew. It was the closest thing to rape she'd ever experience, but she knew it wasn't even close to that. She had wanted Stu since she'd first met him at the club, but normally it would have happened on her schedule. A couple months of dating with physical stuff increasing each time before giving up what he had called her 'sweet pussy'. She shivered at the recollection of just how incredible it had been and she wondered what could possibly top this experience.

She wandered into her bedroom and saw her laptop on her bed where she'd left it. She absentmindedly picked it up and saw that she had a new email from the 'intruder'. He asked if he liked the lingerie set and was it a fair trade for the teddy he'd taken on his first visit. For some reason, she calmly typed, "Still at work, so I wouldn't know." She gasped when his next response came in; it simply said, "Liar." She glanced around wondering for a moment whether he was lurking in a closet, typing messages on his phone and had seen the entire thing; her slurping his jizz off the slip and then getting the fuck of her life from Stu. She dismissed that as being unlikely, but she quickly typed, "So, you're into stalking as well as home invasion?" Her mind went blank when she read his quick reply, "My fetishes are quite extensive J, but as a word of caution, you really should be careful to always check to see if your web cam is on or off." He had included a web link and when she clicked on it, a video of her masturbating started playing. Her face was mostly obscured, but she began hyperventilating at the thought of it being on youtube where millions could watch it. For some reason, her arousal started spiking at the thought. She quickly typed, "You bastard, this better not be a real website."

He quickly replied, "FOR NOW IT'S NOT, BUT IT'S UP TO YOU." She felt faint, but typed, "What do you mean?" He kept her waiting for what seemed like an hour and then he finally replied, "FROM TIME TO TIME, YOU WILL DO THINGS FOR ME." As her mind tried to come to terms with the predicament she was in and why she found it exhilarating, she froze. After a few minutes of quite reflection, she finally typed, "If I do these things, how do I know you'll keep your word or that you'll hold this over my head forever." This time his response was quick and to the point, "I ALWAYS KEEP MY WORD AND WE'LL KNOW WHEN IT'S TIME TO END OUR RELATIONSHIP. GET SOME REST, YOU LOOK TIRED AND YOU NEED SOME TIME TO COME TO GRIPS WITH YOUR FEELINGS."

She wasn't sure why or how this was happening, but she suddenly found herself embroiled in 'relationships' with two different men and each of them seemed both perilous and exhilarating. She stripped nude and headed in for a long shower. She forced her mind to go blank and she just enjoyed the hot blast of water soothing her tired and pleasantly aching body. Toweling off, she smiled weakly as she saw the bruises on her ass from where Stu had gripped her while pounding her earlier. She reached for her robe and realized that it was still somewhere in the living room; probably in pieces, so she padded out to her bedroom and slid into the new slip. It felt incredibly soft and silky against her and she walked to her kitchen to find something to eat. She found a plate of cookies that she assumed her maid had left her and after pouring a glass of milk, she indulged and had two of them. They were delicious and she reasoned that she'd burned at least that many calories with as much masturbating and fucking she'd done that day. Everything seemed to be hitting her all at once and she was bone tired. She staggered back to her bedroom and slid between the silk sheets. Her mind started to wonder when she'd purchased silk sheets, but they felt great and she was too tired to care.

Her dreams were vivid and wild. They alternated between the two men, but the one constant was that she was experiencing more pleasure than ever before. One dream in particular took a wild turn as it involved her sleeping. She wasn't sure that she was sleeping or dreaming, but the sound of her front door opening and closing was unmistakable. She was so dead to the world, that she was only able to turn to her bedroom door as she heard someone walk in. When she saw it was a man wearing some kind of mask, she didn't move or panic. She figured it was a dream and besides, she felt like she was stuck in concrete; unable to move. He spoke and he was speaking through something that disguised his voice so it gave it a kind of science fiction feel. She remembered thinking that was kind of bizarre, but then he was undressing. As his cock came into view, she licked her lips. He laughed and said, "You are a wonderful piece of ass; already hot for it, aren't you?"

Suddenly, she felt the bed sink from his weight and then he was pressing his full weight against her as he nestled his cock down the crack of her ass. It felt wonderful and when he reached up and took both her hands in his and stretched them high above her head, it felt intimate in an odd sort of way. His breathing was distorted through the voice disguiser, but there was no mistaking his compliment, "What a fucking unbelievable body you have; mind if I enjoy it a bit." She tried to say something, but no sound came out which she dismissed as being part of the dream. She could feel her honey already leaking down her inner thighs as he moved down her body enough so that he could slide his cock up between her legs. She could feel his cock head pressing against her pussy and it was intoxicatingly infuriating. She wanted it inside her, but she couldn't move or say anything to urge him to shove his glorious cock inside her.

He moved against her, pressing the silky nylon slip so tenderly against her soft and wet lips and then a harder push so that the nylon was wedged against her clit. She could feel the hairs on her body stand up like a cat in an electrical storm and she heard herself purring. He laughed and gave her ass a quick spank through the slip and her purr turned deeper. He produced a silk blindfold from somewhere and slipped it over her eyes. She could hear him taking off the mask and then he rolled her to her side and his mouth started teasing her hardened nipple through the nylon and lace of the slip bodice. She desperately wanted more, but it was clear that he intended to tease her for a while. He let her nipple go after a particularly violent suck and the noise it made sounded like a champagne cork popping. His lips moved up to her ear and he praised her heavenly body, "Your body is so incredibly wonderful. Such smooth skin and delicious curves to explore for days. There is no doubt that your body is an altar to be worshipped by any lucky man." He kissed her lips lightly and let his tongue linger for only a moment before he moved lower.

He slowly hiked her slip higher and higher not stopping until she could feel the cool air against her exposed buttocks. His tongue slid slowly down the crack of her ass, avoiding her puckering ass and taking one long lick of her pussy lips before traveling lower. He kissed the backs of her knees and she found his touch tantalizing. When he licked the soles of her feet she mumbled her approval and then each toe got a long leisurely suck. Each touch of his tongue and lips on her toes sent pulses to her pussy and she knew her bed sheets were soaked with her excitement. She grunted trying to signal her desire to have him buried inside her, and he reacted faster than she could imagine. Without warning, his cock was pushed against her lips and she opened her mouth to take him in. She didn't seem able to lift her head, but she turned her face to the side and he thrust in and out of her soft lips for only a little while, but then he was gone again.

She felt his mouth suddenly sucking against her rose hole and the succeeding sensations were wild. His fingers pried her cheeks open and then he rolled his tongue into a spear and fucked her rose hole with his tongue. She found that the lacy hem of her slip was wonderfully positioned right under her clit and so with each probing thrust of his tongue, her clit was forced against the lace and the teasing caress was sinfully excellent. She was so close to a mind blowing orgasm and as his tongue probed deeper, she gasped as she started to climax. However, lightning flashed in her head as it was suddenly stopped. He had squeezed her clit between his finger and thumb and that pain had stifled her orgasm. She grunted again wanting the release that had been oh so close. His lips were suddenly next to her ear as he whispered, "Like a dream come true, isn't it?" Her lust filled fog couldn't comprehend how this dream was so incredibly realistic, but all thought left her mind as she felt him rubbing some lubricant around her rose hole.

She groaned and her pussy throbbed as he worked one and then two fingers deep into her rose hole. She'd had several lovers that had pleaded her for access to her back door, but she'd never allowed anything but a little finger action and so this intrusion was new, but agonizingly terrific. She didn't realize how sensitive that area was, but when he finally pushed the head of his cock against her puckering rose hole, it was like she could feel every detail of him. When the ridge at the base of his cock head gained entry, she could feel her sphincter tighten down around the narrowing of his shaft just below it. When she heard him groan, "Oh yeah baby, this is better than I dreamed; I'm honored to be your first" she wanted more of his cock. She realized for the first time that her body was now capable of moving and she pushed her butt upwards to impale herself on his cock and she gasped as his hand came crashing down on the silky smooth skin of her ass.

His lips were next to her ear again as he growled, "I like your eagerness, but this is my show; I'll decide how much you get." He bit down on her shoulder for added effect and she whimpered, but forced herself to lie completely still. As he slowly pushed more of his length inside her, she swore she could feel the thick veins of his cock rubbing against her insides. She'd never given much thought to being 'taken' this way and she now regretted it. It was so lusty; so animal like, she was consumed with the sensations and she embraced them. She started to move her hand down under her belly with the intent of caressing her clit, but he was quick as his hand intercepted it. He chuckled again and told her that later she would appreciate having been patient.

Inch by inch he stabbed his sword into her and she gasped when he whispered that he might need to bring a friend with him on his next visit. The thought was so lurid, but she couldn't get it out of her mind. His hand moved to her mouth and traced her lips with his fingers and she knew what he was saying. She finally felt his balls rub against her ass and she felt faint as he dangled them against her for a moment as he rested. She could feel his beads of sweat splashing on her back and she wondered if he was close. When he finally started slowly and carefully thrusting, her arousal spiked. His thrusts were pushing her clit against the silk sheets and she knew that the pinnacle of her pleasure was close. His lips were next to her ear as he whispered, "Beg me for it." She didn't hesitate and quickly said, "Please, don't stop, I'm almost there, please!" Her voice started to trail off as she felt it start, but then he slapped her ass and grabbed her clit again. Her body throbbed with need and she pushed her upper body off the sheets and growled, "Please, let me cum; please I need it; I need you to let me cum."

His chuckle was maddening and his hands took the opportunity to rub her fantastic breasts that were swaying in rhythm to his shallow thrusting. He squeezed her nipples and the pain was quickly replaced with radiating pleasure. Her body felt so hot and she thought her skin was on fire. She had a vision of her being a mortal woman taken by a god and it electrified her. She turned, and in the darkness caused by the blindfold sought out his lips and she kissed him wildly; their tongues dancing. It was so intimate and yet unreal as this man had invaded her house and was now invading her body. She felt controlled just like with Stu and then he said, "You may cum." It was like her body responded on command and it hit her like waves crashing against the beach. Her body's reaction was so violent that it resulted in her flying forward and separating from his cock. Her body continued to spasm for what seemed like an eternity and she was only barely aware of him straddling her stomach and moving her hands up to push her breasts together. He slid his cock in between the valley of her cleavage and as a series of orgasms crashed over her, his thrusting finally got wild and then he was exploding; sending his semen in spurts across her breasts and neck. She was not even aware that she had reached out and stroked him with the slip until his release was complete.

The next thing she knew she was waking up the next morning. She giggled as she remembered the dream, but then it dawned on her all at once…..it had actually happened; there was no doubt as her backside was delightfully sore, her neck and the bodice of her slip were covered with a crusty residue and of course, she was still wearing the silk blindfold. She sat upright in bed and instead of being mortified, she giggled. She didn't even try and understand her reaction as she was too busy logging onto her laptop. Just as she had expected, there was an email and a link. She clicked the link and for the next 30 minutes she watched and relived the entire experience. It was riveting to watch and she was astounded as she heard her moans of pleasure throughout and then her begging at the end. Her body's response to the multiple orgasms was like watching an Exorcist movie and it made her wonder what was going to happen next…….


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