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Off Duty

Novel By: zebo85

Catherine had been looking for more from her life......little did she know how much more life had to offer. View table of contents...


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She quickly got her assistant out of her office and opened the email again. She reread the last line, "I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE REPLACEMENT LINGERIE THAT I PROMISED YOU." Instinctively she knew that he'd been back in her place and she had an irresistible desire to rush home to see what he left. She told her assistant she was feeling ill and would be gone the rest of the day as she rushed out to her car. Her body was still not quite recovered from the earlier orgasm and the feel of the smooth leather seat below her as her expensive Mercedes rumbled to life made her gasp. As she moved in and around traffic, she couldn't stop thinking of what if he was there; what might happen. She quivered at the thought.

As she entered her house through the garage, she quickly went to her bedroom. There was no search of the house and no dialing 911 as a precaution; she had only one thing on her mind. Entering her bedroom, she saw her laptop open on her bed and a lingerie set laying carefully next to it. There was a post-it note on the laptop that said, "PLAY THE VIDEO". She didn't even consider how he had gotten past her password protection, she just saw the player was open and she hit play. She sat down on the bed and watched. This time the video had audio and as she looked at the 'headless' man standing naked in the video, he said, "It's about time you got here, baby." Her eyes were riveted to his glorious cock and when he gripped it and said, "Come on, baby, come over here and suck it" she licked her lips at the thought of running her tongue along his sensitive head.

"That's right, baby, on your knees" he said and she felt herself in a dream like state do exactly that so she was now kneeling on her plush carpet watching the man thrust into her imaginary mouth. She was overwhelmed with passion; she could almost feel his long, hard shaft moving between her lips as she slid up and down it. She would have gripped the base of it in fear she'd gag from taking too much of it and she wondered what he'd do if she teased him by running her teeth down his sensitive head as she slurped loudly. She wasn't even aware that she was undressing as she watched, but then the voice said, "That's right baby, get out of that dress; I can't wait to fuck you. It's going to feel so good to be buried in that sweet pussy of yours."

She was down to her slip and she watched as the scene suddenly changed. She gasped slightly as he'd obviously had time to edit the movie because now he was standing next to the bed and he'd slid one of her pillows inside a slip and he was rubbing his cock against the slippery fabric and acting like he was fucking her doggy style on the bed. He groaned and throatily said, "Oh that's right baby, tell me how much you love it" he chuckled lightly and then he added, "Next time baby, your wish will come true and I'll do you in your ass." She was shivering in the heat of passion as she listened to him act like she had asked him for it. When he started spanking the pillow, her hand went down inside her panties. As her fingers slid down each wet lip, she growled with a hunger she'd not felt in years.

He stopped his spanking motions and cooed that he would rub lotion on her sore bottom when he was finished and then there was another edit as there was a close up of him exploding all over the back of the slip. She whimpered as each thick strand of his white pearly load shot out of him and she crawled over to where the slip lay on the bed. Sure enough, there was his seed, still wet and not completely soaked into the nylon slip. Her mind didn't even register the fact this had to have occurred very recently and maybe that meant that he was still in her house. She moved closer and the smell of his cum and her two fingers buried in her pussy had her close to the edge. She looked back at the video and there was a close up of his cock with some jizz still hanging from his cock and as he said, "That's right, baby, clean me up with those soft lips of yours", she leaned down and ran her tongue through a pool of his cum.

It pushed her over the edge and she gasped as a powerful orgasm rushed through her. With her two fingers thrusting in and out, she used the heel of her hand to press against her clit as her free hand roughly pinched her nipples. As another orgasm built inside her, she licked more of his cum off the slip. She had never felt such wild pleasure before, but then she was suddenly aware of someone pounding on her door. She was so close to cumming again, yet she was afraid the person was going to break the door, so she quickly stood and grabbed her silky robe from the back of her bathroom door.

She tied it around her and headed for the door. As she opened it, she had a thought that maybe her mystery man was about to rush in and take her when she saw it was Stu, the friendly bouncer/policeman. He had a concerned look on his face as he quickly stepped in and asked if she was alright. He led her to the couch and in a rush explained that one of the neighbors had called and thought they had seen a strange man enter her house and so they called him. He'd tried to reach her at work, but when her assistant had said she'd gone home ill, he'd rushed over here worried that something terrible had happened. She found his concern for her endearing and as she told him that she was fine, she felt her robe fall open. She was very aware of his eyes on her and that's when she realized that in her wild masturbating a few moments ago, she'd pulled her breasts out of her bra and slip and she couldn't remember if she had corrected that in her rush to answer the door. She wondered if he was getting an eyeful.

She went to close her robe, and she gasped when he stopped her. His eyes finally went to her face and she could see the lust in them as he said, "Looks like I might have interrupted something; is someone here?" She shook her head no and his eyes twinkled in delight at the idea of her alone pleasuring herself. "I was thinking that you were in need of help, but I didn't dare dream it was this kind of help you needed." His hand moved quickly and was inside her robe and rubbing her breast a little too roughly. His rough touch thrilled her, but scared her at the same time. She pulled away and to her surprise he pulled her back to him and looked deep into her eyes as he said, "Listen, sweet tits, we both know you want this, so let's not waste time." She pulled away again and said, "You sick fucker; you can't just come in here and…." and that's when he ripped her robe open.

"I can smell your pussy from here, and I know you'd much rather have my cock than those dainty fingers of yours" he growled and then his mouth was on her very hard nipple. He sucked it greedily into his mouth while pulling her close. She was spiraling out of control and was only vaguely aware of him reaching down and tearing her panties off with one strong rip. As two of his rough fingers entered her, she groaned and instinctively humped against him. She was wet and ready for him, but his strong, rough fingers stretched her open and she loved it. He released her nipple from his mouth as he leaned back to look at her as he teased, "That's right, hot stuff, just let yourself go and we'll both enjoy it." He added a moment later, "Feels like I got here just in time as your pussy is so wet; so hot and so wet." His blunt talk seemed to ignite her wild side and she was almost back to the climax that had eluded her minutes before when he suddenly pulled his fingers out. The loud smacking noise as they left her pussy filled the air and then he was taking off his utility belt and pulling out his cock. As she looked at it, she was distracted momentarily when he pulled out his night stick and twirled it in one hand. He looked at her and there was just enough of a sadistic gleam in his eyes to curl her toes as he said, "Good thing you stopped fighting this or instead of my fingers, you would had this shoved into your pussy."

She shivered as she looked at the hard rounded end of the wooden club and then shivered even more as he waved the other end and she saw the much thicker and leather wrapped handle. He laughed and pulled her down to his lap and she hungrily eyed his cock as she knelt on all fours on the couch. As her tongue swirled around the head, his hand softly caressed her now bare ass as he said, "You have got the most perfect body…I've been thinking of this since that first night I saw you at the club." His compliments spurred her on and she moved her lips down his shaft. She'd never felt such pleasure in giving a blow job before, but she had never needed sex this badly before. In her mind, she was almost disappointed that he wasn't being rough any longer and before she could come to terms with that thought, he began smacking her ass with his strong hand. With one particularly stinging spank, he thrust up and the entire length of his shaft pushed the head of his cock past her gag reflex and into her throat.

She'd never deep-throated like this before and the feeling of being so full of cock made her even hotter. It was like her body craved each new sensation; even when it was slightly painful. She felt him slide two fingers back into her pussy until his finger tips were oh so close to her g-spot. He wiggled them around obviously knowing what she wanted and as one fingertip grazed her g-spot, her body shuddered with delight. She was still moving her soft, full lips, up and down his cock; taking the entire length in with each thrust as she moved against his fingers. He angled his hand and shoved his fingers as far as he could and she could feel him scraping the very top of her pussy and then he turned his hand, rubbed her g-spot just right as he shoved the tip of his thumb just inside her rose hole. Now her body was completely on fire and as she wriggled against his intruding hand like a wild cat, his free hand reached up under her and rubbed her silky slip against her clit.

She sat upright and threw herself backward as she howled like a wild tiger. Her movement had shoved even more of his thumb inside her virgin ass and then she was over the edge. As his fingers and thumb pistoned inside her, he rubbed her clit with the silky slip and she came with a screech and numerous shouted obscenities. He kept up his caresses until her mind went blank and then she had the incredible urge to pee. She'd heard about this, but never experienced it and as she gasped "Oh fuck," her already strong orgasms multiplied and she forcefully ejaculated. To her amazement, he had anticipated it and rotated his body so he was underneath her and as her honey exploded out of her like a geyser, his face was pressed up next to her pussy to lap it up. Instinctively, his touches with his lips and tongue were gentle and he coaxed her to one more orgasm before she collapsed on top of him.

She was still gasping for breath as he rolled her over and as he sat up, she was mesmerized by his face shining with a coating of her honey. He smiled and almost looked a little dazed as he said, "I figured your pussy was going to taste like heaven, but that sweet pussy of yours is intoxicating." He slapped her ass and manhandled until she was hanging over the edge of the arm of the couch. She looked back at him and waited. He pushed just the tip of his cock inside her and held himself still as he watched her. She was wild with wanting his cock and she tried to push back to impale herself on him, but he held her motionless with his strong hands. He smiled in an evil way and said, "Beg me for it." She shook her head as if that was too much to ask. He started to pull his head out and as she felt her lips starting to close around nothing but air, she felt helpless and moaned, "Please." He pushed forward less than an inch and she gasped as she felt her lips opening again to surround his head. His soft head was tickling the sensitive nerves just inside her pussy and it was tantalizingly erotic. With the sneer of a smile, he asked, 'Please what?"

She didn't think she could handle his teasing any longer and she gasped, "Please fuck me, you bastard." He was laughing now and he moved his head out ever so slowly and then he rubbed it up and down the length of her wet and puffy pussy lips. He softly said, "I don't know about being called a bastard; kind of hurts my feelings. How about, Stu, please fuck me with your beautiful cock." She was panting at the sensations provided by his teasing tour of her pussy. His hands were moving along her slip as he seemed to be enjoying the feel of the silky nylon as he smoothed the slip down to her hips. She looked back at him with tears rolling down her cheeks from the frustrated agony she was experiencing and she said, "C'mon, Stu, you fucking stud; bury that glorious cock in my pussy." Before he could even say it, she shouted please and then it was like fireworks going off in her head as he simultaneously buried his cock deep inside her while lifting her upright. His lips, still soft and slippery from her honey, kissed the tears off her cheek as his hands hungrily mauled her fantastic breasts.

His thrusts were smooth and deep and as her nipples sang with pleasure from his rough caresses, she felt his whiskers scratching her cheeks as he continued to kiss her tears which still streamed from her eyes; yet there was something more. It was surreal in how she could feel something caressing her clit; ever so lightly, yet nearly perfectly. It was like the touch of a butterfly's wing and with each thrust it grew with intensity. It didn't make any sense as she could feel both his hands were on her tits; teasing her nipples. She finally looked down and the sight was erotic as hell. Apparently, when he'd thrust into her, he shoved the front of her slip up inside her and with each thrust his cock was pulling the silky nylon across her clit and it was so soft that it felt heavenly. She watched his cock disappearing inside her slip lined pussy and it was such a lusty picture that the sensations and the view of it pushed her over the edge. As her orgasms started, she felt his cock swelling inside of her until it felt like it would tear her pussy apart and then his thrusts became more violent and rapid. As she started to lose consciousness, she felt him erupt and as a smile crossed her lips, she blacked out.


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