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Off Duty

Novel By: zebo85

Catherine had been looking for more from her life......little did she know how much more life had to offer. View table of contents...


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In her apartment later, she thought back on the events of the day. Her initial shame from giving into her desires and temptations had turned into a calm acceptance of what had happened. It had been totally out of character for her to succumb to something so sordid with two complete strangers, but she couldn't argue with the results of how she had felt. Both encounters had been wildly erotic and she'd never felt such pleasure before. Yet, she still wasn't completely satisfied. It was like her body and mind knew, or suspected, that there was even more pleasure if she was willing to seek it out. That point in particular made her yearn for more while also being concerned about how far she would go to test her limits. She showered quickly, took one look at the fairly conservative dress she'd originally planned on wearing and quickly found another one. She'd heard the new club was patterned after a 70's disco, so she found a slinky wrap dress that looked like the disco dresses of days gone by. She was initially going to go bare legged, but she loved how stockings made her feel, so she found a vintage ensemble of a teddy, half slip and garter belt; all in matching chocolate.

As she poured herself into it, she felt incredible. She felt sexy and her body sang with a growing arousal as she clipped the stockings in place. One look at her reflection before putting on the dress made her wonder how any man could deny her when she looked this good. Her friends were quick to compliment her appearance and she noticed quite a few men checking her out. The silky attire and her new found surging arousal made her very conscious of her seemingly permanently hard nipples. As it was a trendy place, there was quite a line to get in and it was the old fashioned kind of line where it didn't matter who was at the front of the line as the doorman had the discretion to let anyone in that they wanted. She noticed one of the bouncers eyeing her and she smiled in return and enjoyed his gaze at it slowly wandered over her curves. Without really thinking about it, she turned away from him and as she leaned in to talk to one of her friends, she pulled her dress tight against the back of her leg and wondered if he was enjoying the sight of the garter strap that was likely very visible now. When she glanced back at him, he was smiling and his eyes were twinkling.

A moment later, she noticed him pull the doorman over and say something to him. Sure enough, the doorman walked over and motioned for her group to follow him. She made sure that she was last in line to get past the bouncer as he was looking at ids and purses to ensure no one was sneaking anything in. He gave her id a long look and she laughed and asked if he thought she might be underage. He laughed and she thoroughly enjoyed his big smile. He paused and then said, "You look fantastic for any age, but I was just trying to think of something to say…..I'm a bit overwhelmed with your stunning beauty." His compliment seemed to burn deep into her and she had trouble thinking of a reply. She finally said, "If you had anything to do with us getting in quicker, I really appreciate it." He smiled and softly said, "You're quite observant….I notice things too." Her heart was pounding with excitement and then he leaned in and with his lips softly touching his ear, he whispered, "I love your outfit tonight; women these days have forgotten how to dress." He then added, "It's a target rich environment inside for a beauty like you, so don't make any rash decisions." She giggled and wanted to spend more time talking to him, but her friends were waiting, so she waved her hand, smiled and walked in.

The evening was a lot of fun, but her thoughts kept drifting back to the bouncer. She had plenty of opportunities to go home with someone, but no one interested her and since she'd had quite an afternoon, she took the bouncers suggestion and didn't 'settle' for just any man. She was more than a bit disappointed that the bouncer was no longer outside when she left. She went home with random thoughts bouncing through her head; work, her eventful day and then they turned to the bouncer. She was amazed at the intensity of the erotic thoughts she was having about him and after sliding out of her dress, she collapsed on top of her bed. Her fingers were quickly pulling on her nipples through the teddy. With one hand caressing her nipples just how she liked it, her other hand moved lower and rubbed her pussy through her slip. She found that sliding the half slip up and down against her silky teddy crotch provided her a delightfully teasing sensation. She quickly hopped out of her bed and grabbed several more silky nylon slips and soon her legs were spread as she rubbed the slips against her with reckless abandon. She found just the right angle and pressure on her clit and before she knew it, she was spiraling into another fantastic orgasm. An image of her on her knees in the waiting line at the club while sucking his cock in front of the crowded line seared into her brain and pushed her over the edge and she came with a squeal. As her breathing returned to normal, she crawled under the covers and fell asleep.

She slept like a log and the next few days were quite normal and therefore, very unsatisfying. As soon as she walked into her house that night after work, something didn't feel right. She walked around the house looking for something out of place, but everything seemed to be how she'd left it. However, she couldn't shake the feeling that somebody had been in her place. As that thought crystallized in her mind, she suddenly got breathless at the thought that the person might still be in her house. She grabbed her can of mace and her phone and dialed 911 so she was ready to hit the send button just in case. She toured her place again and was convinced that no one was there, but she still felt weird.

She went into her bedroom and considered changing out of her dress, but still didn't feel quite safe. That's when she noticed the drawers on her lingerie chest were all closed and the mess of thrown clothes she usually left was noticeably absent. Her heart pounded as she opened the first drawer and noticed all her bra and panty sets were nicely folded and organized by color and fabric of the items. There was a section for lacy, cotton and nylon. She felt her hair standing on end and her skin was covered with goose bumps. She opened the next drawers and saw her slips and nightgowns all carefully folded and organized. Obviously, someone had been in her intimate apparel. For some reason, her initial reaction of fear mixed with disgust of someone touching her things turned to intrigue. She walked into her large walk in closet and saw something she hadn't seen earlier.

On her valet post, was a dress and lingerie set all ready for her to wear. When she finally noticed the note, she felt faint. She opened it up and saw neat block lettering, "MY APOLOGIES IF MY PRESENCE HERE TODAY STARTLED YOU. I COULDN'T HELP BUT LOOK AT YOUR THINGS AND I WAS MESMERIZED. SUCH EXQUISITE THINGS FOR SUCH A STUNNING WOMAN. I'VE TAKEN THE LIBERTY OF PICKING OUT YOUR OUTFIT FOR TOMORROW; I HOPE YOU'LL HUMOR ME AND WEAR IT; PLEASE J. She stopped reading and smiled and wondered why she was smiling about this very intimate intrusion into her personal things. She started to put the note down, but then noticed writing on the back. P.S. - I COULDN'T HELP BUT TAKE THE TEDDY ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR. THE SCENT OF YOUR AROUSAL EMBEDDED IN IT WAS INTENSE AND I HAD TO HAVE IT. I PROMISE I'LL BUY YOU SOMETHING NEW TO REPLACE IT.

She had to sit down now as it was the teddy she'd worn when she masturbated the other night. As she lay on the bed wondering what the heck was going on, she wondered why she wasn't calling the police. Someone had obviously broken into her house and been through her things, but for some reason she wasn't scared. In fact, she found it pretty damn hot for some unknown reason. As she was sitting there with her heart pounding, her doorbell rang. She thought about ignoring it, but then they knocked. She hustled down the stairs and was shocked when she saw a policeman outside. She opened the door and immediately asked if something was wrong. He smiled and he seemed very familiar.

He explained that one of her neighbors had reported a break in and he was asking around to see if anyone had she seen anything out of the ordinary or noticed any strangers in the neighborhood lately. She smiled nervously and said that she hadn't seen anything, but what had been stolen. He explained that they were still looking, but they didn't actually think anything had been stolen. In fact, they weren't sure if there had actually been a break in, but something just didn't seem right. She sighed and then said she had felt the same way when she'd gotten home, but didn't find anything out of place or missing. It was then that she remembered that he was the bouncer from the other night at the club.

When she asked if she was right, he nodded and said, "I recognized you immediately, but I don't like to mix personal work with professional, so I didn't want to say anything." He asked if she'd had a good time and she said it had been okay, but nothing great. He then asked if she wanted him to look around to check out her place for any signs of intrusion. She welcomed the excuse to keep him around longer and so she invited him in. As he walked around checking windows and doors, they made small talk and found they had a lot of things in common. He said her place appeared secure, but if she was interested, he had a friend that installed security systems. He gave her his card after writing his personal phone number on the back. She smiled as she took his card and said she felt better and she appreciated him looking around. He said that it had been his pleasure and was she still concerned that someone had invaded her privacy. She thought for a second and shivered at the realization that she wasn't concerned about it

When he left, she wondered why he hadn't told him about the letter and her lingerie, but she dropped the thought as she looked at his phone number and thought about when she'd see him again. That night she tossed and turned with wild visions filling her dream. Her dream had her returning home and instead of the house being empty, a man had emerged from her closet completely nude except for a mask over his face. She'd been shocked into silence, but when her eyes glanced down at his stiff cock, she was startled at her body's response. Somehow he sensed her reaction was more of arousal than fear and he 'tormented' her for the next two hours. At least in the dream, she got hotter and hotter with each of his demands. She would say no and struggle, but each time she did what he commanded her arousal grew. When she woke up in the middle of one of his demands, she was hot and sweaty and struggling to come to terms with what it meant. She'd never had a rape fantasy before, but she recognized that was exactly what the dream was. She finally fell asleep and woke the next morning with more questions than answers.

The next morning, she dressed in the outfit that her intruder had selected and she spent the entire day wondering if he was watching her. It caused her to be jumpy all day, but also very stimulated. As she grabbed a sandwich from a street side vendor to take back to her desk, she expected to be confronted at any moment. She searched the eyes of every man that walked by and wondered if it was her intruder. Returning to her office she wondered why she felt let down that nothing had happened. She logged onto her personal email account to check on a recent clothing purchase she'd made online and noticed an email from a few minutes prior from an address she didn't recognize.

When she opened it, she gasped. "THANK YOU FOR WEARING WHAT I PICKED OUT; YOU LOOK EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED!" Her mind was racing and she quickly typed, "Who is this? How did you get my email address? Where did you see me?" Her heart raced as she waited for a reply and she felt faint as she read it, "ITS MORE FUN IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM. I'M QUITE GOOD WITH COMPUTERS. SAW YOU ON THE STREET THIRTY MINUTES AGO; EVEN GOT CLOSE ENOUGH TO SMELL YOUR PERFUME…..REALLY NICE." Her eyes were watering at the intensity of her emotions, but the only thing she could focus on was that her pussy muscles were squeezing like they were searching for a cock. It felt amazing and she savored the sensations for a minute before she saw a new email. "DID YOU CALL THE POLICE? I HOPE NOT….I'D LIKE TO RETURN AND THAT MIGHT COMPLICATE THINGS."

The last sentence seemed to be flashing like a strobe light in front of her. She knew what she typed next would impact her life in dramatic ways and she finally typed, "I almost did; not sure why I didn't. Other than your obsessive compulsive interest in my lingerie, what is going on here….do I know you." She wanted desperately to stop the throbbing in her pussy, but her office door was open and she was enjoying the helpless feeling she was having. His message only added to the experience, "IT'S UP TO YOU WHAT HAPPENS." Attached to the email was a video clip and he'd typed, "WATCH IF YOU DARE." Her antivirus software checked it and said it was okay, but still she hesitated. Finally, she double clicked the icon and she sat mesmerized as the short clip ran. It didn't take long for her to realize that the lean and muscular man was in fact in her bedroom; the fact that he was nude and his face was not shown made her heart race. When he picked up the half slip she was currently wearing and slowly stroked his cock with it, she shuddered; not from disgust, but blood searing lust. His cock was beautiful, just the right size and hard as a rock; he turned sideways and the profile view of his manhood made her dizzy. For some unknown reason, she wanted to see him explode all over the half slip, however, the clip stopped.

She replayed it hoping it had inadvertently stopped too early, but it ended at the same point. She desperately wanted to see more, but she couldn't email him with that request,…..could she? A moment later, she smiled as she typed, "You're a pervert; I am going to contact the police now." Her computer seemed to taunt her as nothing happened. Minutes passed and no response. She realized she didn't want this to end. She tried to understand why she felt the way she did, but she couldn't comprehend what she was feeling. The only thing she could come to grips with was that she was very horny, so she was relieved when she saw his email. She squeezed her legs together as she read, "NO YOU WON'T. IN FACT, I BET YOU'RE DYING TO KNOW WHAT I DID IN YOUR HOUSE AND THAT YOUR PANTIES ARE SOAKED FROM HOW HOT THIS IS MAKING YOU." Her mouth dropped open in amazement as he seemed to know exactly what she was thinking and feeling.

She let her rational side take over for a moment as she quickly typed, "Do you know who I am? I'm a very successful businesswoman, so it's not like I'm some lonely housewife sitting at home surfing porn just hoping for some deviant bastard to come along and use my lingerie for his personal pleasure." She hit send and felt better….for a moment. She was trembling as she read his very quick reply, "I'M GLAD WE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY. I REALIZE YOU'RE STILL STRUGGLING WITH THE PECULIAR ASPECTS OF OUR RELATIONSHIP, BUT I KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF. YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED, BUT I CAN CHANGE THAT. EMAIL ME WHEN YOU'RE READY. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE REPLACEMENT LINGERIE THAT I PROMISED YOU."

She stared at the email and wondered what was going on, but she was interrupted by the roaring waves of pleasure that were starting at her toes. She opened her mouth in shock as she realized that she was about to climax. She had been so engrossed with the email exchanges that she didn't even realize that she'd tucked her leg up underneath her and for the last few minutes, she'd been rocking back and forth on her chair and her 4 inch heel had been pressing up against her pussy. The wonderful pressure coupled with the enormity of the situation pushed her over the top and she had to stifle gasps and a scream as shuddered in pleasure. She watched the video again and several more tremors rocked through her body. She was barely able to close her computer screen and compose herself as her assistant walked in just as she was finishing.


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