Business Casual

By: zebo85

Chapter 1, Hubie\'s job is challenging and very rewarding, but are there more rewards in store for him?

Being the chief financial officer at a fast growing company was an exhilarating ride.  When his boss told him that he needed to hire an assistant to help him out with a variety of duties, he was reluctant.  Hubert, or Hubie as his friends called him, had always been known for being incredibly modest.  He was always quick to defer credit to his team and the employees in the finance team loved him because of it.  So, the idea of an assistant just didn’t feel right.  What was worse was his boss had already found someone.  He told Hubie that he had the final decision, but as he walked out of the meeting with Bill, the CEO, the Director of Human Resources told him that the applicant was Bill’s niece, so it was pretty clear that as long as she could write in complete sentences he wasn’t going to be able to say no.  They gave Hubie all of ten minutes to organize his thoughts before he was to the ‘final interview’ with her.  He quickly organized some questions and then went into the executive conference room.

As he walked in, he could see her in the corner getting something to drink.  He quickly noted that she was wearing a serious professional suit so that was a positive.  Although they were business casual, Hubie always dressed nicer than most and expected his team to do the same.  He called out a “hello Jennifer” and started walking over to her.  When she turned, his initial thought was “Uh-oh”.   Maybe for most men, she might not have been overly noteworthy, but she had shining auburn hair and wore those librarian style glasses that always made him think of all of his high school fantasies about fucking the librarian.  She smiled and quickly walked over and shook his hand with a firm grip and said, “Hello Mr. Davis, it’s so nice to meet you.”  He tried to shut down his juvenile fantasies as he smiled and told her “Don’t make me feel old; please call me Hubie.”  She smiled and then sat at the chair he pointed to as he sat down next to her and she said, “Well then, you must call me Jenny or Jen.” 

He was all business as he started firing off his normal questions, but he was taken by her facial features.  Stunning green eyes behind the glasses, perfectly pouty lips and teeth that glistened with each toothy smile she gave.  Her makeup was subtle, yet highlighted her beautifully.  Her answers were very crisp; not rambling like some do when nervous and when he quizzed on what she knew about the company, he was surprised at how much she already knew.  Immediately he felt bad that he questioned his boss as she was clearly a serious candidate.  He then asked about her past jobs and she bent to grab a portfolio out of her large leather bag.  Although it wasn’t conscious, he was a guy and when she bent over, her suit jacket gapped open and he looked.  He caught himself from saying wow which is what his brain was saying because he caught a view of a magnificent breasts barely contained in a stunningly red camisole.  He thought her tailored suit jacket was hiding a magnificent pair of breasts.  He was momentarily stunned and as she handed her resume to him, she seemed to sense what he was thinking as her eyes seemed to twinkle a little bit more. 

He lost himself in the resume as he tried to mentally will his cock from stiffening.  He was able to control his thoughts long enough to see that she had some real finance and accounting background and he needed to know if she was going to be bored.  However, as he looked up, she was in the process of taking a drink of water.  Something about her full lips pressing against the crystal glass made it feel the temperature had gone up several degrees in the conference room.  He watched in silence for a second as she drank and then finally said, “Jennifer, you’ve got some really fine experience here; aren’t you going to get bored being an assistant?”  She quickly fired off the perfect answer, “As you might have seen, I took several years off when my two kids were younger, but now I’m looking for a position like this that allows me to use my knowledge and experience, but also to have the flexibility to balance my personal life.  She added that flexibility was incredibly important as she was recently divorced.

She then asked her first question, “Do you have any?”  He raised his eyebrows as if he was confused and asked, “Divorces?”  She was quickly flustered and he enjoyed the sight of her blushing slightly.  Before she had a chance to clarify her question, he laughed and said, “I know what you meant; I do have kids; four of them, so I totally understand your need for flexibility.”   He then asked her if it meant she didn’t want to use her knowledge at all or if she could never work some overtime.  She quickly said that she would love to have some opportunities to use her abilities and that she could work extra hours when needed, but she just didn’t think starting a position that required a lot of hours was the best thing for her right now.  Hubie was quickly warming to the idea of an assistant, at least this one, as she could help with special projects, but he would be paying her less than he’d have to pay someone with her knowledge.  Plus, she was damn likeable and then there was that whole librarian fantasy to consider. 

He was trying to get control of his lurid thoughts when she crossed her leg and brushed his leg in the process.  She apologized and he waved her off like it was no big deal, but the sight of her toned calf muscle next to his leg made his mind wander for a moment.  He stood up and extended his hand and asked her when she could start.  She smiled and they agreed to the following Monday.  He brought her back to human resources to finish filling out paperwork and stopped by his boss’ office on the way.  His boss, Bill, was very glad to hear he gave her the job and quickly asked to ensure it had nothing to do with her being his niece.  Hubie admitted he wasn’t real thrilled with the idea at first, especially since it was his niece, but she was an impressive candidate.  When he admitted his thought about getting higher pay finance type work at an assistant’s pay, Bill laughed heartily.  “Jesus, Hubie, you interview a stunning woman like Jenny and all you’re thinking about is how this might make the income statement look better?”  Hubie was a bit stunned to hear him refer to his niece as stunning and Bill quickly sensed it.  He explained that she was his second wife’s niece.  He smiled and said, “You should see her in a bikini; I used to have make sure I had plenty of heart medicine around when she was coming to the lake house.”  They both shared a good laugh before Hubie went back to work. 

At home that night, he couldn’t get his mind off of her.  After the kids were in bed, he rubbed his wife’s shoulders, but his mind was on Jenny.  His wife, Ann, could feel his hardening cock against her lower back and she said, “Oh c’mon Hubie, I had a terrible day; I’m not in the mood.”  He stopped rubbing her shoulders feeling defeated as that was the standard answer almost every night any more.  When she said, “Well, don’t stop that, but nothing more; not tonight okay”, he held back the torrent of emotion he felt.  However, he dutifully rubbed her shoulders and even tried to seduce her again by kissing her neck, but she pulled away and walked upstairs to bed.  That left him with nothing but his thoughts.  He poured himself a generous vodka tonic and moved to his favorite leather chair.  He turned on a basketball game, but his thoughts quickly turned to Jenny.  He imagined her in a pleated skirt organizing reports in his office bookshelf.  Up and down a small ladder, her skirt swishing about her shapely legs.  He knew he couldn’t stop the throbbing in his cock, so his hand went inside his loungers and gripped it as his thoughts grew in intensity.  He imagined sneaking into the women’s locker room and watching her change.  It’s late and no one else is around and he hides in the shower.  She steps out of her skirt and he looks in awe at her pink silk tap panties and nude thigh highs that show off her fabulous legs.  Her blouse is next and she’s wearing a matching silk camisole that has built in support she doesn’t need a bra.  However, the cups are made of a flimsy satin and her nipples are hard as rocks.  It’s then that he notices that her panties are slightly damp and he wonders if she’s been thinking of him.  As she looks in the mirror, she cups her breasts and caresses her nipples.  Back in his leather chair, he’s been stroking his cock with a fevered intensity and before his fantasy can really get good, he explodes.  He luckily had a towel handy to catch his eruption.  Feeling more relaxed, he turned up the volume on the game and tried to drown out his thoughts of Jenny. 

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