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Business Casual

Novel By: zebo85

Hubie's job is challenging and very rewarding, but are there more rewards in store for him? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 29, 2012    Reads: 495    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Hubie walked into work the next morning; very tired and a little sore. After they'd put the kids to bed, he and his wife had shared the sweetest lovemaking they'd had in years. It had been incredibly satisfying; both emotionally and physically. Maybe things were improving for the better and he was whistling as he entered the office area. Jenny was already there and she was bent over the copier trying to clear a paper jam. He was happy to see that she was wearing clothes or at least he wasn't imagining her in just her lingerie today. Maybe happy wasn't the word, but at least he'd be less distracted he thought to himself. She was wearing a nice form fitting dress and her ass looked incredible as she leaned over to read the instructions on the inside of the copier door. She looked over and seemed to realize what he'd been gazing at, but she simply smiled and asked if he knew how to clear a jam.

He walked over and fought with his cock to try and keep it from hardening, but he wasn't very successful as she looked better with each step that brought him closer. When he reached her, he stated that his team usually didn't allow him to try and fix things as he usually made them worse, but he'd give it a shot. Jenny laughed and stepped back and watched as he squatted down and opened another interior door and found the paper jam. He glanced up as he waved the retrieved paper in triumph and was treated with an incredible sight. Although her dress wasn't revealing in normal posture, with her bent over watching him, it billowed open and he had an incredible view of her breasts and the sexy green lace bra that seemed to barely contain them. He fought to look away, but it wasn't easy. She quickly sensed what he was gawking at and she slowly pulled the dress tight blocking his view. He stood and used the paper to try and hide his growing erection. She glanced down at his crotch, smiled and then thanked him for his assistance. She reached out to take the pages from his hand as they were the originals and he nearly gasped as her hand came dangerously close to his package.

He started to walk off and then stopped. He cleared his throat and she turned and looked at him with a smile. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but he finally said, "Jenny, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but we've got quite a few men in this company and I…..um……well, what I'm trying to say, is that you might need to be careful with that dress. You see…..well, actually…..I saw…..well, you know what I mean, I think. They're really lovely, I mean……oh shit; never mind." He started to stomp off feeling like an idiot, but she said, "Hubie, I think I know what you're saying and I'll be careful so that I don't affect productivity today……and thanks for the compliment. It was a compliment, wasn't it?" He stopped again and partially turned still trying to hide his erection and said, "Yes, it was a compliment, but I'm sorry if it was inappropriate." She laughed and he noticed that her nipples were evident through her dress and said, "Don't worry, I've got HR on speed dial, but I won't be using it yet." He laughed as well and thought her personality was just as attractive as her physical attributes. She asked if they should have their meeting early before everyone else got in. He told her to give him 15 minutes or so to get settled in and then pop in.

Back at his desk, he checked email and a daily sales report before she came in. He waved her over to his conference table and joined her a minute later. After dimming the lights, he used a projector to display spreadsheets on the wall in his office. She continued to surprise him by asking several very insightful questions and at one point leaned over towards him to look at something directly on his laptop screen and he got another view down her dress. He must have displayed his surprise because this time he saw a lace trimmed black camisole. It covered her breasts, but he still found it sexy as hell. When he finally glanced back into her eyes, her eyes were twinkling and she had a sly smile on her face. She finally asked in a teasing voice, "Is this better?" He smiled and said, "Yes, I suppose so, but some of us may still be distracted ……but how, I mean…..where did it come from?" She laughed at his apparent confusion and explained that she'd brought a slip with her this morning as her dress was new and she was worried that in certain lights it might be too sheer. So when he made his observation, she slipped into it. She then leaned even closer to him; giving him an even better view down her dress as she flipped her dress up exposing her slip nearly to her waist as she said, "How can a little black slip like this be distracting?" He gawked as he saw the lace trimmed hem and the front slit that went far enough up that he could see she was wearing stockings and not hose. She uncrossed and then crossed her legs the other way and at least an inch of a black garter strap came into view. He couldn't tear his eyes off of her legs and he could feel his cock painfully trapped in his pants as it quickly hardened and started to throb.

He finally looked up at her face and he could tell that she knew just how turned on she was, so he tried to be flippant, "You know us men; even the tiniest peek at a girl's lingerie gets us going." She swung her chair around and scooted forward on her chair; exposing even more of her wonderful legs in the process. As her legs pressed against his, she said playfully, "You men are so juvenile when it comes to things like this, however I do admit I love wearing slips. This one in particular is so soft and silky to the touch." Her voice seemed to hang in the air and he imagined the unasked questions, "Do you want to touch it, Hubie?" He swallowed hard and his eyes dashed between her radiant eyes and the sexy sight lower. He started to turn his attention back to the spreadsheet when she looked down and said, "Well, I guess I see your point now; I didn't realize I was giving you such a show. I'll make sure I don't tease you easily distracted men too much today." He smiled weakly and said, "I was about ready to call HR myself." She giggled and then it seemed like time stood still. What happened was probably only a few seconds, but it seemed like it was in super slow motion. Still perched on the edge of her seat, she leaned the chair back as she uncrossed her legs and turned back towards the wall where the spreadsheet was displayed. Her movements allowed him an unobstructed view of her black panties. They were incredibly sheer and even though it was a flash, he swore that he could not only see the outline of her pussy lips pressing against the silky gusset, but also the unmistakable sight of small pearly beads of her honey exposing her own arousal at their flirtation. His brain must have taken a video of it as he replayed the seconds over and over again in his mind and he could feel his cock throbbing in his slacks.

She had fixed her dress after turning away from him and she finally glanced over her shoulder and asked him if he wanted to finish up some other time. He simply nodded as he was speechless from the events of the morning. She gathered her things and as she turned her seat to stand up, her dress pulled tight across her breasts and although he might have imagined her panties being wet, he knew without a doubt that he wasn't imagining her hard nipples. She sashayed out and he took a deep breath as he wondered if he could sneak home over lunch time to work out his raging desire with his wife. As she sat down in her cubicle, Jenny sighed. She shivered with a combination of disbelief and arousal. Disbelief that she was being so incredibly flirtatious with her new boss, but also knowing that she was loving every minute of it. She was keenly aware of her very wet panties and it got worse as she thought of the sight of his bulging erection. She didn't consider herself a home wrecker, but she'd heard from the other women in the office that his marriage was on shaky ground. And to be honest, she was horny as hell and the thought of being with him had occupied her mind quite a bit since she'd first met him. She knew she needed to be careful, but she hadn't been this physically and intellectually attracted to a man in a long time. Her dream the previous evening had felt so realistic she'd awoken sweaty and shaking only to realize that instead of his cock inside her, it was her fingers. It had only taken a few strokes of her fingers on her clit to erupt in a mind shattering orgasm.

Just the thought of the dream made her heart rate rise. The dream had started out like any another office romp cliché as they were working late together and one thing led to another, but when he had pulled her up on the smooth mahogany table and then pulled her on top of him, it was pure lustful joy. She loved the feeling of power she received when riding men and especially so when it was her boss. Watching his face twist with pleasure as her pussy muscles worked together to clamp down tight on his shaft as she slid up and down him. When he had grabbed her ass roughly and tried to force her to increase her pace, she'd smacked his hands away and then pinned them to the table above his head. He'd obviously let her as he was strong enough to have his way with her if he wanted, but he was clearly enjoying her being in control as much as she was. She had leaned down and bit his lip and told him that she was in charge and if he wanted a good 'performance review' he better do as instructed.

He nodded and meekly said, "Yes, ma'am" and she nearly giggled as he lustfully watched her breasts bouncing inside her slip. She paused her bronco riding as she started to pull her slip up her body and off when he said, "No, wait, leave it on, but let it fall to your waist." She shrugged and did as he asked as she was currently focused only on his cock as it was hitting in just the right spot. She felt her orgasm bubbling up inside her as she rode up his shaft and rocked against just the head of his cock. Her slip had pooled around her hips and she found the silky fabric moving against her as she rode his cock added another level of lustfulness to the experience. She took some of the slip and gripped his shaft with it as she guided his cock head against her clit. She moaned, "Oh fuck" as she caressed herself with his cock. It was so much better than fingers as the soft skin of his cock head felt like butter against her slippery womanhood. She felt his hands move to her breasts, but his touch on her hard nipples felt so good and so right that she didn't chastise him for acting without instructions. As he alternated between hard pinches and soft caresses on her nipples she never knew for sure what to expect. She finally guided his cock back between her pussy lips and then violently impaled herself down his warrior blade as her first wave of orgasms crashed down upon her. She was moaning his name over and over again and then she finally became aware of something. Her playing around with her slip on his shaft earlier had unexpected and delicious consequences as part of her slip had been shoved up insider of her when she'd plunged down upon him.

The slip was magically and perfectly wedged against her clit, so her every movement resulted in the silky nylon caressing her clit. She leaned back and gripped his knees for balance as she bent his cock back to a dangerous angle. He ended up sitting up quickly to take the pressure off his cock and his mouth found her breasts and he began sucking and kissing her highly sensitive nipples. She wasn't sure if she'd taken a breath for a while and it felt like the room was getting darker and she wondered if she might pass out from lack of oxygen. He gripped her ass with both hands and held her still as he thrust into her. In and out went his cock in short powerful thrusts. The slip was still wedged in position and therefore still rubbing her clit with each wonderful thrust. She wondered if she might end up having something similar to a rug burn on her sweet pearl, but the sensations she was experiencing would have made it worthwhile. Another series of orgasms were just beginning as she felt him tense and then he moaned as he pulled out and slid his cock up the crack of his ass just before he exploded. His hot eruption felt wonderful against her ass and she leaned up so she could use one hand and stroke him until his release was complete. She was content to have rolled off of him, but he had other plans.

He gently moved her until her back was on the table and then his tongue and lips ever so tenderly made love to her pussy. When his tongue found her clit, the gentle touches were just the tonic her sore clit needed and he seemed to know exactly how to only tease the edges so his touch was both pleasurable and soothing. Her hands were languishing in his thick dark hair as she whispered both encouragement and praise. To her astonishment, she felt another climax suddenly upon her and she moaned, "Right there, right there, oh fuck yes, right there." It wasn't the most powerful of her numerous orgasms, but it was the sweetest one resulting as it did from his gentle mouth. She ended up having to clamp her thighs down around his face and then she ended up literally throwing him to the side to ensure he didn't tease her any more as her sweet pussy needed a rest.

Jenny didn't come out of her remembrance of her dream until a co-worker tapped her on the arm and said, "Earth to Jenny." She finally blinked at looked up at Sandy and laughed as she said, "Wow, I was really out of it, wasn't I?" Sandy smiled and said, "Whatever you were thinking about must have been something as your whole body was trembling." She gave Jenny a look that bordered on jealousy; like she wished she had things like that to daydream about and finally Jenny shook her head to clear her mind and went back to work, however she couldn't help but wonder if her time might come that her dreams would become reality.


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