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Business Casual

Novel By: zebo85

Hubie's job is challenging and very rewarding, but are there more rewards in store for him? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 19, 2012    Reads: 589    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

The following Monday he went to work early as usual. He was always in the office by 7:00 AM and sometimes as early as 6:00 AM, so when he walked in at 6:30 AM and saw Jenny already in her cubicle he was surprised. He walked over and said, "Good Morning" and scared her half to death as she didn't know he'd come up from behind her. He quickly apologized for startling her, but she just laughed and said it was better than a cup of coffee to get her awake. She then explained that HR had given her the access card and passwords for the network and since it was her first day, she wanted to get an early start before her official orientation and she hoped it was alright. He, of course, said it was fine.

She asked if she could get him some coffee and before he could say no, she pulled a Diet Mt. Dew out of a cooler. He quickly laughed and she explained she had done some research on his preferences. Maybe it was his imagination, but her voice seemed a little sultry when she said the word preferences; like maybe she was implying more than office related preferences. He took his pop into his office and shook his head at how quickly she was making a good impression. About ten minutes later, she called and asked if he had a few minutes for a question. He normally didn't like interruptions before 8:00 AM, but he told her to come in. As she walked in, he enjoyed the sight of her in her pencil skirt and cotton blouse. He actually breathed a sigh of relief as if she'd worn a sheer or satin blouse he'd likely been distracted all day. She apologized for bothering him as he probably came in early to have time to himself, but she was wondering if he'd reviewed the pricing file for his lunch meeting today with a major customer. He was impressed that she'd reviewed his calendar and admitted that it was next on his to do list. She sighed as if in relief and then said maybe she was wrong, but she thought she found an error in it. He was impressed that she took the initiative to look at it and so he told her to give him ten minutes or so to review it and then they'd compare notes. She smiled and he asked what was funny. She seemed a bit bashful, but she finally said, "Well, I think it's kind of cool that you're not just asking for what I found; you want to check it yourself first." He smiled kind of confused that she found that 'cool', but he told her to get lost so he could get to work.

She turned and he couldn't help but look at her sweet ass as she walked out the door. Her skirt hugged her ass just right; not too tight, but tight enough. He resolutely ignored the movement of his cock in his pants. He had work to do so he needed to stay focused. Five minutes later, he knew what she was talking about. The team putting together the file had overstated the cost of a key component and had overstated the quoted price by at least 15 percent. At that level, they would have likely lost the business. He called her in and he teased her a bit as he told her that he had found an error also and he couldn't thank her enough as they couldn't afford to be too low on the contract and possibly lose money. He watched the color drain out of her face as she was clearly concerned about correcting him. However, he gave her credit as she took a deep breath and started to tell him that he was wrong. He quickly smiled and said, "Sorry, just testing you." He rattled off the real error and she breathed a big sigh of relief. She stood up to leave and said she might have to turn him into HR for harassment as that wasn't nice on her first day and all. He laughed and couldn't help but say, "Well, if that's the only thing you have to report to HR, I guess I'll count myself lucky." It was fairly tame, but his inference that he might eventually be harassing her sexually wasn't lost on her and she blushed slightly, but her smile told him that she enjoyed the little bit of flirtation. She turned to leave and he added, "Jenny, you look nice today; I mean you're outfit is perfect for our department." She blushed some more and he thought she looked quite fetching when she was embarrassed. She turned and smoothed the skirt down her hip and said, "Thanks, I hadn't worn this skirt for a while and I was worried it was a bit too tight fitting." He couldn't be sure, but he swore he saw the bump of a garter strap as she'd smoothed the skirt down her legs and his heart skipped a beat. He smiled and said, "I'm not dumb enough to get into a discussion of a woman's weight, but that skirt fits you just fine." She smiled again and sashayed out of his office.

He quickly made revisions to the pricing file and called a meeting with the necessary team members to go over it. Before he sent the invitation, he popped out to Jenny's cubicle and caught her touching up her lipstick. He watched her and found it mesmerizing. He thought she was oblivious to him being behind her and he thought it was an incredibly sexy sight as she slowly rolled the lip stick over her lips. She then ran her tongue over her fresh lips and then her eyes focused on him in the small desktop mirror and said, "I'm sorry Hubie; do you need something?" Just the way she said it told him she knew he'd been watching and he felt a wild thrill from this growing flirtation. He quickly explained that he was calling a meeting with the people that had screwed up the quote and wanted her to be in the meeting to introduce her, but wasn't sure how she felt about him telling them that she found an error on her first day that they should have caught. She gave him a thankful look and said that she didn't want to get on everyone's shit list her first day so if they could keep it just between them, she'd appreciate it. He agreed with her and before left, he asked her to schedule sometime for them this afternoon to go over a few other projects that he'd like her to review. She seemed overjoyed at the chance to get more involved already and he left to start his official day.

The lunch meeting with the major customer and the CEO went unbelievably well. The customer loved the proposal with the much lower pricing and they had several drinks to celebrate the new contract. As he returned to his office at 1:00 PM, he was buzzing a bit. As soon as he settled into his chair, Jenny walked past his office. As one whole wall of his office was glass, he could see most everything that went on in his department. He could darken the window with a push of a button, but he usually left it clear so his team could see he wasn't sleeping at his desk. She was in a bit of a hurry, so her breasts were swaying wonderfully back and forth as she walked and although he should have stopped looking, he couldn't help himself. By her sixth step, something wild happened; her clothes disappeared and he imagined her in just her lingerie. At least he assumed he was imagining it, but it seemed so real. What he saw made him watch even more intently. Her bra was a white silk with contrasting pink lace and it barely contained her lovely breasts. With each step, they moved within the small confines of the cups and he thought he could see hard nipples poking through the delicate lace. His eyes finally drifted lower and there was the shortest half slip he'd ever seen. Also in a virgin white silk and even with two inches of the same pink lace at the hem, it barely covered her shapely ass. The stockings were nude and were attached to 4 slender white garter straps. She stopped at a co-worker's desk and bent at the waist to discuss something with her and that's when he about lost it. Her rounded ass cheeks came into view and then her beautiful pussy! His heart stopped as there was no panties or g-string to be seen. He knew this was all imagined, but it didn't stop his cock from lurching in his slacks. As she stood talking, she widened her stance a little bit and he could see that her pussy was wet. As he watched; no really it was staring, a pearl of honey slid down her inner thigh.

As the imagined scene unfolded, she must have felt her pussy juice running down her inner thigh and her hand moved to her ass cheek. He didn't know why; maybe to try and push her pussy closed or something, but the opposite happened. Her pussy lips spread open and he felt like it was calling him. As with most pussies, it was a piece of art. Swollen lips slowly opening to show the spot that most men dream about from the time they understand that the little voice in their heads is their cock talking to them. He reached down to nudge his cock to a better position and he nearly came from that slightest touch. He'd always been blessed, or maybe it was a curse, with having an active imagination, but what was occurring right now was completely new. She finally stood up and her sweet honey pot was hidden under the sexy little slip and she started walking back to her cubicle. She must have sensed his gaze as she turned and smiled. His gaze was obviously not on her face, so he was oblivious to the smile, but then she waved as if to wake him from his deep mental thought. He finally lifted his gaze from her breasts and smiled sheepishly and on impulse motioned for her to come to his office.

He kept expecting her clothes to reappear, but they didn't. He was nearly panicked as he watched her walking closer and closer to his office door. She was so incredibly beautiful in her white lingerie and he reasoned that his brain had picked white to appeal to some hidden desire to deflower a virgin or something, but he didn't have time to dwell on that as he was going to have to figure out how to talk to her while still imagining her in nothing but her lingerie. He'd always found women sexier half dressed than completely nude, so she was a vision of loveliness. What made her even more sensuous was that she wasn't perfect. She wasn't an airbrushed cover model; although she was quite fit, she had a slight roll just above the waist band of her slip. Instead of that being unappealing, he thought of how nice his hands would feel holding that bit of womanly curve as he nailed her from behind. She walked in and he forced himself to look at her face, but he could barely focus with the throbbing of his cock in his pants. She looked at him quizzically as she finally reached his guest chair and sat down. She crossed her legs and what would have been demure position fully dressed it was something totally else while only in just her skimpy half slip. Her pussy was barely covered and he had to stop himself from leaning forward to try and get a better view. She finally asked if he was alright as he looked like he was lost in thought. He smiled and admitted he certainly was, but he wanted to tell her how well the meeting went and thanks in no small part to her, the customer accepted the proposal. She sat forward in her chair enthusiastically and he thought her breasts might actually burst out of her small bra.

She said she was happy to be involved and hoped she hadn't hit her career peak on her first day. He couldn't help but smile and he spoke without thinking when he said that he was confident that she would be able to find new ways to be of service to him. Her eyes seemed to twinkle and she looked like she wanted to say something, but instead she looked down at her hand and said something like, "Dang, I shouldn't eat ribs at lunch." She then slowly inserted her index finger between her sweet lips to lick the sauce off her finger. To his utter and complete surprise, as soon as her lips surrounded her finger, it felt like they were on his cock. She slurped noisily and he felt it on his cock. It wasn't that he imagined it; he honestly felt it on his cock. He even looked down as he expected to see the back of her head moving down his cock. As he tried to feign not being interested in what was happening, she took more of her finger into her mouth and due to the heightened state of his arousal, the feeling of her lips moving down his shaft while her tongue moved across the head was too much and he exploded. He could have sworn that her eyes widened as if she felt his explosion in her mouth and then she slowly worked her finger in and out a few more times and he felt her soft lips slowly milking all of his spend out of his slowly softening cock. She finally pulled her finger out with a large plopping sound and asked if there was anything else. He wondered if he was sweating as he weakly said, "No, that should do it". She got up slowly and his gaze moved lower to admire her ass again and then she turned and smiled at where his gaze was before asking, "Are we still on for later?" He glanced up at her and was a bit confused as her question made him think that they had a date. She reminded him about the meeting he'd asked her to schedule. He smiled and said, "Actually, reschedule for the morning if you don't mind; I think I'm going to knock off early today." He then added, "Sorry, if I'm a bit off, but we had a few celebratory drinks at lunch." She smiled and said, "Not to worry." She was almost at the door when she turned and looked back at him and said, "Nothing to report to HR…….yet." She giggled and licked her lips and he couldn't help but think of his imaginary cum on her lips and he smiled in return.

He quickly sped home with the thought of taking out his frustrations with his wife. She wouldn't have to leave to pick up the kids yet so he should have some time. When he entered their home, she was in the kitchen and just the sight of her in her pleated skirt and sweater made him hungry. She didn't often dress up, but when she did, she still looked great. He noted with pleasure that she was wearing nylons and he hoped they were one of the many gartered stocking sets he'd purchased for her over the years. She didn't even acknowledge him when he grabbed her around the waist and nuzzled her neck. His hands were undoing her skirt in a flash and as it fell to the floor, he was hiking her slip up while his other hand mauled her breasts. Whatever marital problems they were experiencing, he always knew how to push her buttons and she was immediately wet. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her arousal, she blandly said, "One of us has to leave to get the kids in fifteen minutes." He growled that it wouldn't take that long and she stopped short of saying something biting like, "Big shock".

Little did he know that she'd been seduced by their neighbor about six months ago. She'd been confused about her marriage and he was a great listener and he often offered his comforting shoulder to cry on. It slowly evolved into something much more and he'd gone so slowly that by the time he pushed her down and tongued her pussy, she felt so dependent on him she'd do anything he asked. That 'addiction' was pushed to the limit this same morning when Bob had demanded her ass. She would have never considered anything like that in the past, but she eventually gave in and was thrilled as he tenderly took her to new lustful feelings. He'd cum twice and she was very sore from the experience, but also full of life as it had been so wonderfully animalistic. With the pang of guilt still stinging, she felt that a quickie with her husband was something she owed. His hands had immediately identified that she was wearing the black nylon gartered teddie he'd bought her and never seen her in and gleefully ripped the snaps open and buried two fingers in her pussy. He quickly moved her over and bent her over the table and slid his dick deep inside her.

She couldn't help but groan her approval and as his cock slid back out, he noticed how red her brown eye looked and he wondered if his wife had been fingering her back door. He caressed her clit just how she liked and she squealed with pleasure. He pounded her from behind and felt his orgasm building in his balls with each slap against her shapely ass. Of course, the only image he had was of his new assistant, Jenny, and he thought of her in her white lingerie as he slammed his wife with harder and harder thrusts. After coating his fingers with her honey, he swiftly slid his middle finger in her rose hole as he teased, "Looks like you've been fingering yourself back here; shall I finish up in here." The finger in her sore ass made her scream and she looked back to groan, "Don't you dare." He pressed his finger farther in while he caressed her clit with his other hand and moments later they were both climaxing. He tried to kiss her afterwards, but she simply straightened her clothes and walked over to the restroom to fix her hair and makeup. He hated how cold she'd become, but figured it was just what couples went through. When she came back out a moment later, she looked like nothing had happened. His fingering of her rose hole had driven her wild and the combination of pain and pleasure had given her a climax that dwarfed anything she'd felt earlier with the neighbor, Bob. She felt a momentary connection with her husband that she hadn't felt for a while as she said, "You look tired, why don't you rest and I'll get the kids." He noticed her nipples still hard through her thin sweater as he said, "How about I drive and you give me a blow job like the good old days." She smiled and said that sounded too dangerous now that they had kids, but she'd take care of him quickly if he liked.

He nodded his approval and he felt a surge of lust as she walked over and slowly got on her knees. Being such a modest man, he rarely allowed himself feelings of power, but he felt a sense of power over his beautiful wife as her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. It reminded him of what he felt earlier back in his office and he groaned with delight. He wasn't sure what came over him, but he suddenly whispered through clenched teeth, "That's right, baby, suck my cock….you like the taste of your pussy on me, don't you?" She was stunned by him as he'd never talked dirty and it thrilled her. She realized that she enjoyed being a submissive otherwise she never would have let their neighbor slowly dominate her until she was getting fucked in the ass. Her hand immediately went up under her skirt and soon she had three of her dainty fingers buried in her pussy. He realized what she was doing and said, "Oh my, what a sweet little slut you are; so hot from the taste of your pussy on my dick that your banging yourself. Maybe you like chicks, sweetie; shall I set up a threesome?" Her lips and tongue were a blur; moving up and down and around his cock as her fingers slowly caressed her clit. His words, her lips and fingers blurred together and soon he was exploding what little cum he had left in his balls and she came a moment later. Their complicated relationship was obvious as she stood, fixed her clothes and gave him instructions on what to do with dinner before marching out the door without another word.


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