His Wrath

By: Zahraaaaa

Chapter 1, A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Great for romantic and fantasy story lovers ;)

Chapter 1:Alone

She stared out the window watching the rain pelt down, and the sound of the storm resounded throughout the house. Her face was drawn with a sadness that always seemed to be there. Sophie Adam's long wavy black hair framed her face as she sat on the stool with her elbow propped on the window and her chin resting on her hand.

The big three-story house was empty; Sophie's family had decided to vacation in Hawaii for a week, and this was the first night she was alone. Her parents begged her to come along and enjoy herself, but she stubbornly refused, for reasons her parents couldn't understand. Suddenly a loud ringing noise made her jump. Oh just the phone, she thought and warily made her way out of her room.

Sophie went to her parent's bedroom which was at the end of the hallway and picked up the phone.

"Hello," answered Sophie.

"Hi! Is Patrick Adams home?" said a deep voice that attempted to be jolly.

"No my father isn't home right now," replied Sophie in a take-charge kind of voice.

"I see, how about your mother?" he asked in a nuetral tone.

"She's sleeping," lied Sophie. She started thinking of all the horror movies and the news where women get kidnapped and murdered. She was desperate to hang up on this man, whom she didn't recognize the voice at all.

"Well tell your parents I'll be coming over tomorrow to pick up my tool supply kit that your father borrowed," he said.

"Sure thing," said Sophie in relief. It was probably just a friend of her dad's. Time to stop being so jumpy, she thought.

She was twenty years-old and it was time for her to grow up. She had a job as a teacher's assistant, and planned to move out of her parent's house soon. Sophie went back to her room, changed into pajamas and climbed into bed. She turned on her cell phone and saw a few text messages from her friends asking if they could party in her house.

Her close friend Lily also texted her about her current new boyfriend, who sounded like he was a hot load of fun. Sophie smiled, and thought about how she remained single even though she was considered stunning by most. She dated a few but they just didn't hold her interest for long. Sophie texted back agreeing on a little party sometime during the week, and finally tried to sleep.

Sophie was walking down a street with weird orange signs around. She felt someone following her. The streets were empty and it was cold. She couldn't see the man, but she knew it was a man following her. Sophie turned a corner to lose him, but then he showed up right in front of her. All she saw was a massive tall figure covered with a dark cloak. She shook, and tried to run, but was frozen in place. He put his hand to his mouth and made a shushing gesture. She silently shook her head and couldn't seem to be able to talk. Suddenly she saw a car full of young people drive by and the car careened right into a ditch. It all seemed like it was slow motion, and Sophie felt sick.

Sophie suddenly sat up in bed, with tears flowing down her cheeks. She saw this same dream many times and she believed dreams had meanings. She hugged herself and looked at the clock which said 2:17 am, its green numbers glowing eerily in the dark.Pushing her hair back from her forehead, she got up from her bed and decided to get some water. She walked down the stairs, and froze when she saw the back of a person standing in front of the kitchen sink.

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