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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: The Sleezy Prince

"Ow!" Sophie yelled. She opened her eyes feeling a pain on her wrists. She couldn't move her hands! Then she tried moving her legs but couldn't move them either. She looked down and saw that she was chained to a wall. A wall in a dark steel cemented room, with critters and spiders all over the little dingy room. It was too dark for Sophie to look out the little window that was high above and across from her.

Sophie wiggled her wrists a little, the sound of metal clanking sounded through the room. Where was Dave? Where was she? She remembered something about a king, but it all seemed toofarfetched to believe.

"Help!" Sophie shouted. She jiggled the tightly wound chains on her wrists. There was no way she could slip her hands out.

"Well well well," said a man's nasal sounding voice. Sophie whipped her head up. A tall willowy looking man stood at the door carrying a whip in his head. "Finally awake are we?"

"What do you want from me? Where's Dave?"

The tall man entered the room and Sophie saw that he had really sharp features and lots of curly red hair. His whip hung loosely in his hand. He looked grim, his lips set in a straight line.

"That's not important. Do you like my little torture room?" He asked.

" What do you want?" Sophie asked again.

"You," he replied.


"The lion shifter obviously thinks your important. I take away anything that would be important. You also might have something of value," he said.

"Well I don't," said Sophie.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Should I?" said Sophie, seeing nothing significant in his features.

"I am Prince Adam, the king's son," he said sounding smug.

"Whoa," said Sophie. "Aren't we in the twientieth century? Am I still in Tennessee?"

He sighed and combed his hair back with his free hand. The other hand still holding the whip. Hope he doesn't hit me with that, thought Sophie.

"What's Tennessee? We had our men bring you here," said Adam. "Tell me. What sort of powers do you hold?"

"Nothing," said Sophie. Her wrists were aching and her body felt tired. "Please unchain me at least."

"If you don't tell me, I'll certainly tell my father to kill your lion boyfriend," said Adam menacingly. He raised the whip and proceeded to take the chains off Sophie. "I'll also have the delight of whipping your tasteful self if you don't cooperate."

Sophie was flabbergasted. There was no way she had any powers. "I dont know what in the world you're talking about! I swear I don't have any amazing powers."

"Adam!" said a booming voice. A short chubby man with a mustache and bald head came in. He wore red robes rimmed with gold. His little gold crown covered most of his bald head. "What are you up to now son?"

"Just having fun," muttered Prince Adam, letting go of Sophie's arm.

The king gave Adam a hard look. The king then turned to his left to look at Sophie. "Well my dear, how are you feeling?"

"What have you done with Dave?" asked Sophie. "I'm feeling tired of this place by the way."

"Yes, soon you will be moved from here," said the king with a sickly smile.Sophie wondered what he meant by that. Prince Adam looked delighted.

"Stupid Fred had to die, but at least she's here," said Adam. "Our men did a good job tracking them down."

"Indeed," said the king. While they were talking, Sophie looked at the door, wishing she could run out; but the king's giant frame blocked half the exit.What did they plan to do with her? "The wedding next week will finally put a stop to what Lucien wishes to do."

Sophie caught Adam staring at her and he winked. "The wedding will be quite exciting."

The king turned back to Sophie. "You are going to marry Adam next week. For now, build up your energy and you need to eat."

"You'll need tons of energy," Prince Adam laughed evilly.

"Alright,I don't need to hear your thoughts on the situation son," said the king disgustedly and he left the room, his robes swishing around him. No way was she going to let them marry her to Adam, thought Sophie in a rage.

"Let's just talk rationally," said Sophie. "You don't really want to get married so young. Do you?"

Prince Adam looked at Sophie and let out a gaffaw. "Trying to talk me out of this? I'll be real powerful after our union. Isn't that awesome?"

Suddenly Sophie bent down holding her stomach. "I don't feel very well."

"Come, you can sleep in my bed tonight," said Prince Adam suggestively.

"Hell no," said Sophie, shaking her head. "Just go." Her face twisted in pain. This was not good.

"Oh no, we can't have you dying here!" shouted Adam. His eyes were wide and his red hair looked wild. "How are we going to get married then?!"

Sophie felt sharp shooting pains in her stomach. She sat down, clutching her stomach. Her hair fell in black waves all over her face as she bent her head.

"Just go," said Sophie again. Adam was getting on her nerves. He was now yelling for guards to come. A man of medium height, wearing light blue robes came in the room.

"Oh good! The healer is here!" said Adam, heaving a giant sigh.

"What's the problem?" the healer asked. His voice was calm and soothing.

Sophie still felt pain that was lessening now. The healer dug in his pockets and pulled out a little vial with yellow liquid inside. He unscrewed the cap.

"Drink one sip of this. I believe it's the change of worlds that made you ill," said the healer. Sophie looked up and saw a kindly looking face that belonged to the healer. He had a blond bushy unibrow and a long prominent nose.

Sophie took the vial from him, trusting the healer. She brought the vial to her lips and the smell of the yellow liquid nearly made her vomit, but she forced a tentative sip down. It tasted like grass, not that she had ever tasted grass before.

"Bitter," Sophie made a face.

"Its the nature from our world, so that your body can adapt to live here," said the healer, taking the vial back from Sophie.

Sophie felt much better after the instant effects of the vial. "Thanks, but I won't be staying here much longer," she said.

"She likes to joke," said Adam, as if he had known her since forever.

Sophie rolled her eyes. "I'm getting out of here sooner or later."

"Just try," Adam challenged, a glint in his eyes.

"Well!" the healer coughed. "I have others to attend to." He then walked out conspicuously, his face beet red. After the healer had left, Sophie stood up, feeling quite allright except for the dull aching on her wrists.

Her shirt had rips all over and her jeans were covered in dust. Adam eyed her suspiciously.

" I should chain you up again," he said. "But thanks to my father, you'll have to sleep in a normal room. Follow me."

Sophie walked out of the room, following him up a few flights of stairs that were polished and waxed. Huge chandeliers lighted the massive hallway they started walking through. The smell of citrus hung in the air. Doors after doors with gold embedded doorknobs lined the hallway. Adam opened one of the doors and ushered Sophie in. She saw a huge bed and wooden furniture of a dresser and chair that looked really charming. The white curtains puffed out with the light breeze comung from the open window.

"You'll sleep here, until we're married. I will make the marriage take place sooner. You will be quite lonely in here," he said. "Don't be expecting your lion friend to come save you."

"He will," said Sophie with a certainty in her voice. She honestly believed Dave would try and find her. She knew it in her heart, but something she'd never acknowledge with Dave outright. She barely even knew the man! Or lion that is.

"Oh really? We left him in the King's Forest. He wouldn't dare enter this palace, unless he wants to start a war with us and Lucien."

"Who's Lucien?" asked Sophie.

"An idiot," said Adam dismissively. "Don't try and escape, or else I'll really whip you."

His tall skinny frame left the room, locking the door behind him. There were a fresh pile of light pink fluffy robes and a silky hot pink nightdress. Ugh, Sophie thought. She despised pink, but it wasn't time to be choosy now. She peeled off the messed up jeans and t-shirt. There was a bucket of water in the bathroom, which she used to wash her face and body. Everything in the bathroom were old fashioned but had quality.

After getting dressed and combing her hair into a shine, she lay down under the covers of the bed. She wondered when would Dave come for her, and what had happened to her house. Her parents must be really frantic by now. She wished she could call then, but she hadn't seen a single telephone around here. She sat up and pulled back the curtain from the window, looking out. Wow. It was a completely different world here. There were lots of little houses and cottages everywhere. People carried torches of fire for light. The trees here were gigantic. Most were so tall, you could barely see the tops of the trees.

Sophie missed her old life even if it would be boring at times. She would prefer boring anytime than being kidnapped, almost raped, chained in palaces and waiting for her lion friend to rescue her. She sighed and laid back down, the night breeze rustling the curtains. She fell into a deep sleep, exhausted by the day's events and thought once again about the kiss between her and Dave. She dreamed that night. It was a dream with the tall muscly Dave in it. They were both standing on a hill, sunrise falling on them and daisies dotted the ground. He was touching her cheek lightly.

"I'll come for you querida," he was saying quietly. His voice a deep baritone that sounded full of promise.

"When?" said Sophie.

"Soon. Very soon," he replied. "Don't be scared, no one will hurt you."

His hand left her cheek and he started to disappear.

"Don't go please!" Sophie exclaimed, but now she was alone on the hill with daisies.


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