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His Wrath

Novel By: Zahraaaaa

A romantic delight and a tale waiting to be told! Especially for fantasy, and romantic story lovers out there ;) View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: Doom

"Sophie time to get up," said Dave briskly. Sophie groaned, she buried her face in the pillow. "Your parents are frantic with worry and I'm going to take you to them."

"What? They came back from Hawaii?" asked Sophie, sitting up.

"Yes,"said Dave. He was standing there, wearing a black shirt which clung to his muscles and also wearing jeans. "Naturally they would."

Sophie jumped out of bed, wearing cotton pants and a shirt that Dave had placed for her after her bath last night. She thought about that kiss again and blushed. It was a great kiss indeed, but this morning he is acting as if nothing happened, Sophie thought.

"Where are we by the way?" asked Sophie.

"We're in the King's Forest," replied Dave. "Let's go." With that, he stepped out of the little shelter he set up.

"I'm not dressed!"said Sophie. She also needed to use the bathroom. Dave mumbled something and turned back around to hand her a pair of light blue cotton jeans and a red sweater. "Thanks."

Sophie never believed in magic, and she still couldn't believe he was able to turn into a lion. She must have been hallucinating. She hurriedly used the bathroom, washed her face and twisted her hair up. Her long hair kept getting in the way. After she changed into the clothes he gave her, she looked in the mirror on the wall. Oh wow, she thought. The sweater clung to her curved in the right places, and the jeans fit perfectly. She unconciously fixed her hair a little more neatly. The thought of traveling with him again gave her some tingles in her stomach. She also found a pair of black sneakers and socks. Her feet felt better, especially whatever he put on her feet to make it heal faster. Her heart beat faster at the memory. She became angry at herself. She did not want to fall in love with someone who was practically not human. Plus he didn't like her, judging from his indifferent attitude towards her.

Dave was pacing outside near a short tree. Sophie stepped out. There was a light wind, but a slight chill in the air.

"Okay I'm ready," said Sophie in a singsong lighthearted voice. She felt happy for some reason and the worry about her parents dwindled. Dave seemed to think hard about something.

"Alright, I am going to transform and you are riding," he stated determidly.

"No way," said Sophie.

"You are," said Dave looking intensely at her face. When he looked at her like that, her body seemed to melt and turn to jello. "Dont be scared, okay?"

"Okay," said Sophie, he held her gaze a second longer. He had to have some magic at play to make her say yes, thought Sophie.

"One more request," said Dave, watching her.

"Yes?" Said Sophie, she would agree to anything this man said at the moment.

"Try not to tell anyone about me," he said. "I have some enemies. They hate animal shifters such as me."

"Why?" asked Sophie.

"Just say you won't tell anyone. There's not much time to explain, we must set off."

"Wait," said Sophie.


"Do you lose your mind and go into lion mode?" she asked quickly.

Dave chuckled, "my mind's not going anywhere."

"Positive?" Sophie insisted.

"Yes it's not like I'd eat you," he said, his eyes becoming dark and looking like he indeed wanted to devour her.

He suddenly whipped off his shirt without further ado, and Sophie tried to look away from his tanned muscly self and his black hair flying in the light breeze. She watched as his body transformed into a lion. He seemed to shrink, his hands turning into claws, and fur everywhere. His mane was daunting but looked like he was definetely the king.

"Oh wow," said Sophie. This time she saw it with her own eyes, and all doubts that she was imagining it went away. Dave the lion growled impatient, and Sophie took a tentative step towards him. His dark orange eyes looked menacing.

Dave suddenly pawed towards her, and Sophie held back a scream. The lion's mouth opened wide as if he was grinning, his razor sharp teeth showing.

"Stop trying to scare me!" Sophie yelled at him. Her hands were practically shaking. Then she felt his teeth graze her leg and through the cloth.

"Oh stop," said Sophie, more feeble this time. This actually felt good, and perhaps if he went a little higher... Sophie's face burned and her insides became warm with her guilty dark desires. Dave the lion stopped, sensing his intent of trying to scare her was having the opposite effect. Sophie was a little disapointed if she wanted to be honest with herself and draped her leg over his back.

The lion took off, and Sophie leaned forward and hugged the lion's neck. He growled again, but she didn' t care. She was too young to die. The wind blew all around her and in her face. She closed her eyes from sheer pleasure. Riding a lion wasn't so bad after all, she thought. It was pretty smooth, and from time to time she felt his muscles bunch in between her legs, wasn't so bad. She heard voices and shouting from up ahead, and Dave slowed to a stop. He kneeled, waiting for Sophie to step off. She got down, a little sore and wobbly from almost an hour of riding. They were in an open area, but still in the King's Forest. Dave went behind a tree and emerged back in his human form. He put his hand to his mouth, and Sophie stayed quiet. He walked quickly towards her and put both his hands around her waist.the sounds of the shouting loud voices were getting closer.

"Just play along," said Dave, whispering quickly. "There's no place to hide, and these men want me dead."

Sophie nodded. She was scared and had no idea what Dave planned to do. He quickly pressed his mouth on hers, pulling her waist closer to him until thier bodies were touching. Sophie was shocked, and tried to pull away. He didn't let her and molded his lips more firmly over hers, his big hands caressing her back. The sounds of racous laughter and voices were suddenly near.

"Ooh lala!" shouted one man.

"Lovers," said a gruff voice.

Dave deepened the kiss, and Sophie closed her eyes, pretending to be deep in passion. She didn't need to pretend much, as she was already into the kiss regardless if they had an audience.

"It would seem so," said a more sinister and deep voice. "I sense magic here."

Two pairs of hands suddenly yanked Sophie by the shoulders.

"Hey!" Sophie cried. "I'm making out here!"

"Leave her alone," said Dave hoarsely. The kiss seemed to affect him too, thought Sophie cheered by the thought. He was held by two muscle armed men.

"You are a wizard?" said a short man, the evil voice belonging to him.

"No. I don' t have a clue what you're talking about," said Dave, sounding believable and without a tremor in his voice. "Let us go."

"What are these claw marks on the girl's leg?" said the short man. He had a goatee and orange hair.Sophie wouldn't be surprised if he could turn into a goat. "Oh wait a minute." The short man looked into Sophie's face.

"She is the one the king wants," said the gruff voice, belinging to one of the men holding Dave.

"Yes," said the short man and smiled a little smile of pure evilness.

"No!" Dave shouted. He immediately broke free from the men holding him and Sophie could see a blur of fur and mane. Dave the lion let out a ferocious roar. The men had fear written all over thier faces.

"Just tie him up," said the short man.

Dave came after the short man, and the short man lifted an arm and the lion stopped and fell to the ground, wrapped in ropes. Sophie screamed, and someone hit her face, then she saw no more.


Author's note : yes i know. Lack of imagination for the chapter title :P


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